‘The Walking Dead: Michonne’ To Hit PC & Xbox In This February


Telltale Games’ one of the marvelous video game ‘The Walking Dead’ scheduled to be hit mobile platforms and gaming consoles and by the end February.


The first segment of the comic book series based game ‘The Walking Dead’ expected to be out for Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac and PlayStation 4 even users will be enjoying its most appealing features and specifications.

While the mini-series will be released after two days for Android and iOS users, though the users will discover fictional character Michonne in first episode titled ‘In Too Deep,’ transforming into a very dangerous pirate.

The title is also expected to express the journey of Michoone with Pete, though they go in a boat aboard The Companion cruise ship, reveals by Telltale Games on its official website.

A massacre will be part of the adventure as they will be carrying out investigation of the murder and will be finding out responsible people, said Telltale Games, added the users can easily unravel why the Michonne was parted from her faction which contains Rick and Ezekiel even it will be discovered how protagonist comes back.

Latest reports also suggested that Samira Wiley from “Orange Is the New Black” voiced behind Michonne hence the protagonist will be more interesting for the users.

However, two other episodes of the series such as ‘Give No Shelter’ and ‘What We Deserve’ both will be rolling out in March and April.

Though the users have to pay $15 for the bundle to experience the amzing features, story line, and specifications of the ‘The Walking Dead’ with Michonne, while gamers can get an exclusive look at the premiere episode of the most-awaited game can be viewed on Telltale Games’ channel on the YouTube on Sunday at at 8:30 p.m. EST.