Third Day Consecutive Protest Of Mumtaz Qadri Supporters From Religious Parties In Islamabad


A large number of supporters of Mumtaz Qadri protest against the government In front of the Parliament house, the Range took control and Law Enforcement agencies of Red zone high alerted and try to disperse the supporters.


According to the protesters: few police stations registered cases against the leaders Khadim Hussain, Sarwat Ijaz , Dr.Ashraf and Afzal Qadri of rally in support of Islamist killer Mumtaz Qadri, police said that cases lodged on hate speeches and the violation act of loud speaker.

Rangers and other forces try their best to disperse the protester but they refused to disperse until the official of government will not ready to talk with them on the death of Mumtaz Qadri.

Government called the army to defend the parliament house and the red zone when the protester clashed with the police, rangers put the containers in the way of rally opposes the protesters to reach the Parliament house.

In this situation of capital Islamabad, the mobile phone service jammed and also the metro bus service is close. Due to this cause, the citizens’ faces a lot of serious problems while on the other hand the talk between the District administration and sit in participants was not reach on an authentic conclusion.

The routes leads to the Red zone are sealed and Military deployed outside the important buildings like the Presidency, Parliament House, Prime Minister House and also the Supreme Court.

Metro bus stations are closed due to the vandalism and the security of the city is high alerted at the entrance of the city.

On the other hand, a committee is made to assess the metro bus vandalism and also the CCTV camera footage of the metro bus station is summoned by the committee.