Thousands Of Workers Protest Against Government Of Argentina To Cut Off Their Jobs


Argentina’s workers unions once again in action this time the union protest against the President Mauricio Macri as he fired many government workers since December 2015.


On Friday at Capital Street of the Argentina thousands of workers are on the streets holding the blue and white national flags of Argentina as these workers are protesting against their new President Mauricio Macri.

The reason behind this protest is that Mauricio Macri has fired thousands of government employees since he sit on the site of Argentina’s President in December 2015 and he just did not fired the country workers he even abolition all the subsides as well all the polices which are in the favor of the government workers.

The reason told by the President Mauricio Macri behind his this action of cutting jobs and abolition all the polices which are in the favor of workers is that the country is not in the state of providing the subsides as well as other favors to the workers because the present situation is that the economy of Argentina is getting down day by day that’s why he has to pick these harsh steps to protect and improve the economy of country.

Secretary General of the Argentinian Workers’ Union, Pablo Micheli said that this is enough now government and the President Mauricio Macri must have to answer our questions and they must have to give a solid reason behind this action of Jobs cutting otherwise this 3 days protest will spread around all over the country.

If the protest spreads than the economy will go down and there are no chances of betterment so it is good for the government to sit with the Argentinian Workers’ Union and sort out this matter careful so the workers will not block the cycle of country and then there are chances that economy will moves towards the betterment after some time.