Three Suicide Attacks Killed About 30 In Lake Chad, Over 79 Wounded


Lake Chad-Nigeria: Brutal Islamist militant organization Boko Haram’s three suicide attackers targeted on Saturday the Chadian island of Koulfoua on Lake Chad, killed about 30 people, while over 79 wounded seriously, international media reports.


These successive suicide bombings said to be one of the severest attacks in Central African country so far and Boko Haram used young girls to carry out deadliest bombings.

Cameroonian Special Forces’ Col. Joseph Nouma told media, these suicide bomber girls stormed close to Koulkoua’s region, where these forces carrying out operations to remove the hold of militants.

If reports are to be believed, Nigerian militant group Boko Haram is targeting some of the border regions among Cameroon, Chad, Nigeria and Niger continuously and trying to create their hold in Nigerian regions.

However, the Islamist militants’ suicide bombings have become huge tension for region and reason why, a large number of residents from the targeted region, moving towards safe locations.

When attackers stormed on a busy market about mid day and spread a huge wave of fear that forced people to leave the location to stay themselves safe from intense bombings, United Nation’s official told media.


When the suicide bombers pierced the silence in the centre of the market carrying out two intense attacks, while third one was done in the street when the people where stampede appeared after the strikes.

According to previous reports, when Islamist militants did pair of suicide bombings in Chad last month, the government extended a state of emergency, about 12 people were killed while so many died in other strikes in October close to border town in Baga.

On the other hand new restrictions are becoming great hurdle in way of aid agencies which is supplying to about 60,000 migrants people as motorized canoes also banned by the authorities.