Top 10 Best Android Games Of The World 2017


Games are most favorite hobby of children in whole world because these provide them pleasure, relaxation in their free time so according to research it is been claimed that the children who got more interest in games proved to be more intelligent than that of other because they provide their full focus on games as they done in real life.

So there was times when games were only on PCs but with the increase in technology or invention of Android mobiles, gaming companies also introduced many android games therefore Gaming on mobile has been improving at a far greater rate than any technology that came before it.

Now games look as well as play better than that of last year because in many games new features are added in sack of interest of people, with many games launched in this year on Android but in all these games we have to discuss only the best.

So here is the list of Top 10 Best Android Games of the World 2016.

10: Teen Patti Gold

Teen Patti is best to play game which is also known as flash or flush, is a gambling card game that is basically started from Indian Subcontinent, is also a simplest version of Poker so most popular played in Asian countries mainly in India therefore Teen Patti is name of game only in India, out of this country known as flush or flash because in some countries it is been played legally. So basically this game is betting, before start of game, legal amount of money should be put on the table, so before start agreed number of cards picked to decide the dealer or opponent, therefore every player must required to put an ante into the pot on table before dealing with cards, at end of this game winner get whole money of pot.

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9: Game of War: Fire Age

Game of War: Fire Age launched in July 2013 is massively multiplayer online game, is free Mobile Strategy MMO Video Game which is published by Machine Zone, a private company whose headquarter is in Palo Alto, California. According to reports that before the launching of this game there was lot of campaign for the successful of game which show its affects so it is high grossing movie of last couple of years, game includes player vs. environment, Player vs. player battles and also city buildings quests. So due to its excellent gaming graphics this game has approximately earn more than 600 million dollars, game as well as user interface have been criticized for aggressive style that pushed game to earn lot of money therefore considered as best android game.

Android Game

8: Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings is another best android game of this era which is also most played game too, as this game has lot of best troops which including long time or long ranged attackers, they can kill without being harmed, which means that small armies without ranged attacks and defense is also best or they are easier to defeat. There is also no loss of gain effort for hit as well as run resources, so lover of this game can also play this interesting fight game without any charges because this is totally free but this is most grossing game after its release In November 2014. Its combat is to attack strong and also keeps safe all military units, skills points are also gained by leveling up of games.

Android Game

7: Plants vs. Zombies free

Plant vs. Zombies is another best free android tower defense video game, published by Pop Cap games mainly for OS X and also Microsoft Windows, game involved a homeowner who used different types of plants to prevent from army of zombies from entering into to his house and also eating their brains. Initially it was released in mid of 2009 but in HD for iPad released another version IOS in February 2010 after its great success so day by day they released always version of this game, game received a positive response from the critics therefore nominated for many interactive Achievement awards. S sequel of this game Plant vs. Zombies 2 also released in August 2013, every plant has its own specialty or defensive capabilities in this game.

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6: Castle clash age of legends

Castle Clash age of legends is best strategy game in many countries of the world, with most clashers that are more than 100 millions therefore known as most addictive ever in history, mixture of fast paced strategy and also excellent combat, as it is game of marathon proportions. Hire legions of power as well as brilliant featured Heroes, lead army of mythical creature big or may be small which fight with top to be world’s biggest warlord so after changing hero enter in the field of battle with stronger and cooler attitude than that of before. Defend your bases with others in co op Combat; create a healthy, ultimate army from a dozen wild troops that are used but game need internet connection this game has also thrilling, realistic and fast paced battles therefore considered as best Android game.

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5: Clash Royale

Clash Royale is best free mobile strategy android video game, developed as well as published by Supercell, game has combined elements for tower defense, collectively card games and multiplayer online arena, this was released globally for android, iOS in January 2016. Game ranked players according to level so maximum level of this game is thirteen but has nine arenas in whole game therefore a player wins only than he/she destroys more towers than that of its opponent or destroying tower of opponent king’s tower. At start of every game, every player given a card so if needed player can increase its power by upgrading or donating cards therefore after every level points of damaging or destroying tower increases therefore player wins gems or gold after winning game.

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4: 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is worldwide famous games because world tournament of this also held, this game 8 ball pool also known as strips, solid game in UK, it was launched initially in 2001 therefore known as largest privately owned website for games. Robert Small and Tihan Presbie started this company with just budget of £40, 00 but this company is no more now but after launching grew very quickly because in 2008 value of company was £900 million therefore considered as most successful grew game so in this game one or two players can play. It works with connecting to internet as well as playing as practice offline so this game available for Android, Symbian, Windows phones, iOS and many others so considered to be best interesting game for users.

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3: Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is another as well as most downloaded game of the world, this is match three puzzles video game, initially releases in April 2012 for Facebook but later on also launched for Window 10, Android, iOS, Windows Phone but there is a variation by comparison to Facebook or other versions. This game is of different candies of different colors which can be formed by making matching these candies in certain format but there is wrapped candy which acts as a Bomb, able to destroy 8 nearby candies therefore users must be aware of this. So by matching different candies also made different effects so this caught the interest of people because also most downloaded game after its release, to attempt wining level player can also use boosters.

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2: Temple Run 2

Temple Run is sequel of Temple Run which is most downloaded game from Google play store, released in 2013 which is endless running video game, published and developed by Imangi studios , as this game was settled by Husband, Wife so after one year of its release it was estimated to download for 1 billion times. Gameplay of this game is same as last version but in this new version, new challenges and obstacles added like mine tracks, waterfalls, jets on fire, sharp turns as well as Zip-lines, so by using green gems, user can also save from death by connecting online or by running. So last version game three monkeys chased the player but in this version only a single large monkey chased user, game received well feedback from the users therefore still maintained its position.

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1: Subway surfer

Subway Surfers is most interesting, playable as well as most downloaded game from play store which is endless running android mobile game which is private developed by Kiloo, SYBO games and private company in Denmark. This game is available on Windows Phones, Android, Kindle as well as iOS but game is being played by single person at a time, initially releases in 2012 but update day by day, so objective of the game is to collect coins to wins reward through endless running game but on the way lot of obstacle, trains that should be avoided, game ends only when the boy hit with obstacle or train so during game there are many power puffs that help user in different positions that includes jetpacks, super jumpers, super sneakers, coin magnets and score multipliers therefore considered as best android game in the world.

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