Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in the World 2017


To restrict and limit internal and external threats intelligence agency has key importance and without intelligence sources it is very difficult for any country to survive in the world. To enroll top best intelligence agencies in a list is quite difficult but we can arrange then using different measures which surly best depict the worth of any intelligence agency and could be compare to any of other all around the world.

It collects information like international non-state terrorism, mass destruction proliferation, organized crime, weapons and drug trafficking, money laundering and information warfare. A top intelligence agency refers to those which have great sources to collect secret information and better analytical views to interpret data for security and stability of the state having deep eye on the national and international affairs collectively.

We have enlisted top best intelligence agencies following its overall capacity and capability to curb the nation from any activity that can risk the existence around the territory but also restrain conflicts within the country. The list of top ten best intelligence agencies is given below:

1: ISI, Inter-Service Intelligence (Pakistan)

The foremost military operated intelligence service of Pakistan Inter-Service Intelligence is the top intelligence agency on the planet which liable for the domestic and territorial security of Pakistan. Headquartered in Islamabad ISI directly reports to Prime Minister with recommendation of Chief of Army Staff, it operates alongside the Intelligence Bureau and Military Intelligence while major responsibilities include counter-terrorism and surveillance and counter intelligence. Established in 1948 ISI co-ordinate and share information with Pakistan Armed Forces to respond toward internal and external threats enthusiastically also involved in major operation beyond the border among other agencies.


2: CIA, Central Intelligence Agency (United States)

Central Intelligence Agency is the principal members of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) which directly reports to Director of National Intelligence and to pass away the information to the President and the Cabinet within no time. The key function of CIA is to gather intelligence about the domestic security especially overseas information globally while it is the only agency in the United States which is involved in covert operations on behalf of President. Central Intelligence Agency is considered to be one of top best intelligence agencies across the globe because of wide set of connections and sources on the planet.


3: MI6, Military Intelligence Section 6 (United Kingdom)

The Secret Intelligence Service mostly known as MI6 is secret intelligence agency of United Kingdom which is responsible to collect intelligence for British Government alongside internal Security Service (MI5), the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and Defense Intelligence (DI). Operated under Joint Intelligence Committee Military Intelligence Section 6 listed among the top intelligence agency in the world for its successfully completed top secret operations not only in the state but also outside boundaries having global network of covert spies those are highly skilled and have great enthusiasm to done given task sensibly.


4: FSB, Federal Security Bureau of Russian Federation (Russia)

The major successor agency to the USSR’s Committee of State Security and principle security agency of Russia named Federal Security Bureau of Russian Federation is one of top best intelligence agencies in the world. FSB is responsible for counter-intelligence, counter-terrorism, internal and external security and surveillance to better cope with threats that can danger the stability of the state. According to Russian federal law FSB is similar to any other military forces like the MVD, the SVR and the FSO but the only difference is its officers have no specific uniform to fulfill their responsibilities.



5: MOSSAD, The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operation (Israel)

The national intelligence agency of Israel MOSSAD is one of core Israeli Intelligence Community with its military intelligence Aman and Shin Bet which is responsible for internal security. The key responsibilities of Mossad are to collect intelligence, covert operation and to protect and secure the Jewish community all around the world. The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operation directly reports to the prime minister of enrolled among top 10 best intelligence agencies because of its accomplishment of different tasks worldwide in quite better way while it has performed various covert operations in United States, United Kingdom, Asia and Middle East.


6: RAW, Research and Analysis Wing (India)

The primary foreign intelligence agency of India Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) developed in September 1968 under direction of its first Director, Rameshwar Nath Kao. The key function of RAW is to gather foreign intelligence and counter terrorism also to obtain and evaluate information about foreign governments, corporations and those which can directly or indirectly relate with Indian foreign policy. Based in New Delhi RAW is one of the most alarming intelligence agencies operating in the region, one of effective organization and one of top 10 best intelligence agencies across the globe.


7: ASIS, Australian Secret Intelligence Service (Australia)

The national foreign intelligence agency of Australia’s mission is to promote and protect the national interests following collection of intelligence worldwide. Headquartered in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia Australian Secret Intelligence Service could be directly compared to British Secret Intelligence Service and the American Central Intelligence Agency. Directed by Government national foreign intelligence agency of Australia was modeled on MI6 and once named as MO9 stand among the top best intelligence agencies in the world following its progress and advancements to achieve its tasks in better way to guard the citizens of Australia.


8: MSS, Ministry of State Security (China)

The intelligence and security agency of People’s Republic of China is also enrolled in top best intelligence agencies in the world which based in Beijing near Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China. Ministry of State Security works around the hours to collect and configure information under the administration of Ministry of Public Security. It involved alongside state security bureaus and often works at large extent at domestic level to better respond for the security of people of China. MSS can be described as the Domestic and Foreign Affairs, Local Intelligence, Counterintelligence, Research (China Institute of Contemporary International Relations) and Anti-Defection and Counter surveillance.


9: DGSE, Direction Generale De La Securite Exterieure (France)

The General Directorate for External Security is France external intelligence agency which works alongside the DGSI, the General Directorate for Internal Security, to keep away the threats. Headed by Government of France Direction Generale De La Securite Exterieure involves in providing national security and intelligence while French intelligence service mostly perform paramilitary and counterintelligence operations outside the state. Following the permanence and stability of France against terrorism and other economic progression it can be undoubtedly said that General Directorate for External Security is one of top 10 best intelligence agencies all around the globe among others.


10: BND, Federal Intelligence Service (Germany)

Subordinated to the Chancellor’s Office Federal Intelligence Service of Germany is headquartered in Pullach near Munich considered to be one of top 10 best intelligence agencies in the world. Similar to all other the nature of work contain the alert German government from any of threats following electronic surveillance of international and domestic communications with over 6,050 people working in more than three hundred location worldwide. Federal Intelligence Service named Bundesnachrichtendienst is one of its sixteen counterparts including domestic and military intelligence services while Federal Intelligence Service gathers all of secret agencies.


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