Top 10 Best Lottery Games in the World 2017


There are large number of games in the world which are played in the world in which some are played in hard form means in the specific courts like that of football, cricket, tennis, ice hockey, field hockey and many more but some are played in one place which are known as soft form of games because these are played on PC, Play Stations, Game Consoles etc.

But instead of these there are also large number of other games like lottery games which is also a type of gambling but this came in this world in many forms in respect to its methods, prizes, its are etc, therefore lottery games are considered as most famous because these are played in large number in this world so everyone wants to try his luck in this to receive large prize in form of money.

So below you can see the  list of top 10 Best lottery games in the world 2016.

10: SuperEnalotto

As clear from the name of this Lottery game, SuperEnalotto is best game which is played most in Italy for about 20 years since 1997 therefore this is based on the large prize by the owner but interesting to know that this game is played in three days of the week, so the jackpot winner won the largest prize while other also won but less than that of this jackpot, this game has oldest history because it was exist in 1997 but it was updated to large scale in 1997, so far the game is played as, the player is to match 6 number out of 90 numbers to win but it player matches the jolly he win already won the prize or the jackpot.

Best Lottery Game

9: Loteria Nacional Monthly Raffles

Loteria Nacional Monthly Raffles is also one of the best Lottery games in the world which is played as this game is played wide in the world because owner provide also the service to play online therefore this is considered as the Best lottery game of the world. As talk about the history of this lottery then this has a great or oldest history because this is been played for last two hundred years in Spain which is the origin of this prize game so all the people from all over the world gathered there to play they gave 1 out of 3 people chances to play to win hundred of million dollars therefore if some wants to play any lottery game then he must try Loteria Nacional Monthly Rsffles.

Best Lottery Game

8: La Primitiva Spain

La Primitiva is also another best, famous and oldest lottery game of the world which is played more in historical country Spain, so this game is commonly known as El Gordo de la Primitiva as talk about the prize of this lottery game then it break all the records of prize because it reaches more than 1 billion dollars in February 2014. As jackpot round is also won by two person because they match all six numbers successfully therefore they got a very big prize by the owners of the game, so this also provide feature to play online from their home to win large prize on their homes to be a millionaires.

Best Lottery Game

7: Powerball Australia

Australia is one of the richest countries in the world because this has developed in every walk of life therefore its lottery game Powerball is also famous in the world as this lottery game is running or organized by New South Wales Lotteries department which exist in this area of the country New South Wales. So this lottery game is also like that of other games in different country but little bit change is that player has to match six numbers out of 40 in this game but owners offers a large prize in return of this to winners therefore this game is included in the best lottery games of the world because highest prize won by the person in this game is that of 80 million dollars in 2009.

Best Lottery Game

6: Eurojackpot

There is no need to introduce this popular lottery game of the world which is named as Eurojackpot, as interesting to know that this game is newly introduced in this world because this is started in 2012 but as talk about the success or popularity then this is beyond the mind of the people. This was introduced by various European countries including Denmark, Finland, Croatia, Netherland, Norway, Spain, Italy, Sweden and many more as talk about the jackpot of this game then this is large which is from 10 million dollars to 90 million dollars which is huge prize which is received by matching 5 number in total of 50 numbers.

Best Lottery Game

5: Loteria DeNavidad

Loteria DeNavidad is another best lottery game in the world which is also so much popular among all the people of the world but there is problem that players have to wait for a year to play this game because this is played only a single time in a year which is on 22 December therefore considered as best lottery game not only of Spain but also of the World. But best thing about this lottery game is that win prize or jackpot of this lottery is very huge which is never less than that of €2.24 billion so player can won only a single time to be richest man of the country therefore every person in the world wants to try this to won a large prize.

Best Lottery Game

4: EuroMillions UK

EuroMillion as clear from the name of this lottery game, player can won to be millionaire because this is truly known as life changing prize game of the world so this was started or launched in 2004 in United Kingdom as well as France therefore first draw of this game was played on 13th of February 2004 in beautiful city Paris. It was initially started in some countries of the world including France, Spain, United Kingdom with people of Austrian, Belgian, Irish, Luxembourgish, Portuguese and Swiss can be able to participate in this game therefore in this running year they also extend the margin of prize money in the world which is in millions of dollars while the jackpot will be of £14 million.

Best Lottery Game

3: Euromillions

Euro Millions is also one of the Best Lottery Games in the world which was also launched in 2004 in United Kingdom as well as France so the owners provide a specific option for the people to play and win Jackpot to be millionaire in small spam of time because these lottery games are known as life changing. So this can be played in many countries of the world including Spain, France, Sweden, and many more, so far interesting to know that one ticket of this lottery game is just of €2.00 so after buying this ticket buyer will automatically entered in the round of million dollars or pounds so prizes of this lottery game is also tax free.

Best Lottery Game

2: US Powerball

Powerball which is commonly known as US Powerball is best American lottery game which is also popular in the world as this game is played in about 44 states of the world at a single time therefore referred as Multi State lottery game, as talk about the prize of this lottery game then this is amazing because prize is in million of dollars therefore considered as best lottery game in the world. So far minimum jackpot of Powerball is about 40 million dollars, this is played in two days of the week Wednesday and Saturday, as according to the history of this lottery game the prize of the this lottery game in January 2016 was about $1.586 billion jackpot which is most in the history of all lottery games.

Best Lottery Game

1: US Mega Millions

Last but not the least the most popular and best lottery game in the world which is clear from the name which is US Mega Millions therefore this is known as best as well as life changing lottery game of the world so as above this is also played in 44 states of the world, interesting to know that the cost of one lottery ticket of this game is just about 1 dollar which is not a big deal for the people therefore played on large scale. Prize of this game is also increasing 5 percent every year so far the biggest prize Jackpot of this game is not less than other but most huge which is about $656 million therefore known as Mega Millions lottery game.,

Best Lottery Game