Top 10 Best New Smart Watches In The World 2017


Technology of the world is now increasing day by day due to facilities of science therefore it is very difficult to a choose and ask perfect a single thing because many companies of world have introduced same thing in different style and features.

As we talk about Smart phones then many companies came in our mind for this purpose because many companies have introduced these mobile phones in which one is better than other, there same case id for selecting Smart watches now because many companies are giving tough competition to other due to their technologies.

Therefore many smart watches are introduced in markets which include Apple, LG, Samsung, Pebble, Motorola, Sony, Tag Heuer and Fossil. There are many best watches from Android to Pebble watches and Apple Watches which sale in market so quickly, therefore after so many searches we have made list of that watches which are amazingly spread all over, which watch is best for sports, for running and other purposes. So here is list of top ten best smart watches of this year.

10: Moto 360 Sport

Moto 360 sport is a is very beautiful watch which is on Android base, this is so much fit for sports track, there are many smart sports watches which are very beautiful and fit on the wrist but when comparison is made this watch with other watch then we saw great difference between these watches due to fail in sensor of other watches. This watch solve all problem which were in other smart watches so this watch is modify form of last year 360 Moto watch therefore after some changes company make it better for the people. Its main features are with Waterproof body, GPS, non interchangeable rubber strap and more accurate barometer which give exact value of how many hurdles you have not crossed; it has 42 mm circular screen and also heart sensor.

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9: Garmin Vivoactive

Garmin vivoactive is also in list of most beautiful smart watches in the world as this watch has so many good features with are very impressive for its users because this is for those who have very active life style. Main features are included high resolution touch screen, ultra-thin GPS watch with in sunlight readable so easy to read in sunlight, it is also best for sports and athletes because it has built in sports apps. It can also work as your smart phone because it make pair with your smartphone which enables someone’s text, incoming calls also show social media notification and some other mobile apps. It can also control music tunes of smartphones with clear screen to for touch and watch.

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8: Moto 360 2

Moto 360 2 is very best smart watch in world because this is classy and premium watch, this is second generation of Moto 360 smart watch which was released 15 months earlier than its second generation which is Moto 360 2. Its main benefit is that, it is available in two different sizes 42 mm and 46 mm, 42 mm is specially made for women because of its thin strip and other for men. So it is very elegant design watch to wear, look very cool in round dial with special smart features like of smart phone and screen of this smart watch is scratch proof and water proof so it is very handy for those who like to wear on daily bases and specially on those places on which there is dust and rough places. Storage of this this watch is also amazing with 4 GB internal memory.

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7: Pebble Time Steel

Pebble time steel is also very beautiful smart watch of world with its very smart price of 250$ because this is in stainless steel with ten days of battery work therefore you just have to charge twice in a month. It is available in three different colors golden, black and silver with beautiful classic stainless steel but its strap of color black with mixing of red look like it is of Apple. It has not only in touch scree neither but if you just want to skip music tracks when you’re walking to the bus, the four textured physical buttons which are better finished than the Pebble Steel’s, can be a blessing not an annoyance and features of this smart Watch just like as Apple Smart Watch and this is reliable and easy to use.

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6: LG Watch Urbane

LG Watch Urbane is also best Smart watch in this world and maintained its market due to its smart features of Display 1.3”, weight 66.5 grams, battery 410 mah, processor 1.2 GHz, Bluetooth 4.1 LE. It has also Wi-Fi and internal memory of 4 GB, with changeable strap in different colors with may be also fit for women. So it is available in Gold as well as silver in color and round in shape which look so beautiful, it is also best for those users which wear smart watches on daily bases because it is dust free, water proof and scratch free. So it is smart watch with classic look and amazing features, extra physical buttons that look so much fashionable for modern era and its price is not more than $200.

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5: Pebble Time

Pebble time smart watch is the modern smart watch went mainstream , the original pebble is still going very strong after the launch of 2 years and have the afford able price of the device with impressive battery life of seven days. This watch is compatible with both iPhone and Android based versions but it has a serious issue to upgrade both software and hardware of the smart watch. This smart watch is developed by Pebble Technology and Foxlink manufactured this watch, In starting of 2015 Pebble announced this beautiful affordable watch and it received $1 million in 49 minutes contain the processor of 100 MHz, Cortex and storage space of 16GB with the 1.25 in 64-color LED backlit e-paper display (144×168 in, 182 ppi).

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4: Asus ZenWatch 2

Asus Zen Watch 2 was announced in Sep 2014 in IFA and released by the Asus Company on 9 Nov 2014 that is suitable for Android version. The all new watches of the Asus company released in two models sizes for male and also for female there is huge strap option in this smart watch that contain rubber, steel , leather and Swarovski covered. It is a good step for the Android wear buyers and also best for the budget compatible with Android 4.3 version or the higher support Bluetooth LE. This smart watch has a Quad-core 1.2 GHz processor with the RAM of 512MB but the storage space of the watch is 4GB and a super 1.63 in (41mm) display, the power of the smart watch is 369mAh and its software have a feature of notification that Is based on Google Now technology enable the user to receive the spoken command but he price of this watch is From $149.

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3: Sony SmartWatch 3

Sony SmartWatch 3 is a wearable device that connects the Android smartphones announced on IFA in 2014 and it is the third generation of smartwatch series contains the functionalities such as waterproof IP68 rated that is not just resistant. It is the first wearable smart watch that has Broadcom system on the chip which includes a 1.2GHz Quad-core ARM Cortex A7 processor and also has the improved GPS which is capable of tracking five systems GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, SBAS, and BeiDou and have a highly integrated power management IC of BCM59054. Its sports styling make it best for weekend jog and can leave your phone at house because it contain GPS connectivity. The steel edition of the watch make it a standard to the watch, the rates of this smart watch is started from $249.

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2: Apple Watch

Apple watch is most beautiful and decent smart watch and best suitable for IOS system that is mostly seen in Apple mobiles, it is also consider the example of fashion blended. When we paired with the quality not with the money it is the best looking smart watch made to date. It has the super build quality but this watch is a big flaw of the lack of GPS technology. Apple company first introduce he wearable watches and have a health oriented capability and also introduce the many functions of calling and texting but it is compatible with iPhone 5 or the later models of iPhones, this watch have e-paper screen of Pebble time and also have 10 day battery life through these functionalities this watch earn 4.2 million in the second quarter of 2015 its price is from$349. The Apple watch 2 is coming soon in the market.

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1: Samsung Gear S2

The smart watch Samsung Gear S2 is developed by Samsung Electronics that hasa operating system of Tizen and represents in IFA 2015. It has a feature of rotating Benzel that makes it easy to use and also water resistant up to 1.5 meter deep in 30 minutes, we always will have to pay extra money to get the GPS feature but this version feel like a leap forward. The battery timing of this precious watch is better than most of the companies watches and use Android wear watches day to day and have 3.8v 300 mAh batteries. The display of the watch “1.2″ circular Super AMOLED, 360 x 360 pixels, 302 dpi”, the RAM of the Samsung Gear S2 is 512 and have 4GB internal storage. The price of the watch is from $299.99.

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