Top 10 best pocket knife brand in the world 2017


There was a time when people carry two things with them while travelling to long places in which one of them was pocket which was used to help them in lot of favors so that time buying a pocket knife was much easier but now when a person buying a survival knife or visit the website to see or buy knife he will absolutely get more confused.

So by time passing shape of pocket knives also changed because in few past years, traditional wooden handle knives were prominent but there are many kinds, design and brands of pocket knives available in the market, these pocket knives are not only used for cutting of different things like vegetable in case of emergency or travelling but these are also used for self defense so it is very hard to tell about the best brands of pocket knife.

So here we have list of top 10 best pocket knife brands in the world 2016.

10: Strider model PT

The PT is an example of the excellence and craftsmanship that a person can anticipate from Strider Knives, the CPM S30V blade is smooth ground and is razor sharp with a stone rinse finish, the front is marked ‘STRIDER’ with the back has logo. It includes dual heat treated stainless steel thumb studs and elliptical thumb hole opener, the top of the knife features thumb slope notching where the casing meets the blade back for extra grasp so overall considered as the result of best engineering, length of blade of this knife is about 2.87 inches and price is also affordable with only $300.


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9: Guardian Tactical HELIX DELTRIX

This model has a black complete CPM-154 stainless steel blade with amalgam grind, it has a carbon fiber knob with an incorporated lock bar that utilizes a expendable hardened steel insert, The recessed clip is mounted for tip up carry and is just as hardcore as the rest of the Helix knife. A pledge to superiority in knife design and product modernization is the pouring forces behind Guardian Tactical’s operations, law enforcements has to work very hard therefore they usually need the best material used knives so in this concern Elite Tactical has made this job very easier due to its excellent manufacturing, blade length of this blade is about 4 inches with price of $339.


8: Microtech Socom Delta

The Delta Force handles counterterrorism and special missions for the US Special Operations Command; as this knife named after this elite force, therefore the Socom Delta comes with a pulverized steel blade and has dual thumb studs for rapid exploitation. The G10 handle has a titanium made lock bar with detachable interleave to hold the blade firmly in place; its innovative ceramic bearing system continues to set the bar for our folding pocket knife line, it is best ever used pocket knife, as size of blade is normally of 4 inches which is made of power coated steel so price of this knife is about $340.


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7: Chris Reeve Sebenza 2I

This is another folding pocket knife that has become the benchmark against which others are compared; the Sebenza has earned a worldwide repute for rock solid performance and a ‘bank vault’ feel, It is the standard of this brand, Chris Reeve introduced this in early of 1987 and after that so many extension created in this brand. So it is till called as the icon for last 30 years, The Sebenza 21 patent an update, giving the knife a more belligerent chamfer on the handle that makes it easier to carry in the pocket, along with a reworked facing lock system, it small knife because size of blade is just about 2.9 inches and price of this knife is also $350.


6: Spyderco Military Titanium C36TI

The especially light titanium handle is chamfered around the edges for console in hand and the lock’s liner is jimped, Its CPM S30V Plain Edge flat ‘ground sharp edge has a jumbo blade whole supporting positive one-hand exploitation, even while wearing gloves. It was launched in 1990s in very beautiful useful shape therefore it is liked most by the lovers, it is made of titanium because titanium is always durable, strong and light in weight which also give this knife seamless look, It features Syperco’s attribute thumb or finger hole in the blade of this for easy opening with either your thumb or index finger, length of blade is about 4 inches, with price of $400.


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5: Spyderco Rubicon

Spyderco’s beautiful Rubicon folding knife accurately redefined the state of the art in factory made flipper approach folders, now all the sophisticated features of that extremely popular knife are available in a more affordable, serviceable format that is ideal for everyday carry. So according to qualities of this knife this is called as most reliable and high performance, including the extensive, hollow pulverize blade with the curved top swedge, carbon fiber handle and the divergent orange pivot on the knife which shows the quality of this brand, it is also made of titanium which made this light in weight too, so price of this knife is about $500.


4: Boker Mokume Damascus

Prominent and best striking that’s the best way to describe this dramatic piece from Solingen, For the first time, Boker has teamed up with the Master of Exotic Damascus, Devin Thomas, to create a true collaboration of elite craftsmen. The blade which has size just over 3 inches consists of 150 layers of stainless Damascus steel, using Devin’s own ‘Raindrop’ pattern as this is reason which made this brand more useful and popular. Bolsters are Mokume Damascus, consisting of brass, copper and nickel, which complement directly into the Goldfield wooden handles, it has price $598 and it also including presented wooden box, this was made first in Germany.


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3: Rockstead Higo X

Rockstaed Higo X is called as the one of the best knives available in the market as this knife has mirror finish blade and handle made of Iron wood, so opening action of this knife is much smooth with solid liner lock to keep the blade locked in a safe place. Mirror finish blades require so much time in preparation because if a single scratch is made on this blade then knife is send to previous position for refinishing again, due to best maintenance of this knife, this has sharp edge for last 2 to 3 years therefore price of this knife is about $1190.


2: William Henry Monarch Sawtelle

The Monarch ‘Sawtelle’ features a thrilling frame in 24K gold Koftgari, the beautiful level is in extra hard wasteland ironwood; the blade is hand counterfeit ‘Raindrop’ Damascus steel, the one hand button lock and the thumb stud are set with citrines so it is called as the most beautiful knife ever made in history. This knife Monarch is a simple design that is easy on way to see and unproblematic in the hand; the shape is most elegant of the handle on this design therefore this is an ideal picture to showcase foreign materials used in this knife so price of this knife is also affordable that is $1250 as size of blade is 2.63 inches.


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1: Rockstead TEI-DLC

Rockstead Knives are no doubt, in our opinion or with the analysis of analysts, some of the best production knives available on the market till this time, with Rockstead’s scrupulous craftsmanship and inimitable designs, this semi convention folder is worth the finest price tag. The TEI-DLC folder features including a 3.5 inches YXR7 steel, DLC refined blade and strong anodized aluminum handles with stingray inlays therefore the opening action of this knife is smooth with a solid liner lock to strongly keep the blade locked in place so due to mirror finish price of this knife is also about $1710 because production of this knife is very time consuming and intense.