Top 10 Best Security Apps For Smartphones 2017


Antivirus mobile apps remain one of the trendiest types of applications on Android phones, because there have been arguments, influences ad nauseum as to the advantage of antivirus apps and anti-malware apps on Android and those influences are normally defensible. However it depends upon the like or dislike of the people because some people either want having that extra security or just want to be extra vigilant just in case and there is nothing wrong with that to secure your personal data.

So what can you do to reduce the effects of a stolen smartphone? A person can start by installing some form of security for device or smartphone to secure this, with all of the mobile apps willingly available for use, there’s really no elucidation for not giving your phone sufficient protection. Even for apps that aren’t free, its significance paying that small fee in order to give your smartphone and the details it contain the security it needs.

10: GadgetTrak

Gadget Track is one of the best security apps for smartphones because this provide full proof security, an app only for iOS devices that not only tracks stolen device of a person, but takes a snapshot of the person that has stolen so interesting to know that If device doesn’t have a camera, person can still use it to produce tracking reports with and give master coordinates for person’s missing device. While user gets improved location tracking with the GPS on, it’s not necessary, so user can also lock the settings on the device so that the thief can’t change these settings set, so it has also another feature of ‘Deleting Apps’ constraint that user can enable so that the thief cannot delete any of your apps – including this app GadgetTrak so this is available on 3.99 dollars.


9: Avast! Mobile Security

Avast! Is one of the leading apps used either used in PCs for protecting from the any kind of virus but Now this is used for mobile security so this is one of the best apps for securing personal data or smartphone, but we wanted to address it in more detail because of the many facial appearance it offers, all for free of cost but when comparison to the other free as well as paid mobile security apps, Avast! Delivers the same features but may be more. It has real time shield, privacy reports, a Web shield, customization updates; call and SMS message filtering, a firewall and application manager, so how is this working?? If your device is stolen, so user can do everything excluding access or restore contacts in the device, because it doesn’t include a backup feature. But despite of this it can locate your device and swab or lock it remotely, even receive a notification if your SIM card is changed and set off an alarm.


8: Norton Mobile Security Lite

Norton Mobile Security Lite is another best security app which is best for protecting and securing data of person or user, here we have special security app known as Norton which is another well-known anti-virus provider, and this is regrettably only available for Android Smartphones or devices. It also protects user against illegal access, malware, viruses, phishing, theft and robbery, so it works like that if user’s device is stolen, user will be able to locate it, lock it remotely and wipe the data within. Even when browsing the Web then user being protected with a privacy guard, if device is compromised, it will perceive and eradicate the intimidation, all apps will also be scanned to make sure they’re not malicious, So interesting feature is that Calls and SMS messages can be blocked as well.


7: F-Secure Mobile Security

F-Secure Mobile Security is another best security app which is not only usable for Android devices but also for Symbian, or Windows mobile device but it is not supported for Blackberry iOS devices, This app offers the essentials such as protection against viruses and malware,identity protection, safe browsing, parental controls, location tracking, and call/SMS blocking. There is currently a 30-day free tryout of the Mobile Security service after which user has to pay $3.50/month or $39.50 in a year so If user prefer something totally free for unlimited time, you can download the always free Anti Theft app because enables to protects the data in your phone if it is lost or stolen. The app will help user locate the device and let user wipe out the data contained as well as lock it tenuously.


6: Kaspersky Mobile Security

This is another best security app which is able to offers many features, but includes the most best features for Symbian and Windows mobile devices but not for android, These best features include:, anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-theft privacy protection, parental controls, data encryption, and firewall protection. So another best feature, the phone tracking feature shows user device on a Google map and provides coordinates. One of the most exceptional features it has is the capability to swab device clean even if the SIM card has been replaced, so the Private approach feature is also functional because user can completely hide incoming calls and SMS messages manually, mechanically, or remotely. So if device is stolen or someone is trying to hack or splash into phone around, the joke is on them because they won’t be able to access that data at any rate.


5: McAfee Wavesecure

McAfee has also formed an exceptional mobile security application for iOS, Windows phone, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian OS, and Java; it includes all of the same properties as the previous all: backup and restoring of data; remote wiping and locking; and location and SIM tracking. With WaveSecure, not only can you backup your contacts, but you can also backup photos, videos and all other data in the phone.
In addition, the tracking characteristic does not only track the existing location, but plots numerous locations on a map so user can see the surrounding area of that device. This characteristic works even if GPS of the smartphone has been turned off, but this is not free because user has to pay 19.99 dollars per year for all devices.


4: iHound Phone and Family Tracking

iHound is enormous for families because it includes a variety of tracking apparatus, so it is also a great tool for shielding the device of user, iHound can use user phone’s GPS to track device and report its location where it exist. It includes an apprehension that can be set off via a push notification and heard even when the device is at silent mode, If use use this on an Android device, he can also tenuously wipe y data and lock that device. iHound can also guard with the unique geofencing feature that mechanically checks you in on Facebook or Twitter when arrive at user purpose. So this is also not free because user has to pay 10.99 dollars for every device for a year.


3: BullGuard Mobile Security 10

With this amazing app, BullGuard user can get an online account that lets user distantly access smartphone of the user or master, along with a effective Mobile Security Manager that works with the GPS of the smartphone of the User, so if user lose device, then he can lock it remotely and swab it clean. In addition, it also includes a Parental major Control module so that master can keep it protected without having direct access to the phone or device, It also includes anti-virus as well as anti-spyware, spam filter, firewall, backup/restore characteristic for contacts, and SIM card protection to save the data so this app is useful for Window phones, Blackberry and Android so user has to pay about 29.99 dollars per year of this amazing useful app.


2: Snap Secure Mobile security

Another best security in the world which is none other than Snap Secure will securely and automatically back up user data to his online account so that user can easily access it, so it also provide to restore or transfer data to a new device if it is needed, It comes with anti-virus and anti-spyware shield, and will scan all of new applications for malware to protect the device. It also includes a call-blocking feature in the phone that lets y block calls from unknown or unshown numbers; so user can even block unwanted emails on your BlackBerry device, block unwanted SMS messages on Android devices because this app give the facility to use this like a great protection software so it can provide this security with 17.99 dollars per year.


1: Lookout Mobile Security

This is most amazing, useful and best protected app for protecting data of the user, Lookout is a free app that protects iOS as well as Android device around the clock from mobile threats such as malicious apps, unsecured WiFi networks, deceitful links, etc, so user can also use it to backup contacts of the device by setting up automatic backups and then accessing the order online, or using it to restore smartphone device in case of a hurtle or in case of data loss. So it also give protection in case of lose user phone, Lookout can locate it on a Google map even if the GPS is turned off, it will also activate a loud alarm or notification even if phone is on silent mode.