Top 10 Best Shooting Games For Android Phone Users 2017


There are not only hundreds but thousands of apps on the Google Play Store for Android smartphones or devices or tablets, but this makes it very hard to find quality and excellent games, or ones worth payments money on but also for those who love the headshots.

here are 10 or so of the best and most playable shooter games on Android Smartphones in 2016. Gaming on Android smartphones or tablets is becoming gradually more trendy recognition to a huge selection of quality games like big HD displays, and powerful processor which is at least 8 core processors inside flagship devices to hold these best graphical android games.

So these shooter games are extremely famous and typically offer some of the best graphics which is most liked by the user, not all of them are value downloading but we have gathered a list of our favorites Android games.

So here is the list of top 10 best shooting games for android phone user 2016.

10: Modern Combat 5: Blackout

First of all Modern Combat 5: Blackout is now becoming the most interesting shooting for android mobile user, The fifth part of one of the most trendy shooter games for Android has to be near the top of our list, and that’s Modern Combat 5: Blackout which is developed by developed by Gameloft, interesting to know that all these five games are completely free of cost, which inwards as a recent update instead of costing $4.99 or may be $6.99 for the game. It features or characteristics some of the best graphics to date on a Android mobile game, tons of action, stunning gameplay, and abundance of bullets to throw around, With Modern Combat you get an outstanding and exhilarating fast-faced storyline for crusade mode where the world is on the edge of Anarchy, an excellent multiplayer mode where user can build his own group of killers.


9: Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is one of the most popular and famous Android games to play, with better reason, the graphics are simply supreme, the gameplay is addicting, and are even enhanced on NVIDIA-powered devices with active lighting, lifelike physics as well as extraordinary detail. With an embryonic storyline and continuously being restructured with more satisfied this is one of the best games to download to enjoy some standard shooting fun, show off Android graphics to family or friends, or just waste time. Be cautious though, because it can be so addicting that user will find himself costs money for more weapons to have even more fun from this game, the developers have made a new game which is called as ‘Unkilled’ coming later this summer that should be even more superior.


8: Nova 3: Freedom Edition

One of the most interesting, best and popular Android shooting game which is none other than NOVA 3: freedom Edition, So greater game makers Gameloft makes some of the best Android games in which NOVA 3: Freedom Edition is no immunity, Where Modern Combat is similar to COD game, NOVA 3 is a intermingle of Halo and the most famous PC game Crysis, but this is for Android smartphones as well as tablets. So Fight advanced enemies using some of the most modern cohort combat suits and save human being in this ambitious game, its earlier version NOVA 3 is a few years old game, but earlier this year NOVA 3: Freedom Edition was released with no in-app purchases but a completely free game, but user will see an infrequent ad, While it’s getting a little old in the incisor, it still has stunning and beautiful graphics, a great storyline, intense shooter action, tons of weapons or bullets and seven multiplayer modes.


7: Shadowgun: Dead Zone (Unliked)

ShadowGun: Deadzone is also most playable on the Android mobiles and tablets because It is a third person shooter, but yet one of the best around the world, However, late last year the game maker company announced and released its best shooting game which is called as Unkilled. Unkilled is hands down the best looking zombie shooter for Android smartphones, especially when played on NVIDIA devices, The graphics of the game are life like because looking real, Everything from reflections, explosions, shadows, and many more, so it is astonishing how comprehensive they have well managed to make this stunning game. With over 300 missions, tons of zombies to shoot with some of the best high declaration graphics, dimness around but improved controls for easier use on a mobile device games.


6: Deer Hunter

New version of this beautiful, best and more interesting Android Shooting game which needs no introduction Deer Hunter 2016, With Deer Hunter 2016 user will be looking for that huge 8 to1 0 point dough or Elk while itinerant through Mother Nature and setting up a hunting place, there are no aliens, zombies, or enemies in this game despite it is an exhilarating and pragmatic shooter for Android which is carried over from the popular PC series. This game actually has some of the best as well as most clear graphics around, fun gameplay, and will let player pursue some of the most alien animals from all over the world with an array of high powered rifles and bows, the brand new Deer Hunter 2016 is somewhat better than ever, and has some stunning graphics.


5: Call of Duty: Strike Team

Another best shooting game ever call of the duty so near the end of year 2013 Activation finally figured out they could continue the COD permission to Android, and did precisely that with Strike Team, It may not be as better as Modern Combat, but it is one of the better shooting games for Android there still better this day. Bad news for lovers is that this game is $6.99 AND has in game purchases, but is tremendously fun, action crammed, and fast paced game, Therefore this is a first and 3rd person COD understanding built from the ground-up for mobile devices, and is appealing much impressive, so user will be foremost a Joint Special Operations squad in a universal effort to save the world (in 2020) from gigantic war. The campaign mode is great, but it is the endurance mode that will have player on the edge of seat and drumming the screen of user Android device.


4: Zombie Gunship

Here players are back to killing zombies, but interesting to know in a completely different approach or style to the other games mentioned above in the list, so in this game Zombie Gunship 3D user will be high in the sky away from the hoards of zombies, dropping heavy armaments or bombs to take out the undead and save millions of civilians of the world. Users or players will be in a profoundly armed AC-130 ground attack aircraft which is also high speed, using weapons including 40 mm Boors auto-cannon, 25 mm Gatling gun, 105 mm Howitzer cannon and 3D night vision to fight off enemies in the game. So at all said or done it is a quite exhilarating, fast-paced game and linked to under is the free, ad-supported version of the game.


3: Fields of Battle

Somewhat hunting terrorists or shooting zombies Fields of Battle is a entirely different approach, but it is extremely fun and addicting as well, This game player essentially in a paintball match therefore will need to be devious as well as use more deliberated skills to complete their missions in this game. Just like that of real paintball this is a fast paced game with a one-hit, elimination approach, they assert it has ground contravention motion and gesticulation based controls including diving, sliding, throwing grenades, leaning out from cover, and more to be the best shooting game on Android. That might be a elongate, but it’s a unique approach to shooters that is both exhilarating and fun. The game is free but there is abundance of in app purchases to get more weapons, load up on gear and more, hold more paintballs.


2: Into the Dead

Now one of the most exciting games of on Android mobiles INTO THE DEAD, So with Into the Dead gamers or lovers will enjoy two of the most popular mobile games which are blend into one, that being an eternal runner and also a zombie first person shooter, Into The Dead is extremely challenging, fast paced, scary, and exciting all at the same time. User or player never stops moves as are tasked with fighting off thousands of the undead walking around fields of battle, power-ups, Collect health, ammo and more while weaving in and out of zombies, obstacles, fences so It gets harder the auxiliary run, like all endless runners, but user will be shooting way to victory. The concentrated visuals as well as pragmatic sound effects separate or exceptional this game from most of the others on this list.


1: Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is the most interesting Android Shooting game in the world, Modern Combat 4 is so much similar to Call of Duty it should be prohibited, but there is no denying that it is full of extreme fun, has excellent graphics, addicting, tons of sweet weapons, and will give user or player hours of full time entertainment. The spectacular story-line takes user on a passionate solo mission where the world is on the edge of warfare. The visual as well as graphical effects are two of the best features of this game, not to mention completely that the built-for-mobile controls so its multiplayer mode is appealing exciting too much. The graphics are not as good as MC5, but still shows that how good games can be on Android smartphones and tablets. If user goes through all the games above in the list, give Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour a try.