Top 10 children of stars who have become models, thank you for the quality genes


If genetics is full of surprises, we must still recognize that having two absolutely cannons parents usually helps to have a physique a hair less unsightly than the average (although obviously we can very well not at all have pussy and end up with a pretty mediocre mouth). As a result, a lot of the children in this top went off with all the chances on their side, and it is safe to say that they have rather transformed the test.

  1. Noah Elmaleh


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There are kids who take all that is ugly from their parents, and then there are those who have the good idea to pick only good genes. It is a priori the case of this good Noah Elmaleh, son of Gad Elmaleh (yes there was a clue) and Anne Brochet, who, at 17, is a mannequin most bankable (and a teenager who passes from obviously far too many hours to push the cast).

  1. Lily-Rose Depp

Spitting portrait of her mother, Vanessa Paradis, Lily-Rose began her modeling career at Chanel at age 15. Since then she has not stopped scrolling and has even tried comedy in Planetarium in particular. We just wish him not to end up like Dad Depp to seal in pirato-clodo outfit in a saga that should have stopped 4 movies earlier.

  1. Rocco Ritchie

At 17, the son of Madonna and Guy Ritchie has just signed his first modeling contract with Adidas Originals for the Alexander Wang Collec. A first contract that slap still not bad and that does not seem to have given the bowler to the main interested who is one of the few teenagers on this list not to post pictures of his ball on Instagram.

  1. Karsen Liotta


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At the age of 19, Ray Liotta’s daughter has neither her father’s zinzin filmography, nor her mafia mouth all ready to make you sink both feet into the concrete. On the other hand, she has a nice and juicy contract with one of the biggest modeling agencies in the world, so we can say that it’s going pretty well for her.

  1. Clara McGregor

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Yes, Ewan McGregor has had children early, so he already has a tall 21-year-old girl with absolutely perfect physique. And good news for those who are motivated (e) s, Clara speaks French perfectly since his mother is a French decorator. And second good point for McGregor mini, she was a fan of Bernie Sanders during the last US presidential. Conclusion: she does not have a hollow nose, but she tastes good.

  1. Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis

I chose this life.

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Son of Isabelle Adjani and Daniel Day-Lewis, Gabriel-Kane is obviously less handsome than his father, but still not at all disgusting. So much so, that all the brands are tearing themselves apart for their campaigns and that he spends his time traveling from fashion week to fashion week. Good for everything that is to stand up straight in a chair will iron, because there let me tell you that he would get out of the table by my mother.

  1. Maya Hawke

Humble descendant of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, Maya can boast of being the daughter of the two most stylish actors of the 90’s. We do not know if it will be enough for her to forgive her parents for that shitty name, but that’s not bad. For the rest, she signed her first campaign last year with the English brand AllSaints.

  1. Dylan Brosnan

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With her long hair and her missing poet’s gaze, Pierce Brosnan’s son began his modeling career very early and on the run as his first campaign was for Yves Saint Laurent. In addition to his pretty face, we know he plays the guitar, he has never had a pimple acne and so he should not have too much trouble to get high school. The jealousy is palpable.

  1. Dylan Penn

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Another Dylan, except that this time we talk about a girl because since you figure that Dylan is a cheum first name at home, but epicene at our Anglo-Saxon friends. The daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright is called Dylan and probably did not even booze in college, especially since Daddy Sean would have been kind of go to break the teeth of his peers class on the sidewalk at the slightest annoyance. And very good news for her: she has the nose of her mother.

  1. Rafferty Law

@raff_law best friend an brother 20 today love u ❤️

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Good to be simple, in the Law family absolutely everyone is hot. Rafferty, the eldest sibling, but also his little sister Iris who is also a model (because otherwise it would be less fun). And a priori Jude Law understood that he was a good parent because he still made five kids



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