Top 10 countries with highest quality of life 2017


Quality of life of a specific person means about the standards of life style, financial and economical positions of the state which is seen to be more impressive and better in rich and developed countries of the world so in this context people of this area feel much proud for themselves and their countries.

But for measuring the standard of life of any nation, it depends upon many factors so according to the international monitoring organization which is named as the organization of Economic cooperation and development that life style of people depends upon community, income per capita, housing, safety or security, Education sector, health sector life duration and Environment, these factors are looking by this organization in their surveys.

So here is the list of top 10 countries with highest quality of life 2016.

10: United Kingdom

According to survey in this country more than 85 percent inhabitants of this country United Kingdom asked that they are living in the best country of the world therefore they are best nation, so this country is also included in the list of that countries which has more expectancies of life therefore average age of a person in this region is about 81 years. As talk about water and atmosphere than 97 percent are really happy with clean water and fresh air of their country, similar to other, United Kingdom is combination of four states which countries including Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and biggest of all England therefore this country is house of attraction.


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9: Iceland

As talk about this country then Iceland is reported t have maximum level of community contribution therefore it is interesting to know about this country that a person will find easily utmost trustworthy people for each other, this country has also best and clean atmosphere with clean crystal water. So about 97 percent of the inhabitants in this country are really happy with facilities and quality of life of their country, so this area has cleanest environment and air pollution is much lower in this country as compare to other developed countries of the world so people of different countries desired to live in this region.


8: Netherland

Netherland is holding much highest income per capita from many countries of the world which is $27888 therefore people of this region are living very happy and cheerful life so according to the reports of different surveys in this country, more than 97 percent inhabitants are very happy by the quality of life which is given to them by Government so they feel proud for them and their country. People of this country working 1379 hours annually while according to OECD average working hours in the world are 1776, this country also has more literacy rate than that of many countries of the world which shows the quality of life and education.


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7: Denmark

This country stands of the top of the list when it comes to the happy and most satisfied nation around the world therefore it is known as the happiest country of the world so in this context about 90 percent of total population is highly satisfied by the quality of life in their country because they said that every day give them special and positive experience. Quality of education of this country is very good there inhabitants of this region are well educated and they know very well how to balance work hours in their life so according to reports only 2 percent of the total population in this country work more than average hours.


6: United States

United States is one of Strongest, richest and strongest country in the world because according to reports they have fastest growing economy of the world, so by the reports of OECD that this country has well appreciated income per capita which is about $38000 annually therefore condition of their houses is much better than that of many countries of the world, as talk about the quality of education then this country has also better literacy rate of this country has many best universities of the world, this country has also excellent general facilities for their inhabitants so citizens are much satisfied by the quality of life in their country.


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5: Switzerland

Country which is famous for best health care facilities therefore it has world’s best child health care centers so mortality rate of this country is lowest in this country, many other general facilities including best education system and all the things which are considered as the symbol of success for the people of this country are available here in this country. So more than 85 percent of adults of this region have higher degree than that of school level, as about 95 percent of the total population has fresh air and fresh clean drinking water therefore health situation is really nice as this country is also well famous for its beautiful places therefore more visited country of Europe.


4: Norway

If any person strongly need sense of community and also need highest safety level or security then he must travel to Norway because he can find best life style in this country as this nation is also known as richest in the world, people of this country always help each other at the time of complexity, So people of this country living much satisfied life with luxurious lifestyle as they balance their working hours very efficiently because they are more conscious about their work so more than 90 percent people of this country are happy for their quality of life.


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3: Canada

Well known country in the world for its education system therefore people prefer to go to Canada for the sack of higher education so it is number one country in the world for its best education system, it is also prosperous country of the world with average income per capita about $28200. People of this country have well balance in their work and they work only 1702 hours in a year, so this country has also bets medical system because they have much advanced hospitals so 95 percent of the total population of this country are really happy with the quality of life because they clean crystal like water with pure fresh air.


2: Sweden

The Government of this country is paying its more attention on the quality of education as well as educational structure of their country therefore educational sector of Sweden gaining more attention of Government therefore more than 87 percent of the adults of age between 25 to 65 years have must education at school level. This country has large number of organizations which are working for cleanest environment so people are living life very happy and safely than that of other countries of the world as they are much happy by the quality of life in their country because they also have best health facilities with clean environment and clean water.


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1: Australia

The happiest country of the world is none others of Australia as income per capita of this country is never less than $28884 so this country has bets quality of life for its citizens because country is much successful in many sectors including public welfare, environmental surrounding, education sector, health sector and most important human rights therefore these make this country ideal for living. Average life in this country is also about 82 years which is highest life expectancy rate than that of any other developed country of in this universe, voting turnout in this country is also highest which is 93 percent in the recent election so it is well developed democratic country of the world.