Top 10 Countries With Most Beautiful And Sexiest Female Soldiers In The World 2017


Armed Forces play an important role in the defense of a country as it protect country from any kind of enemy in every situation therefore they have no fear of their life as they devote their whole life for the protection of their sweet homeland. These forces stabilized all condition like War, Earthquakes, storms and also bad weather, they also protect country from terrorism and many other kinds of problems therefore armed forced are considered as roots of the country on which whole country, as their conditions are stable but as we talk about women they play an aggressive role in making a country on the way of success as well as development.

Now they also came forward in field of Defense of the country by joining Armed forces of their country therefore many countries have female Armed forces they also look too much beautiful in their Army uniform.

10: US Army

As we all of us better know that United States Armed forces are in top of the list by their number, weapons which are more advanced s with their men army, women of this country also joined this force after revolutionary war therefore these are the parts of their army from 1948 so their role in this field in USA Military was non combat such as nursing care, mend soldiers clothing and help the men soldiers so these are also so much brave and in 1976 for the first time in the history of this country United States women military trained in US Military Academy to assign them duties in Combat units. According to reports now total number of women military in United States military is about 15 % of the total army therefore this country has also most beautiful female soldiers in this force.


9: Czech Republic Army

Female Soldiers of Czech Republic army are also so much beautiful which are considered as one of the brave female force but according to history as well reports it is been cleared that women of this country were not allowed to join Armed forces of their country but after the second World War this restriction was lifted and they are allowed to join their armed forces because during World War 2nd the role of women was outstanding in the field of Phone Operators, medical personnel and anti air craft gun crews. They are served many other countries like United States in Air force as well as also army of British therefore they female army has became integral part of their whole army.


8: Poland Army

Poland Army which is also known as Polish Army as female Army of this country also have so many beauty because it is interesting to know that they have given right that they would be in equal number in all armed forces such as Navy, Air Force as well as army. Therefore there was law passed in this country in 2004 that all the women who have passed degree of nursing as well as veterinary must apply and joined these forces, according to this law the women can voluntarily serve in the Polish army at any role. So in 2007 about 800 female army soldiers were part of this force in which more than half were at the rank of officer and other are non commissioned force, so this country has also much beautiful female army.


7: British Army

United Kingdom have always a brave army as according to reports this country has also large number of beauty therefore their female army with respect to beauty are at number 7, as according to history it is been cleared that after 1990’s women were the part of their armed forces because they were included to perform some extra duties as they were given the duties of non combat missions and have been excluded from the combat missions of Royal Marines and Royal Air Force. Now reports are coming from the parliament of this country that they are also give them combat mission to make their country defense more and stronger by extra force of women therefore they will support men force as well as military.


6: Pakistan Army

Pakistan Army considered as most brave armed force in the world because they have won the Award and title of best army in the world so as we talk about women force of this country which is also most attractive in the world because this country has also most beautiful women. Female army is performing their duty in both combat as well as non combat departments, as Pakistan is also an Important Islamic state. So according to history after the creation of this country Pakistan, women are working in this field and also doing so much well because this country has first as well as only fight pilot which is women instead of this Navy has also opened the branch of female member in their all fields.


5: Israel Army

Israel has also so much beautiful women army that is also working very well in all fields with men, as this is only country in the world which has given the permission to their women to join their Armed forces when they were only about in the age of eighteen years therefore according to their capabilities their female soldiers are assigned duties in Combat department on the way of that places where they are on the enemy fires. So they are also play an important role for the defense of their country therefore according to current numbers female army of this country consist of thirty one percent of total army of this country which is about three times larger than the female army of United Kingdom so these are also so much as well as attractive women soldiers.


4: Greece Army

Greece Army is also one of the largest army in the world so this country has also most beautiful women in the world, according to reports it is been cleared that the Government of this country has also give permission to their women to join their armed force but problem is that they are restricted only in two fields of their armed forces which are Communication as well as Nursing therefore they did not participate in combat operations so just in Non combat. In this country Greece women are not compulsory or necessary to enlist voluntarily but every man of this country over eighteen years of age serves in the armed forces for the nine months.



3: Australian Army

Australia is also one of the biggest as well as beautiful country of the world therefore it has large in number of Armed Force therefore women of their army are also so much beautiful as placed on 3rd position for most beautiful female soldiers in the world. According to history of this country first women that had joined army when nursing department of their country made in 1899 so after that women are not restricted to join army as Nursing, so in 1941-1942 the Australian defense ministry lingering their role and established the women military branches in Royal Australian Navy, Australian army Royal and Australian Air force therefore now combat role are given to the female members of their Army.


2: Russian Army

Russia has largest Army which is also powerful country of the world with modern as well technological weapons as weapons of this country also famous in the world, as we talk about female soldiers of this country which are also so much brave as well as beautiful because ha Russia is a country having most beautiful girls in the world therefore they are places on 2nd position for most beautiful female soldiers of any country as according to history after the defeat in first world war this country has ordered to ready and prepare women battalion so it was established in 1917. The interesting thing is that the Russian army conducts Miss Russian Army beauty contests in order to choice the most beautiful Women soldiers so this country has 10 % of the total army as female soldiers.


1: Romanian Army

Romanian Army is in the top of the list of most beautiful female army in the world so if somebody wants to find the most beautiful as well as sexiest female soldiers in the world then there are in Romanian army. Even though Romania army as well as military has not the ability to enhance their firepower against the progressed top aggressive powers of the world but their main weapon is the sexiest women which the World accept it so this is only power of their country so these have better beautiful as well as sexiest female army instead of better trained army which make the defense of their country more and more stronger.


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