Top 10 Countries With Most Powerful Nuclear Weapons In The World


To discuss the topic above first everyone know about the Nuclear weapons so the question is that what are nuclear weapons and what is their purposes?? So Nuclear weapons are those devices which are annihilated for all type of Human beings as well as living organism in no time factors because these are able to destroy whole world in within seconds.

so the question is here that then why countries have made nuclear weapons because in actual state these are form of destructive material??? So the answer of this question is that these are also helpful for the mankind but in such cases if these are used for the benefit of the mankind because these are able to produce energy for the country or some countries made these weapons for the defense of their country, interesting to know that these weapons are only used by Americans in Second World War on the People of Japan then there effects are still now in that areas.

So here is the list of Top ten Countries with Most Nuclear weapons in the world.

10: Iran

Iran is not a Nuclear power country because there is only a single Islamic country in the world which is considered as Nuclear power but few years early it was reported that Iran has made few Nuclear or chemical weapons for their country, So the Islamic Republic of Iran has now signed the treaty with America for the destruction of the Nuclear weapons because it is been reported that more than 1, 00,000 people were victims during the war of Iran and Iraq. Therefore after the Fatwa of Supreme leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, it is been asked that Iran has stopped of making nuclear weapons and other weapons are destruct by the United Nations Security Agency but instead of these Iran has nuclear weapons but nobody knows how many.


9: North Korea

It is officially known as Democratic People’s Republic of Korea so far this country is continuously in news because it has increased large number of nuclear weapons in these years, it is been reported that North Korea has fired 3 Ballistic Missiles in recent days after United States of America. This country has no good reputation in the world because considered as most hated country in the world as condition of people in this country is no well to define because Government only spent their lot of money on the defense as well as Nuclear weapons for the defense so they have about 10 nuclear weapons but dangerous country for the people to live.


8: Israel

Israel is also popular country of the world but such not in Positive manners, this is officially known as State of Israel which is also called as the Jewish State, Israel is also one of the most hated country in the world because of its continuous war with Palestine therefore this is not only hated by Muslim countries but also by other countries of the world. So it is been reported that Israel has also made large number of Nuclear weapons but mainly with the help of America which is called as the companion of this country so this was came into being in 1947 and no increased at a large scale of Palestine so according to reports this country has about 80 Nuclear weapons till now.


7: India

India is the most important country of the world as India is officially known as Republic of India which is also one of the largest countries in the world, it has also second largest country with respect to population in the world with is about 130 crores, as talk about the defense of this country then it has surpassed many countries in the world because last year it has purchased third most weapons from Russia, so this country has about 90 to 110 nuclear weapons but many experiments of this country has been failed in which some are also in recent days therefore they are continuously working on their defense due to their cold border war with Pakistan.


6: France

France is a beautiful country in the world which is officially known as French republic so this country has also about 67 million populations; its capital is Paris which is also most beautiful, largest and cultural centre of the world so far this country is known as cultural as well as defense dominant country in Europe. As talk about the wars then this country has participated in First World War and also in Second World War, France is known as Nuclear power country because this country has about 300 Nuclear weapons therefore defense of this beautiful country is also best in the world because it has organized army which has new technological weapons.


5: United Kingdom

United Kingdom is also one of the oldest countries in the world which is also known as United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island so this is known as also richest country and population of this country is about 65.1 million therefore known as fourth most populated country in Europe. The capital of UK is London which is important financial centre for the different people of the world, as talk about the defense of this country which is also best because this country is also nuclear power of the world which has about 225 nuclear or chemical weapons so their army is also known as best in the world due to their skills so far known as best country for the people to live despite of Nuclear power because of best use of this.


4: China

China is most developed country in the world because china produces every thing for itself, China is largest populated country of the world with more than 1.38 billion inhabitants instead of this known as happy country, it is officially Known as People’s Republic of China, also largest country for making electronics and send this to almost all countries of the world, as China is also Nuclear power country therefore this country has 250 Nuclear weapons so the defense of this country is also best because of new technological weapons or other instrument used by its army, China is also oldest country in the world and known as second biggest country in the world with respect to land area.


3: Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful and important countries of the world which came into map of the world in 1947 so this country is known as Islamic Republic of Pakistan under the constitution of 1973, it is also second largest country Islamic country in the world with respect to its population which is almost 200 millions. So Pakistan is only Islamic nuclear power country of the world therefore defense of this country is also most strong due to its number Army of the world, so this country has also spent lot of money on buying weapons therefore it was 2nd largest country of the world in this case so Pakistan has more Nuclear weapons than that of India which are of best in the world so Pakistan has 120 nuclear weapons.


2: United States

United States is considered as powerful country of the world which is also known as United States of America as this country has about 52 States in it, so total population of this country is also about 320 millions, according to the history of this country, US is considered as oldest country. As talk about the defense of this country it has most organized army which has new best weapons and also this country is Number one Nuclear power of the world which has almost 7700 Nuclear weapons that he is the only country which has used on people of Japan in 1945 during Second World War but this country has most controversies with many countries including Russia, china and Pakistan therefore also known as most hated country of the world.


1: Russia

Russia is most important country in the world which is most famous due to its best quality weapons, this country is officially known as Russian Federation, so this is largest country in the world with respect to area but has about 146 million population, according to the history of this country is better known as one of the oldest countries in the world. This country is the larger producer of weapons in the world because this is also nuclear third power country of the world therefore it has largest number of nuclear weapons in the world which are about 8500 hundred in total therefore Russia sold weapons to all the countries in the world so there is no doubt in the quality of weapons of this country because there was a time it was recognized as number one super power of the world.


[table caption=”Top 10 Countries With Most Powerful Nuclear Weapons In The World” colwidth=”40|600″ colalign=”left|left”]
Rank,Country Name
1, Russia
2, United States
3, Pakistan
4, China
5, United Kingdom
6, France
7, India
8, Israel
9, North Korea
10, Iran


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