Top 10 Fattest Countries in the World 2017


Today life is so much fast because of fast love, fast transportation, fast food, fast communication, fast speed and what not which is not fast required in this era, therefore speed of our life has increased up to great extent and also expectancies of going to increase further.

As these fast increasing or fast life has made our lives easy but they also created some serious problems for the people of some countries so in this respect more advanced or developed countries seems to be suffering from these problems like developing countries facing another problem of increasing obesity. So most common reason of increasing obesity is sedentary lifestyle and increased consumerism, kids are forced to remain in the house so with no outdoor activities these problems occurred with wide ranges.

So here we have list of top 10 fattest countries in the world 2016.

10: United States

This country has reputation across the world for being fattest country due to its obesity rate, so according to reports that people of this country are fond of eating fast foods, junk foods and disregard for basic with regard to healthy living and eating so it is not too much bad for this country to be on this number because last years it was at number 2 in this list. So one third of population of this country qualifying as obese, this is mainly because of higher standard of life as this is also powerful as well as richest country in the world but good news for United States that amount of people in this respect are lowering down with time.


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9: Mexico

Like that of neighboring countries, the rate of overweight people in Mexico is now became a serious issue for the country, so in recent survey fatty people in this region are increasing rapid as obesity rate of this country is 32.8 percent that is almost equal to one third of total population. Main reason of obesity in this country, it is largest consumer of Coca Cola in the world which was more after 1980s because before this only typical diet of natural ingredients is used, so large population is fond of drinking soda therefore government has announced Tax on soda that fairly means to prevent people from drinking soda.


8: Qatar

When country quickly become rich from natural resources then it impact on the health of people by two ways, one is health of people improve and other is more availability of food with safety standards but unfortunately, in Qatar this process received as reverse because country is richest in the world but also richest in fat people. Qatar is more developed Arab country so it also said that half of the population of this state is overweight therefore that are facing serious crisis of rising diabetes in children, fast food from western countries popped in this country so obesity rate of this country is about 33.1 percent which is also increasing.


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7: South Africa

Almost only country from Africa which is facing issues of obesity as because more African countries are facing serious crisis of Poverty which is due to inadequate supply of food ad bad distribution system of food but it is shocking to hear that with the increase in hunger in these countries rate of obesity of also rising. So in this way it is reported that more than half deaths in this country is due to overweight which also caused heart attacks, blood pressure and strokes these diseases are more in obese people, which is due to unhealthy food distribution from last decade so obesity rate in this country 33.5 Percent.


6: United Arab Emirates

In this region, shares many reasons and causes of obesity rate mainly in Dubai State, as oil wealth came in this country very quickly therefore western food also arrived in this region with great speed and popped everywhere in this region so according to reports obesity rate of women is much higher than that of male members. So people think that it is in the inheritance of country, therefore there is more use of soda and fast foods due as a result of more foreigners lived in this country, some think that more fat people in this country shows the power of this country so obesity rate in this country is 33.7 percent.


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5: Jordan

This country has much similarity with UAE when it comes with the major problem of the country which is obesity so obesity is more common in women than male members which goes upon that twice population of women are obese than men. So main reasons of obesity unemployment, restricted lifestyle and all kind of exercises which able people to gain more weight, marriage is also early conducted in this region so in this respect world health organization has looked that wealth and smoking are main factors of increasing obesity in this country which goes beyond 34.3 percent.


4: Egypt

As like of many developed countries, problems of overweight and obesity in Egypt is due to more industry therefore fat people in cities or urban area are more than that of rural areas which asked to be twice, so abundance of cheap fast food popped everywhere is this country which results in especially saddening in Egypt. Therefore in this respect this country has highest rate of diabetes in the world and people of teen age drink more soda than that of every country of the world so obesity rate in this country is 34.7 percent which is an alarming situation for Egypt.


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3: Belize

People don’t much know about this country but as talk about obese people than this country is developing with higher rate so this is always worrying situation for Belize, it is shocking to know that up to recent years this country was not as in those regions who has much obesity rate. People who are familiar to Belize this is in Central America just south of Mexico. So this only country from Central America who is included in this list which does not mean this area is free of obesity we also discusses Mexico before this so obesity rate of this country is 35 percent which shows serious obesity issues in this area.


2: Saudi Arabia

Country which is showing shocking development in obesity is Saudi Arabia, a decade before in survey it was told that Saudi Arabia is in top 30 fattest countries but now it is on 2nd position in this list, so every third woman of this region facing serious problem of obesity or complications of health which is directly due to overweight. Like of other countries, diabetes in this country in its worst position so obesity rate of this country is 35.2 percent so obesity related issues in this country are not included in plans of health insurance therefore they are more struggling with the shocking results of obesity.


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1: Kuwait

Kuwait is just like of king of fattest countries which is just due to fast food because their craze for fast food lead them to alarming situation of increasing obesity, according to reports about 13 percent of people in the world are obese but in this country obesity rate is more than 42 percent which is exactly 42.8 percent. So highest consumption in fast food leads this country to Americans level therefore this country has highest rate of stomach stapling so in this running year more than 5 thousand people reported by the disease of stomach stapling, Kuwait is also included in rich countries due to rich in oil resources and eating of more fast food makes made this country king in this list.



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