Top 10 Favorite Foods of The Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Their Benefits


A true Muslim is that person who not only love Allah but also his most beloved Prophet, Muhammad PBUH so he loved all those things which are loved by Him and hates all those things which are hated by Him therefore when it comes to the Sunnah in Food then there are lot of Foods which are liked most by the Prophet of Allah.

But most interesting thing is that all these foods have great benefits because these foods are liked most by the Prophet PBUH therefore these foods have importance before Muslims of all time, in all these foods some are beautifully mention in sacred Book Quran.

So here we have list of top 10 Favorite Foods of Holy Prophet PBUH And their Benefits.

10: Cucumbers

Cucumber also belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family which include watermelon, Squash, pumpkin Etc, so as like of Watermelon, this Cucumber has also made of almost 95% water, benefits of this food include, Reduction of risk of Cancer, Antioxidant Properties, Freshen Breath, Manage Stress, Support Digestive System, Fight Inflammations and most important protect the Human Brain, so this has great quantity of Vitamin K and Vitamin B.


9: Grapes

Grapes are most used in the world as it is also one of the foods of Heaven therefore it is mention in Holy Quran so this fruit has large number of benefits which include Heart Diabetes, Cancer, Purify Blood, Manage High Blood Pressure, Allergies, Constipation, Acne, cleaning bowels and gave strength to Kidneys, it also gave much strength and energy to the Human body.


8: Pumpkin

Pumpkin was the most favorite or desired food of Prophet PBUH, as this is been proved medically that Pumpkin has large health benefits including Boost Vision, Feel Fuller, Better for Sleep, Lowering Blood Pressure, Healthier Heart, protect against Swelling of Joints, Lowering risk of Prostate cancer, Stimulate kidneys and also clear wrinkles.


7: Olive Oil

Olive or Zaitoon is also one of the foods of Heaven therefore it is also mentioned lovely in Holy Quran, so Prophet PBUH always advised to use this food as it has great benefits which are lowering Heart attack, prevent from Stroke, lower risks of depressions, reduce risks of breast cancer, maintain cholesterol level, also used as treatment of skin and hairs.


6: Honey

Honey is called as best and useful blessing of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad PHUB always recommend this for all people because it has many uses which include Prevent Heart diseases, Prevent Cancer, Reduce Ulcer, anti bacterial, increase athletic performance, Reduce Cough, regulate Blood Sugar, Probiotic, Beautiful for Skin, in short words used as therapy for all diseases.


5: Figs

Figs are considered as healthiest food of the world as it is also most desired food of Holy Prophet PBUH because it is also food of Heaven so also mentioned in Quran, so this fruit has benefits including Lose Belly Fat, Kidney Stones, Sexual Validity, cure Acne, Good for Diabetes, Chicken Pox, loss Weight, Healthy Bones and Sore throat.


4: Vinegar

Vinegar is used by Prophet of Allah as food with Olive Oil therefore Prophet PBUH advised to use Vinegar while eating something because has it has large benefits which are potent Biological effects, kill bacteria, Lower Blood Sugar, fight diabetes, lose weight, reduce heart diseases, lowering cholesterol and most important protect from cancer.


3: Milk

Milk is widely used because it is able to give strength to bones, so Holy Prophet PBUH love to drink milk of camel and Goat because it has great number of benefits including healthy Heart, protect from cancer, lowering depression, building Muscles, gastric diseases, strengthen memory because this was preferred by Prophet PBUH over Wine during journey of Miraj.


2: Dates

Dates is also considered as healthiest food in the world because it has great quantity of Energy as these were ate by Prophet Muhammad PBUH very fondly so these have many benefits including Cholesterol and Fat, Proteins, Vitamins, potassium, sodium, energetic, weight gain, sexual benefits, cure abdominal cancer, healthy teeth.


1: Barley

Barley is considered as strongest as well as healthiest food of the world as this is used as in the form of flour because bread is made by this food, so Prophet PBUH liked this very much because eat in the form of Bread so it has benefits which are Bone Health, blood Pressure maintenance, health heart, cure from Cancer, Digestion and Weight Management.