Top 10 Highest Paid Actresses in the World 2017


The list will let you know about the highest paid actresses in the World 2016 which also consists of interviews with agents, managers and lawyers. Some youngest actresses like Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson and Bingbing Fan are still ruling on top ranks in chart of world’s highest paid actresses as well left behind other experienced female stars like Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston.

These most-liked celebrities have shown their best at initial stages of career but it doesn’t mean they didn’t worked hard to make profiles most popular. One of the most interesting things is that in this study, some experienced actresses have less income than youngest it makes the sense the youngest stars are fit for today’s generation reason why receiving huge praise.

10: Anne Hathaway ($12 million)

One of the talented Hollywood actresses Anne Hathaway became renowned star by playing Mia Thermopolis character in the Disney film The Princess Diaries (2001), is also among the world’s highest paid actresses all over the world but with its highest earning of the big budget animation ‘Rio 2’ in which voiced Jewel in 2014. Anne Hathaway also signed Tim Burton’s 2016 Alice in Wonderland new installment ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ at heavy cost but we don’t have confirm number. She has been traveling successfully on the road of American film industry so far.

Highest Paid Actresses

9: Kristen Stewart ($12 million)

Kristen Stewart is on her way to rule on top rank in highest paid female celebrities all around the world, better known for her protagonist Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga film franchise from 2008–12. She has her total earning of $12 million so far which estimated to be would rise soon as looks determined win every biggest project in Hollywood. She has been working out on her look as well learning all skills which can make her so impressive actress. The Chanel fashion brand’s most-wanted model has also been receiving critical acclaim for her every act such as previously The Clouds of Sils Maria and ‘Still Alice’ alongside Julianne Moore. She also will be seen in her upcoming action-comedy venture ‘American Ultra’ directed by Nima Nourizadeh.

Highest Paid Actresses

8: Reese Witherspoon ($15 million)

Astonishing range of the Reese Witherspoon’s earning of $15 million showing that she will be soon signing future projects at huge cost but looks disappointed with unexpected characters’ offers which are not according her demand. The failure of her 2014’s cop comedy flick ‘Hot Pursuit’ made her disappointed, hence has constructed a production company with producer Bruna Papadena to acquire the rights to novels with strong female leads because she wants to provide work best female stars. She has also bagged lead roles offer for two upcoming ventures as ‘Downsizing’ 2017 and Garth Jennings’ ‘Sing’ at heaviest amount.

Highest Paid Actresses

7: Angelina Jolie ($15 million)

The American veteran star Angelina Jolie has learnt all proficiency to manage every toughest role in front of camera as well became finest director after long time study. She is also among top highest paid actresses globally, has tried her directorial skills with ‘Unbroken’ 2014, while has total income of $15 million. She better known for role game based Lara Croft in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)that built her strong identity all around the world. Nevertheless, the actress turned direction as has released secong directorial ‘By The Sea’ in which was seen alongside husband Brad Pitt, written and produced by her as well but unfortunately could receive critical acclaim all over the world.

Highest Paid Actresses

6: Julia Roberts ($16 million)

Most talented and multifaceted actresses Julia Roberts are not behind in race of highest paid celebrities worldwide despite being 48-year-old actress in Hollywood. Julia has also deals with French luxury perfumes and cosmetics houses such as Lancome, Givenchy and Calzedonia. She was seen in her previous mystery-crime The Secret in Their Eyes 2015 opposite Nicole Kidman which was remake of 2009 Oscar-winning Argentinian film with same name, while the film couldn’t receive praiseworthy comments.

Highest Paid Actresses

5: Jennifer Aniston ($16.5 million)

One of the most-liked Hollywood actresses has been played protagonists in several but her highest earnings were emerged from endorsements. The daughter of actor John Aniston and actress Nancy Dow, her previous comedy-drama releases in 2014 ‘Cake’ and Horrible Bosses 2 made her disappointed as couldn’t show well at box office. Nonetheless, the journey of most-watched television comedy franchise ‘Friends’ finally ended after eleven years which was main part of her earning. Nonetheless, she will be seen another upcoming romantic-comedy flick ‘Mother Day’ opposite Julia Roberts and Kate Hudson in this April.

Highest Paid Actresses

4: Bingbing Fan ($21 million)

It seems to be bit strange a Chinese actress Bingbing Fan has created her place in world’s highest paid actresses with her total income of $21 million dollars by beating other experienced, well-known celebrities. She has grabbed attention every producer with huge success of her Chinese wuxia-fantasy 3D ‘The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom’ that is why has dealt with top fashion brands such as Chopard and L’Oreal. When is come to huge success of Bingbing Fan, her performance in X-Men: Days of Future Past in 2014 which introduced Fan in United States theaters.

Highest Paid Actresses

3: Melissa McCarthy ($23 million)

America’s versatile actress, comedian, writer, fashion designer and filmmaker McCarthy has launched an all-sizes clothing line, though ranked on top ranking in highest grosser female star all over the world with stunning earning at end of 2015. The 45-year-old veteran film star has rocked in theaters with massive success of 2015’s Spy with grossing of $235.7 million on its budget $65 million. Not only this, McCarthy’s ‘Tammy’ also shocked everyone with its earning of $335 million globally. McCarthy was highly discussed for her both comedy acts but with admirable words all over the world.

Highest Paid Actresses

2: Scarlett Johansson ($35.5 million)

Month by month huge rise in income of world’s most stunning actress Scarlett Johansson is appearing as has been signed for big budgets movies as ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ as well Lucy which emerged highest grosser with $459 million at box-office, in which first time was seen playing action-hero protagonist . Johansson is believed to be queen of box office, although the basic part of Johansson’s income consists of endorsements from Dolce & Gabbana and Sodastream. The actress will be seen on number one ranking in future because her earnings from endorsements making her ranking higher and higher.

Highest Paid Actresses

1: Jennifer Lawrence ($52 million)

The actress was best known for her lead role Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games film series (2012–15), is ruling on top ranking in highest paid actresses in the world with her highest earnings of $52 million. Jennifer Lawrence has proved herself a perfect action heroine in ‘The Hunger Games trilogy’ as well showed her power at box office that what made her most valuable star all around the world. The huge success of Lawrence raised her price for endorsement with Dior. She has also considers fit co-star of Bradley Cooper as both has worked in several films such as Silver Linings Playbook, comedic drama ‘Joy’, ‘American Hustle’ and American–French drama film Serena.

Highest Paid Actresses