Top 10 Highest Paid Models in the World 2017


Fashion is now increased in this life everywhere because it becomes necessary for most of people so they adopt fashion to look smart, handsome and gorgeous so many film industries are based on fashion so it is flourishing day by day with great success but increase more in last some years because most of people of country are connected with showbiz to improve their living style.

So step in, in Showbiz it is very important for every men and women to know about the rules of modeling because it is key to success in this field for actresses and actors so they taught the education of modeling in different institutes.

So it is very important trend in this era every person or top fashion designers hire top rated model for advertisement which have some qualities include attractive, beautiful and well educated therefore fashion and modeling are interconnected with each other in this aspect and these designers have to pay a lot of money to these models.

So here in the list of Top 10 Highest Paid Models in the World 2016.

10: Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova is a Russian super model which was born on 28 February 1982 and she is also famous by her nickname which is Supernova as she is also film actress too and she is also in headlines for her so much money that she received from many fashion designers till now. As she has a contract with great company Calvin And Klein therefore she has a famous story of rags of riches and due to these contracts she in top list of highest paid models in the world with lot of bank balance because she earn about 8.6 million dollars per year so she is now super model of her industry therefore She is also founder of a foundation which is named as Naked Heart Foundation.

Highest Paid Model

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9: Hilary Rhoda

Hilary Rhoda is a super model of America which was born on 6 April 1987 but She well famous for her working with lot of brands which include Estee Lauder and most important her appearance in Sports Illustrated Swim Suit issues. She started her career by working in ads and gain little bit name in modeling but then she started working with IMG models and now she is working Elite Model Management that is in New York City. She is appeared in so many advertisements such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Gap and valentino and also worked with many covers on America. She was married with hockey player Sean Avery she is also highest paid model in the world. She also received about 4 million dollars from its all sources.

Highest Paid Model

8: Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra ambrosio is also a Super model as well as actress She is from Brazil and born on April 1981, but she is famous and became popular for her work with Victoria’s secrets that benefits her in such a way that she was first Spokesmodel for the PINK Company line and now she is working for many big brands such Armani, Christian Dior, Exchange, Next and also Ralph Lauren. When She got a lot of popularity then she became Ambassador of National Multiple Sclerosis Society and also be one of the highest paid model in the world as it is estimated that she earn 6.6 million dollars per year from all sources and also known as one of the sexiest woman in the world.

Highest Paid Model

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7: Liu Wen

Liu Wen is also a Super model from China which was born on 27 January 1988 as she is considered as first woman of East Asian that looked so decent while walking Victoria’s Secret fashion Show and she was also considered as China’s first bona fide supermodel. She became highest paid model of in the list of models in 2013 and after one year according to reports she has most number of followers on social media in all models. As she is supermodel she worked with many big brands of the world like Higo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Diesel and many other best brands of the so She is highest paid model therefore she earn estimated 7 million dollars per year.

Highest Paid Model

6: Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is a Super Model from Australia which was born on 20 April 1983 as she is most attractive, beautiful and decent model of the world and also considered as highest paid model. She is first model from Australia that participate in Victoria’s Secret fashion Show and also represent Australia up market Store Chain of David Jones. She also appeared in many advertisements Skin products and on this aspect she also wrote a Small help book and she was also very young when she started modeling then her age was only 13 years and She also an award from Dolly magazine and impulse fragrances. She married with an English Actor Orlando Bloom and from her marriage she has a son, she earns estimated 7 million dollars per year and is highest paid model of the world.

Highest Paid Model

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5: Kate Upton

Kate Upton is also known as Katherine Elizabeth which is well known super model of America as she was born on 10 June 1992, is also a well known actress which was also appeared in Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue as she was best model in 2012 she was appeared first as a model in 2011. She also appeared in her best movie known as Tower Heist in 2011 which was successful and another movie The Other Woman in 2014 and after that she made her success before the world. She started her career from New York City in working with IMG models and she worked in many clothing representation like Dooney & Bourke and also with Garage. As she proved very successful therefore she became highest paid actress and her estimated income per year about more than 7 million dollars.

Highest Paid Model

4: Kate Moss

Kate Moss is also English Super Model which was born in Croydon Greater London on 16 January 1974 as she is now oldest model of England and she was found by Sarah Doukas that was the founder of Storm Model Management when she was only 14 years old in 1988 but she gained her success in 1990 and due to her work in fashion she also received award for British fashion in 2013 for work for fashion more than 25 years. She is not just a model but she is also involved in musical projects as well as she has a clothing range therefore she ranked 4th for highest paid models in the world as she earn 9.2 million dollars per years from her modeling and other projects.

Highest Paid Model

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3: Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima is a Super Hot Brazilian Model, who was born on June 12 1981, is also an actress too, as she is famous as Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She also worked in many commercials from 2003 to 2010 for Maybelline cosmetics and also for Kia motors commercials, she was very young just at the age of 15 years when she completed her first super model of Brazil competition for Ford and then she was places 2nd for Ford Super Model of the World before she started singing in New York City with Elite Model Management therefore she is highest paid model in the world for many years as she earn more than 9 million dollars.

Highest Paid Model

2: Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen Kroes is a attractive super Model of Netherland that was born on 23 January 1985 is also a famous actress of her country too as she worked very well in many advertisements. She began her career as Model in 2003 in Netherland but she quickly got response by her performance and sent by her agency in New York City where she participated in Victoria’s Secret Show. But her original success start in 2008 when she became an Angel for brand in this year where she became brand ambassador for products of L’Oreal Paris and Spokeswoman too for 5 years. She has been in list of top 5 super paid models of the years for many times therefore she also considered as a Super Star for her country because she also worked in film industry too therefore she earn more than 9 million dollars per year.

Highest Paid Model

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1: Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen is a multi talented woman as she is Actress, producer and also a Super Model which was born on 20 July 1980 in Brazil as she is only fashion Model that got famous as well as success in 90’s therefore she also got success on international level too. She is now Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Environment Programme but her success start in 2000 to 2007 at peak because she was only Angel for the Victoria’s Secrets Angel therefore it was asked that She is only supermodel of this era. She also appeared in Acting and play role in Taxi with which she was also nominated for Award too therefore she was highest paid model and also in 16 richest women of the world in 2011 and she earn 44 million dollars per year by her work.

Highest Paid Model