Top 10 Highest Paying Sports In The World 2017


Sports are really necessary for human body for true circulation of body blood or healthy exercise of muscles of body therefore sports are usually known as bloodthirsty physical game or activity through prearranged or informal participation, improve or maintain physical health, understanding, fitness, ability, skills, aim to use, provide enjoyment for players or participants of games and also provide healthy entertainment session for crowd or viewers.

In sports contests are usually between two teams therefore for this context leagues of every sport conducted every year but world cup of every famous sport or game conducted after every four years in which all teams of different countries participated for title of world cup as these games are played on international level therefore players got lot of money by playing from their teams and also by leagues but how to proclaim which sport is highest paid??? It’s all depends upon the popularity or currency so these players earn enough money to set their future life.

So here is the list of top 10 highest paid sports in the world 2016.

10: Cycling

Cycling is an ordinary game but most in the world with respect to money because players of this game lot of money because this is most active game of the world so player is known as cyclist, according to history, cycle was introduced in 19th century therefore from that day known as one of the famous sports of the world. Now billions of people from all over the world use this for basic transportation as well as wide used in many competitions therefore large number of cycling tournaments held all over the world the world for about healthy active and entertainment of participants as well as spectators. Besides large amount of earning from tournaments, players also earn huge amount of money therefore in this context legendary cyclist Lance Armstrong was considered as richest athlete in the world because in 2010 he was at number 9 with total income about 28 million dollars.


9: Baseball

Baseball in another most popular sport in the world but mainly in United States because this is National Game of United States of America which is played between two team in of nine players each in which both teams take turns of batting as well as bowling. Batting team has to score more runs by hitting the ball with swung bat, man with the bat must reach at originated place safely by running clockwise on the pitch but other team has to throw ball on the batting place before reaching of batting man. This game was first played in the mid of 18th century in England so this game is played worldwide but most in Canada, United States, Japan, Dominican Republic, Cuba so players of this game earn enough amount of money so Alex Rodriguez richest player of this game which has 35 million dollars income in 2011 and MLB player has income about 4 million dollars.


8: Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is also from of Field hockey but known as fastest form of not only family of hockey but also in all sports, therefore it is fastest physical sport, so consist of two teams of 6 players each, it is also known as one of the difficult games in the world because players have not only have skills of hockey but also of skating therefore players are also skaters that have stick in hand to push the rubber puck in the opponent net. This game is most famous is Northern part of United States, Canada, North America, North and Eastern Europe therefore this is National winter Sport of Canada, many leagues of this hockey held in North America in Winter so far Governed by International Ice Hockey Federation, this is known as one of Highest Paying Games in the world because many Ice Hockey players are in the list of richest athletes of the world, played first in Canada in 18th century.


7: Tennis

Tennis is racket sport which is being played on either clay court or solid court, this sport is played between one to one players or between team of two players so they play this game by racket and sphere hollow rubber ball in small rectangular court which is separated by net between. The necessary object of this game to hit the ball in such a way that other player will not able to valid return of ball so if player will not return valid, he will not gain point while the opponent will, this game is Olympic therefore played worldwide. The modern type of this game is originated from Birmingham, England so players of Tennis received large amount of money because Legendary Player roger Federer is in richest players of the world with total income of 71.5 million dollars in 2013 because many grand slams like Australian open, US Open etc held every year.


6: Soccer

Football is most famous sport in the world which is played between two teams of 11 players each but a player can replace other during game, played in large rectangular ground which consist of two goal polls in either side of ground, in this game hands of players are not involved. Object of this game is to goal ball in the pole opposite side, there are many leagues of this game conducted almost in every country because this is most famous sport in the world but most in Germany, Argentina and Brazil. It has about 3.4 billion worldwide so according to estimate about 250 million people in all countries of the world play this game so as most famous therefore players of this game also got huge amount from different leagues and regular matches because Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronald was on 2nd number in 2014 for richest athletes but now in 3rd place with total income 80 million dollars while Argentina Player Lionel Messi is on 4th Position now in richest athletes of the world.


5: American Football

As clear from the name of game American Football, is most played in United States of America, Canada,, also called as gridiron so this is also played between two teams of 11 players each, this is played on the rectangular field with goalpost at each end so this is running game with oval shaped bell. American Football is totally different from ordinary soccer played worldwide because in this game hands are also involved so team that holds ball has to put goal by passing or running but other team has to defense and wants to take control on ball, this was originated from rugby game so this was played first time about 150 years ago. Players of this game are richest because earn enough money by this game because player of American Football Ben Roethlisberger considered as 11th richest athlete in the world with 47 million dollars income now also played in North America, Japan and Canada.


4: Golf

Gold is known as club or ball sport in which players use many clubs to hit the ball in various ways of holes of course in less number of shots as possible, interesting to know that it is in which games those don’t require specific area ground to play but instead of these now most played in areas which have lot of greenery. So this game is played on course with either nine or eighteen holes, each hole on that specific course must have a tee box from to start and putting green containing the authentic cup so this sport is played worldwide but originated from Scotland so players of this game Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods considered as richest athletes because are on 10th, 11th position with total income of 50.8 and 50.6 million dollars respectively. It is known as less number of stokes game which is most played in Canada, America and Europe.


3: Auto Racing

Auto racing is known as one of the famous as well as highest paid sport in the world, Auto Racing means Auto Mobile Racing including Car etc that are used in competitions, according to history that with the invention of auto mobile, competition of Auto Mobile Racing began. In early these competitions are held to test machines which were made by many companies but first competition car was invented in 1930 but now there are many categories of these cars exist so this is also known as highest paying sport in the world because Players earn large amount of money by participating. So famous competition is known as formula one Race of cars and Motor Bikes so Lewis Hamilton from England is known as richest formula one Race player with 39 million dollars income instead of these, there are also many more exist such as Fernando Alonso from Spain has total income 35.5 million dollars now.


2: Boxing

Boxing is also most famous as well as dangerous sport in the world, is also known as Martial arts and combat game in which two players wearing protective gloves throw lot of punches at each other for specific time in ring so competitions of Boxing held as Olympic game as well as in commonwealth games. So this is also known as highest paid sport in the world because many players of boxing are in list of richest athletes of the world which including Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao are number one, two richest athletes in the world with total income of 320 and 160 million dollars respectively. It has very old history because began in 688 B.C so this is now most popular in almost every country of the world but most in United States and England but modern boxing is somewhat different from the fighting style of Ancient Boxing.


1: Basketball

Basketball is most popular game which is played between two teams of 5 players each in small rectangular shaped court, main object of this game is that to pass ball from high mounted baskets each ends of court so for this game need more technique which is to be used by players. Players of large height preferred in Basketball because baskets mounted on large height so in this game players have some position as strong players are known as center or power forward, Basketball is Governed by National Basketball Association so this was first played in Springfield, United States. So far considered as highest paying sport in the world because many players of this game included in richest athletes of the world including LeBron James and Kevin Durant are most famous, they have income 64.8 and 54.1 million dollars respectively so this is most famous in Canada, China and U.S.