Top 10 List of Best Korean Movies in The World 2017


Human being is passionate to raise her income and for this, he does day possible efforts to fulfill his or her daily expenses, while the life is incomplete without the entertainment that comprises amusement or enjoyment includes outing, visiting food points, and fun with friends, watching movies and other ways.

When it comes which movie can provide us complete package of entertainment, sometimes it appears little difficult but other time easiest. How it can be easiest to learn about the perfect films’ collection, nowadays, people believe in Google, therefore everyone tries to search anything easily on internet.

Here we give you Top 10 Best Korean Movies in 2016 to whom you will definitely agree after watching the collection.

10. Snow Is on the Sea

One of the best romance-drama Korean films based on a young, innocent, beautiful girl’s life who suffers from hematopoietic dysplasia and remains often sick and hospitalized frequently. Nevertheless, gradually she loves various scents and the snow, and wants to be a perfumer and travels to many locations collecting various scents. The film was released on 8 January, 2015, was directed by Kim Jeong Kwon and received critical acclaim from the audience as well critics. Song Jae-Hee, Pyun Bo-Seung, Oh Eun-Ho, Lee Ki-Yeol, Lee Geum-Ju and Lee Yong-Nyeo are added in the cast of Snow Is on the Sea.

Best Korean Movies

9. Casa Amor: Exclusive For Ladies

South Korean sex-comedy film is on Top 10 Best Korean Movies in 2016, film tells story of hard work young, gorgeous hard worker Bo-hee who known as successful marketing executive at top toy manufacturer company in Korea. Her friendly behavior makes her so respectable in company but one day something goes wrong. To know you have to watch the movie, Jo Yeo-jeong as Baek Bo-hee will entertain you well with her dazzling acts. The Casa Amorwas released on 8 January, 2015 and remained top attraction for people all around the world.

Best Korean Movies

8. Chronicle of a Blood Merchant

Ha Jung-woo’s one of the best films ‘Chronicle of a Blood Merchant’ hit theaters on 15 January, 2015, film adaptation of the bestselling 1995 Chinese novel of the same title by Yu Hua. Chronicle of a Blood Merchant was directed by the Ha Jung-woo, shows a story of a poor but good-hearted Heo Sam-gwan who tries to win the most beautiful girl in the village. The film grossed US$9.2 million on budget cost of US$6.8 million, while Ha Ji-won, Nam Da-reum, Noh Kang-min, Jeon Hye-jin and other actors are also part of the movie cast.

Best Korean Movies

7. The Cat Funeral

Lee Jong-hoon’s most romantic venture ‘The Cat Funeral’ in Top 10 Best Korean Movies in 2016, is based on story of love tale of Indie musician Dong-hoon and cartoonist Jae-hee who breaks the relationship but the death of a pet cat which own by both, makes them one and both goes on a one night trip regarding cat’s funeral. The tremendous love chemistry between Kangin as Dong-hoon and Park Se-young as Jae-hee will take you in dreamy land. The Yiruma production’s film earned ₩23,200,900 on box-office while the project received huge praise from the Korean people. Jung Gyu-woon, Hong Wan-pyo, Kim Byeong-choon, Min-ji also will be seen in this film at your home theaters.

Best Korean Movies

6. Love Forecast

Park Jin-pyo’s praiseworthy directorial- written South Korean romantic comedy film ‘Love Forecast’ was rolled out on 15 January, 2015. The Lizzy starrer movie grossed unexpected earnings of US$13.4 million on its making value ₩6 billion. The plot of the film revolves around a young, slinkiest Moon Chae-won weather reporter Moon Chae-won played by Kim Hyun-woo who remains top attraction for everyone just because of her dazzling expression on small screen of the country. Hong Hwa-ri, Lee Seo-jin, Jung Joon-young, Go Yoon, Lizzy and others will be best entertainment for visitors.

Best Korean Movies

5. Er Woo Dong: Unattended Flower

The longest sex scenes based film South Korean film remained crucial entertainment for the glamour lovers in 2015, was out on in first quarter of the year. Song Eun Chae and Baek Do Bin starrer erotic venture ‘Er Woo Dong: Unattended Flower’ with some distinctive almost nude scenes which was thought to have filmed after long time planning to make the every scene eye-catching for audience. The movie is also in Top 10 Best Korean Movies in 2016, its storyline of the film is not based on sex scenes but shows how a young beauty reclaims her autonomy as regains sexuality, which in those times belonged to their husband. One of the most interesting things about the film is that it is a remake of the 1985 movie.

Best Korean Movies

4. Gangnam 1970 / Gangnam Blues

The 1970s era based story revolves around two childhood friends Jong-dae and Yong-ki who decides to remove their poverty joining the illegal acts, how their friendship travel future with their different life style. The South Korean noir action film was written, produced and directed Yoo Ha, while hit the theaters on 21 January, 2015. Gangnam 1970 is a complete package for those who love action flicks, demonstrates how much political corruption was being carried out in 70s in Gangnam. Lee Min-ho and Kim Rae-won played admirable performances in a about low budget US$9 million film which grossed US$16.1 million at box-office.

Best Korean Movies

3. The Outsider: A Destitute Life

One of the best noir, melodrama, romance South Korean films is on third place in Top 10 Best Korean Movies in 2016, comes under the banner of Trinity Entertainment. The most talented Ko Se-won starrer film ‘The Outsider: A Destitute Life’ how a young man falls in difficulties, how find out the solution of his problems. One day meets with a girl who offers others to fuck her but pay first the money. The most-wanted action-romantic flick was directed by Sin Dong-yeop, while Ban Min, Yoo Jae, Jo Han, Jo Min, and Ko Se are in cast.

Best Korean Movies

2. Assassination

South Korean experienced filmmaker Choi Dong-hoon’s one of the excellent action flick shows the perfect glimpse of 1930s during Japan’s colonial rule of Korea, that time many Korean resistance activists were living in Manchuria, the high profile politicians, senior officials are killed by assassinate. One of the slinkiest, beautiful actress South Korean actresses Jun Ji-hyun appears carrying out some action sequences alongside co-stars as Lee Jung-jae, Ha Jung-woo and Cho Jin-woong , while Lee Geung-young , Kim Eui-sung and Oh Dal-su are also part of the cast. The film was released on 27 August, 2015.

Best Korean Movies

1. The Admiral: Roaring Currents

The Admiral: Roaring Currents named the title of biggest film of all time at the South Korean box office with its massive earnings of US$2,589,811 all around the world, whereas the project was made with US$135.9 million. Cho Jin-woong, Ryu Seung-ryong, Jin Goo and Lee Jung-hyun are in cast of the film, though the film no doubt deserves for top rank in Top 10 Best Korean Movies in 2016. The film became most-valued in history with experienced director, Producer Kim Han-min, while South Korean actor played tremendously the lead character of leading a community. The action sequences of the venture were filmed using unique technology which made the film most attracting for people.

Best Korean Movies