Top 10 List of Best Selling Smartphones in the World 2017


Everyone wants to find out what Smartphone is the most successful this world with this list of 10 best selling smartphones in the world rankings. The competition for having the most sales in the mobile market, companies are always trying new things to get ahead of others company.

Last couple of years we saw that what could be considered the best line-up of mobile phones so far. Many smart phones have received good reviews and appreciation from the public and users for the last couple of years and many of them interchange and due to this factor get ahead of one another in different lists and rankings and features.

The ranking of the best sale Smartphone is based on the sale of the Mobile overall in all the countries of the world. Any company did not give the specific Statistics of the sales. Here is the list of top sale mobile of the world.

10: Blackberry Priv

The Blackberry Priv is getting a lot of praise and appreciation and it exceeds the expectations and it has also a good experience of 18 mega pixel. It has also a physical keyboard, microSD slot for expandable memory, the side-mounted media controls. The front-facing bottom speaker bar. The metal strips that inflection the screen and of course, the BlackBerry logo, which will probably earn you a slew of interested, smirks these days. So it has made to useful keyboard that is physical that is used for the longer texts and Emails in the text form and the keyboard has also a cover on it to cover it from the outer surface so this touch and type smart phone is one of the beautiful mobile also.


9: Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

Sony Xperia is also one of the best Smartphone of this age and it is also little mobile that is also very easy to hold in the hand and it is also 8.6 mm thick phone with the rectangular shape. It is also famous for his best camera and smart price and also more internal memory that’s make it different from others and lot of good appreciation about the hardware of this mobile and also very good looking back Style, it is covered with beautiful frosted glass that’s look stunning in different colors. It has black, white, pink as well as yellow color; if you feel boring then you can change it.


8: OnePlus X

It is one of the most selling mobile in the world with beautiful look and less rate, it is so cheap for the big members cheap, but not so cheap One Plus hasn’t been able to make the little guy feel dead flashy. This is absolutely the most impressive sub-£200 phone that everyone can buy this without any hesitation with its good specifications. Its hardware is also designed so beautifully and nicer than that of the Xperia mobiles also and the sidles of this mobile are also of metal and no think is of plastic. So it also resolves the problem of the damage of the casing of the mobile that also dulls the beauty of the any mobile. So it is well good mobile in such a good and fewer prices with so much good features of good camera and hardware design.


7: Vodafone Smart Prime 6

It is also a good and one of the best mobile that is sale so far in this world and if you want all the specifications of the mobile with low price then it is a very good experience to use and buy this mobile. It has also a Moto G-grade screen, great battery life and also 4G, it has the plain back with the logo on the back of the mobile and the size of this mobile is also so much adjustable that anyone can grab it into his hand and the back of the Vodafone Smart Prime 6 is grey that is also so much attractive and it is most sale in India and it is also very easy to use for the beginners.


6: OnePlus 2

The One plus 2 is pretty unlike any other phone of this year. Sure, it’s a slim rectangle and has hardware we know well, But you cannot buy it from any shop, or even from the websites of any of the network of the UK.So it is very difficult to buy this mobile because you cannot buy it from any OnePlus 2 store also but despite all of this anyone want to buy this mobile phone due to its features and its main factor of sale is also its healthy storage of 64 GB, therefore anyone should have to experience this by using this mobile. Anyone must be satisfied after using this mobile due its great features and healthy space too.


5: Apple iphone 6s

The iPhone 6 remains the world’s best seller this year in this world as is the trend with most Apple phones to be the most and best selling phone of the year. It broke of the most sales mobile with a lot of features that any iPhone users have been asking for to use it. It has more simmer and beautiful and large screen that any iphone user wants it. It also features the latest Apple microchip processor that easily doubles the power of most phones in this list. So this is one of the most sales mobile phone of this year also with beautiful shape .its main drawback is not easy to use for the beginners. Only time will tell if these phones remain as this year’s best sellers.


4: Google Nexus 6P

It is only the official ambassador of the Google mobile Republic and these are not made in the Google labs but by the Google robots. The Nexus 6P is made by Huawei mobile Company, which has clawed its way up from making budget phones, often for other companies, to manufacture this. And it is one of the lead Android phones of the world, despite of brand. After the Nexus 6 that is not appreciated by the people, Nexus 6p is one of the Great achievements and it is most liked by the people also. It is also the one of the attractive mobile with such features good Speakers, Fingerprint scanner, battery and selfie Camera and this is one of the best mobile that anyone wants to buy.


3: LG G4

As this mobile is one of the beautiful mobile and best sales in the world, the LG G4 has been getting a lot of praise and appreciation for how it’s exceeded expectations of the buyers. The system problems like interval in the G3 are no longer found in this fast phone so it is as fast as someone want. It also has one of the best camera experiences in a Smartphone having integrated optical image stabilization. One version is come in the leather back which distinguished from other mobiles and it thinks that it is one of the best smartphone that LG company has ever produce due to all these features it is now the best seller mobile in the World because it has also a great and attractive body look and leather back save it from the damages.


2: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is the lasts and upper version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and its name Edge is due to its curve around Edges so its display is also better than that of the S6 Edge and also some kind impressive phone. It is the main result of the technology of the Samsung that this company is using this time because almost every feature is in this mobile but one issue is that is most expensive everyone can not afford this because the price of 32 GB version is £749 and the price of 64 GB version is £829 which is so much expensive. Despite this, it is more expensive but it is the more seller’s mobile in this world.


1: Samsung Galaxy S6

The Galaxy S6 does a refit and what’s shocking about this powerful and beautiful phone is that it does not promote a micro SD slot, a replaceable battery or even water protection so it is more like by the customer in this version. The phone although delivers with some of the best goggles in the market right now. It also features wireless charging capability right out of the box and this is the only features in this mobile that no any other mobile have this. It also covers the criticism that is about the S5 and the it is more like by the metal side that can protect it from the damages and there is no practically plastic on the Samsung S6 because it front and back are of Gorilla Glass and sides are of Aluminum.


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    There is no way you can make me believe the Oneplus X is one of the 10 bestselling phones in the world.