Top 10 List of Countries With Highest Rape Crime In The World 2017


There are so many types of crime in this world from which raping is one of the worsen sort, countries with highest rape crime is going to uncover names of those nations where rape crime rate is traveling to peak month by month.

Nonetheless, unconscionable people decide to carry out this indecent act when their lust forces them to remove their by raping anyone. According to latest studies, these unconscionable persons have targeted mainly women included teen girls who have been forcibly penetrated and lost in darkness.

Because of poor security system or governance of any country, those institutes were formed to protect people, playing massive role in rise of highest rape crime rating. Rapist love both types as homosexual and heterosexual to remove their sexual desire but raping hurled bad expression on other nations.

10: Grenada

Sixth smaller islands at the southern end of the Grenadines in the southeastern Caribbean Sea, Grenada also among in those countries who are considered to be insecure in terms of security reasons, while a large number of young girls and women are being raped regular base hence foreigners avoid to visit the nation. Grenada has population of 109,590 and also known as the ‘Island of Spice’ due to the production of nutmeg and mace crops, about 30.6 raping incidents per 100,000 citizens were reported in last research. Despite of the 15-year of jail was sanctioned if anyone found guilty of raping, no decrements emerged so far.

Countries With Highest Rape Crime

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9: Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of the most visited sites in Central America as well the largest country in the Central American isthmus, is also part of those countries with highest rape crime. The United Nations Development Program has assured Nicaragua is the safest country in Central America but how 31.6 raping cases in the country per 100,000 inhabitants reported, despite awareness about the sexual assault though people from other nations love to visit its most attracting locations. Nicaragua consists of multi-ethnic populace such as Asians, Europeans, indigenous peoples and Africans.

Countries With Highest Rape Crime

8: Costa Rica

A country in Central America, bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Costa Rica comprises population of 4,586,353. Costa Rica specially known for its most beautiful location Poás Volcano National Park which is one of the country’s main tourist attractions though was ranked sixth worldwide in the natural resources pilla. It places on eight with 36.7 victims per 100,000 citizens, believed to be the steady, affluent, and progressive nations even then its security system is appeared to be failure overcoming its raping. It has constantly performed impressively in the Human Development Index (HDI) attaining 62nd in the world since 2012.

Countries With Highest Rape Crime

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7: Suriname

Suriname’s presence among countries with highest rape crime with its 45.2 is raping incidents being recorded in every 100,000 residents. Smallest country in South America includes estimated figure of 573,311 in July 2014. Suriname located on the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America emerged one of culturally Caribbean country with cultural swap with the Caribbean nations and widespread trade. Criminal activities such as drug trade, massacre, robbery and rape crime, are decreasing its value rapidly. Sovereign state on the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America tempts everyone to visit nature majesty.

Countries With Highest Rape Crime

6: Sweden

In terms of violent and social crimes, Sweden has decrease its respect among global, contains peak corruption, homicide, assault, burglary and sex crimes. When it comes to Sweden population, has figure of 9,858,794 (January 2016 estimate), is the Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. It has named third-largest country in European Union spanning an area of 175,896 sq mi. Sweden has above-average crime rates than other EU nations even was thought part of those countries worldwide criminalizing marital rape though over 63.5 per 100,000 citizens have been reported so far in wake of many legislative amendments decreasing sexual violence in the nation.

Countries With Highest Rape Crime

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5: Bermuda

Bermuda was one of the highest GDP per capita for most of the 20th century in the world but for years faces economic decline. Bermuda is at distance nearly 1,236 km (768 mi) south of Cape Sable Island, Canada and 1,578 km (981 mi) north of Puerto Rico, while Hamilton its capital. Its presence among countries with highest rape crime because of its reported 67.3 rape incidents per 100,000 citizens though its crime rate has also been increasing in which homicide cases, theft incidents, and sex crimes are on top. Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean, consists of population of 64,237 (2010 census).

Countries With Highest Rape Crime

4: Swaziland

Swaziland is one of the smallest countries in Africa, located at distance of over 200 kilometers (120 mi) north to south and 130 kilometers (81 mi) east to west, having 77.5 rape incidents reported to be in every 100,000 citizens in country. UNICEF studied on sex crime in Swaziland announced and figured out 1 out of 3 women is a rape victim though another research showed about 124 rape cases were recorded in just 3 months in this, while officially the Kingdom of Swaziland. Poor security system is thought be the only reason in rise of crime rate in this country. In terms of climate and topography is discovered diverse.

Countries With Highest Rape Crime

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3: Lesotho

Lesotho emerges one of the highest literacy rates in Africa even severely afflicted by HIV/AIDS, while stunned with 2009 estimates that shows nearly 23.6% which seems to be one of the highest all over the world. Lesotho is in countries with highest rape crime with the number of rape incidents recorded is 82.7 although highest sexual intercourse in shape of sexual assault caused by HIV that believes one of the most important development issues of the country. Lesotho has also peak crimes rate including kidnapping, assault, pick-pocketing, murder, human trafficking, sexual assaults and theft, poor security is also considered main reason in rise of crime.

Countries With Highest Rape Crime

2: Botswana

A landlocked country located in Southern Africa, Botswana officially the Republic of Botswana located in Southern Africa. It is the most sparsely populated nations all over the world, having 92.9 sex victims among 100,000 residents that what makes Botswana highest rape crime country. However, it also raises its economy as of 2015, boasting a GDP (purchasing power parity) per capita of about $18,825 per year that seems to be one of the highest in Africa. Botswana peak figure of violent and minor offenses in which snatching, grabbing, pick-pocketing, theft and burglary are on top, while women are being rapid regular bases in the nation.

Countries With Highest Rape Crime

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1: South Africa

South Africa country multiethnic society having broad variety of cultures, reaches on top among countries with highest rape crime with nearly 132.4 per 100,000 citizens which is discovered to bit higher. It is officially known as the Republic of South Africa where nearly 11 official languages are being spoken in its regions. South Africa has population of 54,956,900 (2015 estimate), while offenses are more common in the country as latest studies disclosed that South Africa attained peak because of rapidly rise in rate of murders, assaults, rapes and other crimes. Where it made the seventh-highest per capita income in Africa there offenders’ bad acts appear to be out of control.

Countries With Highest Rape Crime