Top 10 List of Most Dangerous States in America 2017


Crime is where all around the world and security forces have to work hard presenting resists in way of their acts, plots but despite of that criminals remain in search of unique ways to launch their dangerous acts.

When it comes to crime ratio in United States of America, after observing the latest reports to establish Top Ten List of Most Dangerous States in America 2016, learnt how much crime rate descended as compared to previous years whose credit goes to toughest job of American police who has been defending its state from criminals.

However, we collects information examining latest studied over the topic, though we designed it considering murder rate, violent crime rate, population and other subjects.

10. Arkansas

Arkansas comes on top ranking all around the America just because of huge violence as 445 violent crimes were reported in 2013’s survey which is higher than the national rate of 368 per 100,000 Americans. Arkansas is located so close to Mississippi River, southeastern state in United States of America. According to 2013, 159 murders were mentioned which emerged to be little lower than the previous ratio, has becomes the 29th largest in square miles. There was considerable poverty rate of 19.7% was seen, while it has announced the 33rd most populous of the 50 United States with its population of 2,978,204 (2015 EST.).

Most Dangerous States in America

9. Florida

The 8th most densely populated of the United States, Florida comes on ninth rank with its violent crimes per 100,000: 460.0, in Top Ten List of Most Dangerous States in America 2015. The southeastern state in America has population of 19,552,860, has become the 3rd most populous state according 2015 estimations but murder rate getting higher than past. The main reason of increment in crimes is 17.0% increase in poverty and lowest education status in entire state. However, decrement of 11% between 2012 and 2013 is great thing but the young girls are being raped in streets of Florida so far.

Most Dangerous States in America

8. Maryland

It is the only one American state where the crime rate changes daily, reason why the researchers remain confuse to explain accurate number, while the median household income of $72,483 emerged as higher than previous studies. However, Maryland’s poverty rate is showing 10.1% decrement which might be just because increase in education status of the state but the murder rate has been emerged bit higher as 381 people were reportedly killed in violent crimes in 2013. Maryland with its population of 5,928,814, while average results came out in raping cases of residents consists of adult girls.

Most Dangerous States in America

7. Delaware

39 murders were reported in a small Mid-Atlantic US state Delaware which has attained seventh rank in Top Ten List of Most Dangerous States in America 2015. The state is located on a peninsula, while one most interesting thing was spotted in violent crimes ratio which 13% fell down than the 2012. Nonetheless, Delaware has carried out bit development so far but its violent crime rate has been beating other nation about with 480 mentioned per 100,000 residents. The state with its population of 925,749 and has announced 45th most populated state in America whereas decrement of 12.4% in its poverty rate which is most remarkable thing but on the other hand, the percentage of adults with high school diploma has been recorded 88.3% which is not too impressive.

Most Dangerous States in America

6. South Carolina

According to 2013 survey, 500 violent crimes per 100,000 occupants were reported that made southeastern US state South Carolina sixth highest violent crime rated land in country. However, the decrements was unveiled in robbery and raping by at approximately 12% which thought to be one of the good sign in crime rate of the state. Nonetheless, South Carolina comes on top in discussions of violent crime rates just because of poor socioeconomic conditions. Its median household income rate of $44,163 in 2013 and poverty rate of 18.6% emerged most disturbing for the authorities. Nonetheless, its population of 4,774,839 (2013 est) which is bit higher than previous census.

Most Dangerous States in America

5. Louisiana

Southeastern American state on the Gulf of Mexico which known for its raucous Mardi Gras festival and colonial-era French Quarter, where the residents are facing low income problems but because of their lack of skills and education. With high crimes rates Louisiana comes on fifth rank in Top Ten List of Most Dangerous States in America 2015. The government of the Louisiana state has issued food stamps in 2013 to its 17% locals after observing the poverty rate of 19.8%. Louisiana has named the title of 25th most populous of the 50 United States just because of increment in its population which was estimated 4,625,470 in 2013. 510 violent crimes were mentioned per 100,000 residents as well 498 killings of the locals which are bit higher than the past results.

Most Dangerous States in America

4. Tennessee

Tennessee looks never behind in race of dangerous states in United States with its 75% of all violent crimes, while 7.9% decline was reported in 2013 which is bit low than 2012 (437 incidents per 100,000 occupants). As the crimes rate of the Tennessee has been declined but it is still ruling as the second highest such rate in the America. The landlocked state has been facing some crisis just because of increase in poverty rate of 17.8% which said to be much highest than the 2011 and 2012. When it comes to talk about of its adults with high school diploma percentage of 85.6%, education status getting weaker day by day which tempt youngsters towards bad acts. With 328 killings, the state has become 18th highest in country.

Most Dangerous States in America

3. Nevada

America’s western state is on third rank in Top Ten List of Most Dangerous States in America 2015, where a huge rise in offenses like murder incidents, raping goes 29.8% higher, brutally manslaughter too. Unfortunately the government couldn’t show impressive performance to overcome the critical condition in Nevada which comes out as 25th highest with its 163 murders, 24th highest with 15.8% poverty rate. The adults with high school diploma percentage 85.2% is considered to be little lower than the 2012. However, the security forces have been working hard to stop the black marketing of weapons in country which thought to be one of the essential causes of crimes in state.

Most Dangerous States in America

2. New Mexico

One of the most dangerous states in United States of America New Mexico has become the 36th-most populous and fifth-most extensive state with its population of 2,085,287. The violent crime rate of New Mexico has been declined 6.6% from 2012 to 2013 about 597 per 100,000 residents, whereas despite of toughest struggles security forces of New Mexico remained unsuccessful to overcome offenses as murders rate of 125 getting higher than 2012, firearms smuggling, drugs smuggling and kidnapping. The current situation of the state with population of 2,085,287 has been becoming most dangerous day by day because of jobless people as declined poverty rate of 21.9%.

Most Dangerous States in America

1. Alaska

The percentage of Adults with high school diploma looks really impressive which reported to be 91.6%, even then the Alaska in on top rank in Top Ten List of Most Dangerous States in America 2015. About 10% rise appeared in non-negligent manslaughter incidents, raping between 2013 from 2012, though 7% of respondents for sexual assault and raping were mentioned in latest surveys. The crime rate is rising up day by day, while in 2013’s study was emerged 600 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. The northwest state has called the least densely populated of the 50 United States as well 3rd least populous. Its high violent crime rates have been making Alaska incompatible with the state’s socioeconomic environment.

Most Dangerous States in America