Top 10 List of Most Expensive Belts in the World 2017


It is now trend and nature that everyone like to wear expensive and brands things so all men of these days wear belts with dress pants and as well as women wear belts with jeans.

So for fulfill this requirement many kinds of belts are available in markets now a days for both men and women to choose according to their budgets as few decades back, there was no trend of belts and somehow even pants but now everyone use belts according to matching and life style.

So for these many companies are interested to make belts according to the requirements of people in which some belts are in budget of people but some are much expensive that only rich and affordable people use those belts.

There are many kinds of belts in market simple, designed, decorated and elegant designs according to needs of users. So here is the list of most expensive belts which are mostly of pure leather.

10: Versace Crystal 3D Medusa Belt

Versace is most popular company in world therefore brand of this company are also good that most of its brands are like by the people very much as these are well designed and perfect work done on it. It is made of pure lather and loop is made of precious crystals which look so stunning according to personality of man. As this belt is made up of pure leather so id durable and strong so this is used by man for long term as this belt is made by famous brand designers of the world. Design of its buckle is also different and unique than other so the price of this elegant design is also affordable for its users which are 1095 dollars due to its precious design and beauty.

Most Expensive Belt

9: Ralph Lauren Alligator Engine-buckle Belt

Ralph Lauren alligator Engine buckle Belt is one of most famous, beautiful and expensive belt in world because this is brand of company Ralph so it is created with so much care and premium material. As this company is much famous in the world for its products in market which include luxury items, clothing so this is multi-national company so created by well known designers. It is made up of pure leather and smooth plaque buckle with a horizontal strip on it and it is available in also in black as well as in brown color. Price of this belt is about 1750 dollars that this belt is available on any Ralph Lauren Shop. So with the price of normal belt of brand this belt makes personality of a person stunning and luxury.

Most Expensive Belt

8: Stefano Ricci Crocodile and Palladium Belt

Stefano Ricci Crocodile and palladium Belt is also in list of most expensive belts due to premium material that is used on this belt as this is 8th in ranking of most expensive belts, created by Italian fashion designers that create some other luxury items for man except of ties. so the designer of Crocodile and Palladium Belt stated that it is a gift for the users as this is result of his experience and hard work of many years that he is able to made it. The Buckler of this belt has crocodile design with double layer of Palladium as this Belt is created by Italian Designers and it is found in beautiful colors which include Dark navy blue and black. Price of this Belt is 1760 dollars.

Most Expensive Belt

7: Cartier Crocodile Leather and Palladium belt

Cartier Crocodile and Palladium is also most expensive Belt in world as this is a famous Cartier brand that this belt is so shiny that looks stunning in lights reflection. This is created by famous watch designer and jeweler that he designed some additional accessories for men that are much attractive for rich people to buy these brands. This belt is made of pure lather material and best skin of crocodile that with mysterious design of Buckler given to people by Cartier designers is one of most liked brand of this company that rich love to buy this Belt. So this design is knows as most stylish and high class design by this company and Buckle of this Belt is made of palladium. Price of this Belt is 2310 dollars in market.

Most Expensive Belt

6: Billionaire Italian Couture Alligator belt

Billionaire Italian Couture Alligator Belt is beautiful and as by the name of this belt it is clear that this belt is used by Billionaires as it is very different and hard to made Belt by the Skin of Alligator. It has very beautiful; and elegant design which is known as traditional Italian design as this Belt is made up of premium material and best products therefore is best in the world. It is also made by Italian Designers and handmade product therefore its price is more than other brands of this company and buckle of this Belt is silver in color on that Logo of company is made. Price of this master piece is 2850 dollars and designers claimed that this is made for rich people according to their requirements.

Most Expensive Belt

5: Louis Vuitton 40MM Crocodile Belt

Louis Vuitton 40MM crocodile Belt is also in most expensive belts of the world as this is made f premium and precious material of crocodile Skin and its buckle is also very nice to see. Leather is 100 % of crocodile skin as this is another great design by the company of this type of leather, many designers work on this design and tried to create this belt but the quality and design maintained by this company is magnificent which exceed in price and features also. Due to skin of crocodile is most expensive leather in world and price of this belt is about 3500 dollars which is only affordable for rich and wealthy who use this brand and create extra shine in personality of its user.

Most Expensive Belt

4: Hermes Etriviere

Hermes is also in one of top belts and brand of the world therefore is most liked by millionaires who have money in their hands as this brand is more elegant with price and features. Now in these days most of women also want to buy products of this brands which include belts and bags but it is most famous for man’s belts so this belt is designed and made by Hermes for both men and women with precious material and crocodile skin. Buckle of this belt attracts people to complete their wardrobes by this belt, price of this belt is 5100 dollars which is only suite for millionaires as this belt is made only for upper class people due to its material used so its gives great shine with beautiful Buckle.

Most Expensive Belt

3: Selfridges & Co Gold Belt

Selfridges & Co Gold Company made only luxurious products so this belt is considered as most luxurious as well as beautiful belt in world that was designed by this company couple of years ago for rich people. Gold of 18 carat is used in this belt with high class leather so Buckle of this belt is made of Gold as this master piece look grand in market, price of this belt is also so much classy that is started from 32 thousand dollars, as price of this belt is start from 32 thousand dollars which may be increased in upper products of this brand. Its main price is due to its buckle which is made of pure gold and its combination with pure leather gives stunning look at the end.

Most Expensive Belt

2: Roland Iten Calibre R822

Roland Iten Calibre R822 is also most beautiful and expensive belt in the world with rank of 2nd in this list this design is considered as very unique as design by famous watch makers so people very hard to believe that this is created by Roland but price and quality of this belt give full evidences of this company. Price of this belt revolves around design and material of Buckle, as Buckle is made of pure white Gold, 14 carat of diamonds and rose gold and price of this belt start from 84000 dollars which mainly depends upon which kind of gold and material is used in this belt so this belt is stunning in look and magnificent in material.

Most Expensive Belt

1: Republica Fashion’s Gucci 30 carat Diamond

Republica Fashion’s Gucci 30 carat diamond belt is most expensive belt in this world as this is been created by famous fashion brand company that is Gucci, this company is not only famous for products of men but for women as well. Gucci gained more another milestone by introducing 30 carat Diamond belt in market as this belt is beautiful that will amaze not only users but sellers also. Price of this belt is 249000 dollars that is most expensive belt in the world; its price is due to work of diamond on Buckle of the belt which is logo of Gucci. Due to its large price this master piece is in small quantity so it is an elegant design for men as this is most beautiful belt of the world.

Most Expensive Belt