Top 10 List of Most Expensive Guns in the World 2017


Weapons are now most common used in all over the world but why is the need to use weapons as we go into past we will see that weapons are always used in all eras of world but their shape was different as before the manufacturing of guns people widely used knives and swords and before this they also use as kinds of things which were made of wood by trees.

So after its invention it is been mostly used for self defense and after that defense of countries therefore in this era many countries are so much fast in making weapons and arms.

But most powerful people are now use these kinds of weapons for the sack of their interest so in these weapons but so of these just have interest to buy most expensive guns which are as much beautiful and expensive as middle people cannot afford it but these are as much pretty because these are historical guns.

So here is the list of most expensive Guns in the world 2016.

10. The Fabbri Over and Under ($215,000)

The Fabbri Over and Under is beautiful as well as most Expensive Gun but it is also cheapest in this list but is considered as most expensive because it is more expensive than that of all guns that are available in market so it is used for many types of purposes as it is most functional gun of the world too. Due to its design which is as older so its looks look gun of very old times that is been used by Kings of many countries but manufacturers of this gun have added many modern and impressive features therefore every single object of this gun is connected with lot of care. it has a stainless steel demi lump barrel which does not have the standard joining ribs, which is quite unusual for a gun. It also has a micron machined H section that is located in between the perfectly placed for the best point of impact tubes. By the time these parts are finalized and perfected, they are connected by a laser and fused together to create on piece of metal so due to these qualities price of this gun is about 215,000 dollars.

Most Expensive Gun

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9. The Peter Hofer Sidelock ($200,000)

The Peter Hofer Side Lock also looks so beautiful in shape as it is manufactured and designed by Peter Hofer therefore company include his name in the name of Gun which is considered as master piece in market and it also revolutionized the world because it is also most expensive gun. The manufacturer of this Gun Peter Hofer stated that people asked him that you don’t have the ability to recreate or create a new gun therefore he has created not only beautiful but also most expensive gun of the world So he has created many new guns and also prove people wrong so it has impressive feature including 12 bore gun and new model of this gun has taken almost 15 hundred hours to create such this gun So price of this gun is also fruit of their hard work which is about 200,000 dollars.

Most Expensive Gun

8. The Purdey Over and Under ($200,000)

The Purdey Over and Under gun is also in the list of most expensive guns in the world as it is also looks like older guns because it is manufactured and created by that company which was established about more than 200 years ago in 1814 therefore they have experience and quality designers that are able to create such a majestic and master piece which are revolutionized the world. The design of this gun is more and more difficult and technical and whole considered as complicated gun of the world but works more smoothly even that of all guns in market So this gun is more used by rich people which have a great interest in hunting so price of this gun is also according to their interest which is 200,000 dollars in the world market.

Most Expensive Gun

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7. The Holland & Holland Royal Over and Under ($200,000)

The Most beautiful and charming gun that is also none other than The Holland and Holland Royal Over and Under as it is also one of the older gun of the world because it was made about a century ago in 1914. But the company has a lot of experience to produce these types’ guns because it was established in 1835 therefore they have a right to charge this types of money for these types of guns. Design of this gun was changed in 1992 which was considered as most beautiful as well that is still continue today because this company has lot of such designers and manufacturers which can perform such facts on these designs and create a master piece by this So price of this gun is also about 200,000 dollars because it is Royal Holland.

Most Expensive Gun

6. The Greener Sidelock ($200,000)

The Greener Sidelock is also most expensive gun in the world as about this company it has been told that all guns that are manufactured whether these are old or new are best in market because these are designed with great care and also work outstanding. One model has the Greener top that is so famous as an addition and has one of the best box locks that uses a curled bar for the central coking system but some of the new guns have side lock too which was absent in older guns and models so this gun was created way back about a century ago in 1914 therefore it is also older as well most expensive in market So this legend gun has a price of 200,000 dollars.

Most Expensive Gun

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5. The Purdey Side by Side ($150,000)

The Purdey Side by Side Gun is also known as best gun due to its self opening as it is most used and recognized gun in the history of the world because its design is as like of older guns which was created by Frederick Beesely’s design which was a great manufacturer and designer of guns in older years of 1880 as British are very fast in making guns which are so much beautiful but they have never make gun like this gun again so this gun is considered as legend gun for their country. It is so attractive gun which perform smoothly and flawlessly well therefore original guns are produced in different number of bores so this is also known as traditional gun which has price about 150,000 dollars which also goes over 200,000 dollars as it is more rare gun in markets too.

Most Expensive Gun

4. The William & Son Sidelock ($100,000)

The William and Sons Side lock gun is also rare but it is also most beautiful as well as expensive gun of the world but this gun is modern gun as it is been manufactured and made in 1999 by a man William and his team therefore this team is called as a legendary gun because they have a lot of experience of making guns like this. So lovers of this gun have just told the name of this gun as William and sons so it is also discriminate gun than all of the other guns that are easily available in this world so this gun has also very special value and price of this gun is also like its specialty which is about 100,000 dollars in market so this company has so much kinds of designs which are modern and classic with great features.

Most Expensive Gun

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3. The Holland & Holland Royal Side by Side Opener ($150,000)

The Holland and Holland Royal side by Side Opener is another gun by this company which ha best design and feature that able it to make place in best and most expensive guns of the world therefore these area also Royal guns which were made in 1883 but modern Royal guns are much different than that of these gun but featured and specification are same as that of that guns so it is been used by Royals therefore its design and look is as like that of Royal beauty. Manufacturers and designers of this guns have to worked so hard to create this gun because it take about 800 hours to create a gun of this type so price of this gun is also according to this gun which is about 150,000 dollars.

Most Expensive Gun

2. The Westley Richards 4 Bore Drop lock Side by Side Double ($200,000)

The Westley Richard 4 Bore Drop Lock Side By Side double is also beautiful and most expensive gun of the world as the creator this gun was Westley Richard therefore the company has give the name of the creator in the name of the gun because he has worked on model of this gun for a long time to create this master piece so this was created in 1897 and this is been made perfect model to use by adding some new features and specification in this model. It is also rare gun because it takes too much time to make this gun which is about 30 month therefore the price of this gun is also about 200,000 dollars as price of this gun is less than that of all guns in this list but it more special and best gun of this list as well.

Most Expensive Gun

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1. The Boss Over and Under ($750,000)

The Boss Over and Under as it is also clear from the name of this gun that it is boss of all the guns of the world due to its features and specifications, it is manufactured and design by that company which is oldest company of weapons and guns that was established in 1812 so it is considered as most expensive gun because its price is also great about 750,000 dollars. The gun features breech loading over and under which were produced in Germany so this gun has also decorated with beautiful art as so it is specially made for rich people of the world that have so much money to buy and interest to use this types of special guns. It also more than 30 months to made this master piece because so much work has to be done on this gun and also take equal time to this to deliver to your house after order.

Most Expensive Gun