Top 10 List of Most Expensive iPhone and iPad Apps in 2017


Some people don’t have idea about most expensive iPhone/iPad Apps even they just believe that price of apps can be nearly $10 or little more but let us reveal you all about world’s costly applications. The developers have created so many most expensive iPad apps considering demands of related users such as medical, music apps, business apps, and all others.

Where the developers formed most-demanded software, they also set highest prices for its buying. But a question emerges, why the software is being developed? So answer is that applications were formed to make easier some tasks such us to improve communication, advertisement related tasks, getting medical reports or results, preparation of business reports as well documentations and many others.

Here is a list of names of Top 10 List of Most Expensive iPhone and iPad Apps in 2016. For electronic, professional tools and textbooks, largest amount is understandable but for others, seems to be confusing.

10: DDS GP Yes! ($499.99)

Dental Demo Suite (DDS) GP is especially designed aimed at help dentists as doctors require bit identify dental conditions of a patient but now with help of DDS GP it becomes easier because it not only saves your time even features treatment plans to patients. One of the most expensive apps in the world has attained so many certainly witnesses for its better efficiency with impressive results, has become one of the first preferences of dentists globally. With the help of DDS GP, any dentist no needs minutes long steps check-up to figure out the problems to patients because DDS GP gives you convenience as it works fast and provides you clearest outcome.


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9: Alpha-Trader ($999.99)

Alpha-Trader is developed for traders to know current status of stock markets as well for investors who invest their amounts in stock market related projects. The publishers of the world’s one of the finest applications are offering multiple facilities such as portfolio probable return, portfolio overview, real-time stock price, profit/loss, portfolio risk, Value at Risk, asset risk and risk control information at just $999.99. A large number of its users have given the witness of its reliability, dependability and accuracy hence was tagged among the Top 10 Most Expensive iPad Apps in 2016. Alpha-Trader also features Portfolio Re-Balancer, stocks/mutual funds search engine, Risk Controller, Backtester compatible with iPad and Portfolio Optimizer.


8: MobiGage NDI ($999.99)

One of the best business apps all over the world which performs trustworthy acts of assessment of manufactured parts and assemblies. MobiGage NDI is formed as a solution for gage replacement as well helps to generate automate inspection processes, edit, and run measurement plans without any inconvenience. However, MobiGage NDI has prominent place in the middle of most luxurious softwares with its massive rate of $999. Most remarkable business application offers some features such as process control, assembly, article inspection, setting details, tool building, quality control and design-engineering.


7: Agro ($999.99)

Most popular productivity app Agro has become part of Top 10 Most Expensive iPad Apps in 2016 with its extra-ordinary efficiency. It is optimized for iPhone 5, has received huge acclaim by the audience who resolved so many problems using Agro that comes with size of 48.8 MB. Agro has most excellent features as create and email professional paddock, eliminate the need to travel back and store client details. Agro also features customizing and option of creating app according to users’ requirements, while everyone can bag it after paying amount of $999. When it comes to talk about its reviews, everyone voted positively explaining its properties.


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6: QSFFStats ($999.99)

Most influential sports application QSFFStats provides to insides like scores, receiving, interceptions to its stats and yards, regarding any ongoing football league accurately. On who is looking for a perfect application for being flag football fan so it would perfect software with consistent outcome. However, QSFFStats appears to be one of the most classy iPad applications but it gives you reward in form of reports. One of the most valued sports genre apps requires no more space but 0.4 MB in your device though offered by third party at iTunes. Every flag football fan can buy it after paying $999.99 as well it is fully compatible with apple smart devices.


5: CyberTuner ($999.99)

The pro-piano technician’s influential but trustworthy application is also part of Top 10 Most Expensive iPad Apps in 2016, offers a range of many options for people those who seeking some music on the go. Reyburn CyberTuner is also among the one of the most demanding softwares globally as well one of the finest professional piano technicians tuning tools with its steadfast performance. Some of the piano students have been facing some problems regarding tuning piano but developer’s focused on the issue and resolved it composing perfect tuning tool for the users. CyberTuner also was tagged at price of $999.99, while demands operating system 6.0 or afterwards version.


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4: App. Cash ($999.99)

The latest customized app which has the ability to handle cash easily and in seconds, priced at $999.99. After buying the most stylish cashier app, you just on your way manage your hours’ tasks with the help of software that was especially designed to get efficient results. App.Cash requires 26 Mb to be a part of your device and then shows convenience in all daily transaction in it in rapid way contains outflow and inflow. Most exclusive application also is compatible for OS 7.0 or an afterward system as well works iPhone, iPod, and iPad touch. Businesspersons from every corner of the world discovered it trustworthy, faster, easy to handle, and dominant program.


3: BarMax Bar Exam and MPRE Review ($999.99)

Everyone believes the BarMax Bar Exam and MPRE Review app costly but trust us they are totally wrong because the education based one of the finest application is totally free but you just need to pay for its stunning features which plays crucial role in your learning process. BarMax Bar Exam and MPRE Review is most prominent hence among the Top 10 Most Expensive iPad Apps in 2016, offers features such as lectures from Harvard Law School-educated professors, graded bar exams previously and much more. The publishers of one of the leading software’s have been receiving inspiring remarks from the audience.


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2: Ignition ($999.99)

Now it became possible to access all of computers using smartphones connecting 3G and wifi while sitting at remote places. Ignition also gives you right to take control of your Mac devices with help of smartphone. One of the best remote controller devices contains other offers such as the stock Music app, Google Maps, a now playing app for music, messages. It appears to bit similar to LogMeIn which is totally free so if you don’t want to pay $999.99 for Ignition that effectively allows you control of other home and office based devices. One of the most impressive applications has become part of the most expensive apps.


1: VIP Black ($1,199.99)

One of the luxurious lifestyle apps maintains its ruling on Top 10 Most Expensive iPad Apps in 2016, is designed for millionaire to get VIP treatment. VIP Black is praiseworthy production of iVIP Ltd, was updated on 17 February, 2013 and has top position among the most expensive apps globally with $1,199.99. Vip Black features such as welcome packages, surprise gifts, exclusive rates, complimentary upgrades and priority access. Most exceptional application also gives its users worldwide various services like Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, Firmdale Hotels, Virgin Limited Edition and others. After becoming members users can get high-quality even will have approach to the best butlers, a concierge, private jets, personal trainers, theaters, casinos, and much more.


[table caption=”Top 10 List of Most Expensive iPhone and iPad Apps in 2016″ colwidth=”40|300|300″ colalign=”left|left|left”]
Rank,App Name,Price
1, VIP Black ,$1199.99
2, Ignition ,$999.99
3, BarMax Bar Exam and MPRE Review ,$999.99
4, App. Cash ,$999.99
5, CyberTuner ,$999.99
6, QSFFStats ,$999.99
7, Agro ,$999.99
8, MobiGage NDI ,$999.99
9, Alpha-Trader ,$999.99
10, DDS GP Yes! ,$499.99