Top 10 List of Richest People in India 2017


India is 2nd largest in this world with more population after china, there are many people in India or in any place of world which people not know, they do not know about status or position of others, how much rich people are in this world?

According to reports the population of India on 29 February 2016 was 1,28,5200000 and this is second most population in this world after population of china which is 17.6 % of total world’s population.

India has now become main country in whole world with respect to its Economy and pace in international Market because it is growing day by day so due to its much population it has also many richest people e.g.

Indian cricket board is richest in ICC so we can imagine by this figure that India will have many bi Pillars in country so here is list of top 10 richest people of India.

10: Sunil Mittal

Sunil is one of the richest men of India because he is Entrepreneur Philanthropist, chairman; founder and CEO of Bharti Enterprises which took great part in financial services, retail, and telecom and agri business of India. World’s third largest telecom company and mobile operator which is largest telecom company in India which has customer base of 275 million that is not only put its flag in India but also in 20 other Countries of Asia and Africa. So due his telecom power He is listed in top 10 richest men in India, he was selected vice chairman of International Chamber of Commerce on July 1, 2013. He belongs to Punjab Family Agarwal as His father was a Member of Parliament. He got many Awards in which he got Padma Bhushan Award from Government of India.


9: Kumar Birla

Kumar Birla’s full name is Aditya Vikram Kumar Mangalam Birla, he is Chairman of Aditya barla Group and a famous industrialist that is one of largest conglomerate corporation in his country India as his group is third largest business group in this country and he is also chancellor of his institute names as Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences. Kumar Birla born in Rajasthan but he spent his most of his early life in Mumbai and Kolkata. He got his early education in India till B.Com but MBA from London. He took chair as a Chairman of Aditya Barla group in 1995 in age of just 28 years, he married with Neeraja Birla and he has three children. He took his to Sky in very young age.


8: Adi Godrej

Adi Godrej is also one of richest man as he is great Industrialist and Business Man in India, he is chairman of Godrej group of industries and head of his family as he has a worth of $4 billion and he is rank 405th richest man in this world. From HL college he got his Undergraduate degree and got degree of MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management where was former member of Tau Beta Pi. After his return to his homeland India he took charge of Chairman of Godrej industries and took his business to heights of Sky. He has also major supporter of Wildlife fund, he married to Parmeshwar Godrej and has three children, he has also got Padma Bhushan Award from Government of India.


7: Shiv Nadar

Shiv Nadar is also one of richest man as he is an Indian philanthropist and industrialist and chairman of Shiv Nadar Foundations well as founder of HCL. His wealth was more than $13.7 billion in year 2015. Shiv Nadar established HCL in mid of 1970 and complete transformed his business of it Hardware to it enterprises, he was also Awarded with Padma Bhushan Award in 2008 by Government of India that was due to its hard work in IT industry. He also put his much effort on education of Indians through his education Shiv Nadar Foundation since 1990. He got his education from his Town School and got his undergraduate degree from The American College Madurai and he has also honorary Doctorate degree.


6: Hinduja Brothers

Hinduja Brothers are also ranked 6th in top 10 richest people in India 2016 as Hinduja Brothers is name of their Conglomerate Company that’s headquarter is in London. Hinduja family is from Sindh, which founded a company in 1914 that was a Hindu family, they started their business initially in Mumbai then in 1919 they started their International Set in Iran which they do their business till 1979 but Islamic revolution came in Iran they shifted their set up in Europe. Then they started business of export in London. These brothers started business in different countries like Prakash started finance business in Switzerland and Ashok in India so this group has largest no of employee and has many branches in all cities of world. They got Asian Leader Award in 2015 of business.


5: Pallonji Mistry

Pallonji Mistry is one of greater tycoon in India and he is chairman of Shapoorji pallonji groups of Construction companies, in 2015 in month of November his wealth is estimated about $16.3 million as he has 18.4 % shares in company Tata Sons with largest single shareholder with private company Tata Sons. He is also chairman of many industries and textile mills like Forbes Textile and Eureka Forbes limited as he was former chairman of cement industry, he is now Irish citizen as he gave up Indian citizenship in 2003 because India not allows dual nationality. He is also awarded with Padma Bhushan Award by Indian Government in this running year. Mistry is Parsi with religion and he has two sons and a daughter.


4: Azim Premji

Azim Premji born on 24 July in 1945 is one of richest man in India as he is large investor, philanthropist and business tycoon also a chairman of IT industry which is commonly known as Wipro Limited. He is guiding Wipro industries for about last 40 years and makes it one of global software industry of this world by his efforts; he was considered as most 20 powerful men of world in year 2010. He has 73 % shares in Wipro Industry and many other private companies; he also owns his company private equity fund which manages $2 billion. He gave away 25 % of his wealth in charity in 2013 and may be he will give 25 % more in next five years.


3: Dilip Shanghvi

Dilip Shanghvi is born on 1 October in 1955 is one of most richest man of India and also has large business in India as he is managing director and founder of Sun Pharmaceutics as in 2015 he was very near to richest man of India Mukesh Ambani. He is awarded with Padma Shri Award of civilian honour in this running year, he got his early education from Gujarat and got his graduate degree from university of Calcutta, after that he Started helping his father in his Drug business in Kolkata, then he thought that he has to made his own company of drugs and manufacturer instead to sale drug then he started business with rupees 10 thousands in 1982 and now he is richest man in India.


2: Lakshmi Mittal

Lakshmi Mittal’s full name was Lakshmi Niwas Mittal, born in Rajasthan on 1 June 1950 is famous Indian Steel Magnate which is based in England. He is chairman and CEO of largest Steel Making Industry that’s name was Arcelormittal in which he has 38 % shares and 34 % in Queen Park Rangers F.C. he was considered richest Asian and Hindu in Europe in 2007 and he was eight richest citizens in United Kingdom but he did not adopt British Citizenship. He was sixth richest man in this world in 2011 but he is now dropped to 82nd position, he is also 57 powerful man of this world. Marriage of his daughter was 2nd most expensive in history of world that is recorded. He has wealth of 8.8 billion.


1: Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani’s full name is Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani, he is born Yemen on 19 April 1957 as he is the richest men of Indian and business man. He is managing Director, Chairman and most share holder in Indian industries that is Reliance Industries limited in which he has 35 % shares and also has India’s most valuable company by market Fortune Global 500. He has also most expensive property of world which is more than $2 billion; he was considered 36 powerful man of this world in 2014. He was ranked richest man of Indian and second richest in Asia in 2013 and he is richest man of Indian for last 9 years. He is also owner of IPL team Mumbai Indians so he is considered richest man in India.