Top 10 Most Amazing Bridges In The World 2017


A Bridge can be defined as the physical solid structure which is use to interconnect two sides that have physical obstacles like rivers, seas, water, valley or roads but in urban areas the bridges can fasten the transport by giving distinct ways for traffic.

These are also used to overcome traffic problems in big cities so there are different designs, styles which are used for bridges because every bridge has different purpose which can be maintained in different conditions so their design also depends upon the size, material, weather and also many other issues which are overlooked before starting construction.

As we have to talk about the amazing bridges of the world then there are countless extraordinary stunning bridges exist in this world which views are just exceptional as well as exclusively panoramic which give awe-inspiring and conspicuous experience to look at the construction of the bridge.

10. Pont du Gard Aqueduct: Gard, France

The ancient Roman aqueduct bridge Pont du Gard Aqueduct constructed by Roman Empire, placed Vers-Pont-du-Gard near Remoulins of southern France, ancient Roman aqueduct bridge Pont Du Gard Aqueduct believed to be built between 19 BC and 150 BC that cross Gardon River in Vers-Pont-du-Gard. Pont Du Gard Aqueduct itself explain it purpose which was to carry water to city Nîmes over the Gard River, three tiers of Arches rise to cusp height of 155 ft. (47 m), first tier raised to 6 arches almost 51 to 80ft. However, all arches constructed with same design, the bridge went under the series of renovations from 18 century to 21st century as structure was build without mortar because of the reason the bridge undergoes damage in 5th century, rebuilt stunning bridge strongly attracts the tourist to cool down eyes by a single glimpse.

Amazing Bridge

9. Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge is a steel is amazing miracle by the Government of Australia, is a steel through arch bridge across Sydney harbor which is able to carry multiple vehicles including rail, bicycle, pedestrians well also other any kind of traffic between the North shore and Sydney Central Business district, also famous for celebration of New Year on this bridge. Bridge gives spectacular view, the harbor, the near famous Sydney Opera House shows the beautiful image of Sydney and Australia, also known as The Coathanger, mysterious bridge has a long history because opened for public in 1932, it has length about 1,149 meters, has 8 lanes, 2 rail tracks, pedestrians lane and 1 cycleway considered as most beautiful amazing bridge in the world.

Amazing Bridge

8. Tower Bridge London, United Kingdom

Tower Bridge in London is another master piece, crosses the river Thomas, bridge consist of two bridge tower which are joint together at the upper level by two straight walkways, the bridge is standing on the mysterious height of 65 meters have length 244 meters. It is very close to tower of London that why called as Tower Bridge, has two massive piers which have weight about seventy thousands tons of concrete so according to estimate almost 40,000 people including motorcyclist, pedestrians cross over this bridge, it was built in 8 years from 1886 to 1894. It has total length 801 meters, instead to its oldest history bridge still maintained its power of satiability therefore considered as amazing bridge of the world.

Amazing Bridge

7. Nanpu Bridge: Shanghai, China

China is known as country of bridges because it has 8 out of 10 longest bridges in the world, Nanpu Bridge in Shanghai, China, sister bridge to the Yangpu Bridge, is one of the main bridges in Shanghai, as bridge is cable stayed, also designed by Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute. It has span of 428 meters which is just shorter than that of its sister bridge, considered as 57th longest cable stayed bridge in the world which was opened in 1991, holds 7 lanes, total length of this majestic bridge is about 760 meters. It has most complicated construction for engineers, architectures making it most beautiful and amazing bridge because it has also round shape, interesting to know completed in just single year.

Amazing Bridge

6. Brooklyn Bridge: New York City, United States

The Brooklyn Bridge is also most famous in America as this is hybrid because suspension bridge as well as cable stayed in most beautiful city New York, also oldest bridge of America, connects Brooklyn and boroughs of Manhattan by spinning the East River. It is also first steel wire suspension bridge which was ever constructed, completed in way back in 1883 but still maintained its power to cross thousands of vehicle daily so due to its history called as Icon of New York city. It has 6 lanes, total length about 6 kilometers (5989 m), longest span 1596 meters, height is about 276 meters, bridge extended regularly, construction of this bridge started in 1869 and completed in 14 years in 1883 therefore due to its material as well as construction style considered as most amazing bridge in the world.

Amazing Bridge

5. Akashi-kaikyō or pearl bridge: Kobe-Naruto, Japan

Akashi-kaikyō or pearl bridge is another amazing miracle in this world, it is suspension bridge that connect the two main cities Kobe on the Japanese mainland of Honshu to ilaya on Awaji Island, also crosses the busy Akashi Strait as a main part of Honshu- Shikoku Highway. Construction of this bridge started in 1988 so completed in ten years in 1998, also known as one of the longest suspension bridge of the world due to total length 3911 meters, longest span of bridge is 1991 meters. Therefore also known as key link of the Honshu-Shikoku Bridge project which has made three routes among the inland sea so this bridge is only source to connect these cities because no ground connection exist between them, has six lanes so far known as amazing bridge due to its construction style.

Amazing Bridge

4. Millau Viaduct, France

Millau Viaduct is largest Cable stayed bridge in the world that span the River Tarn Valley in the south of France, also known as tallest bridge, construction of this bridge started in 2001 and completed in three years in 2004, so construction cost on this bridge is nearly equal to €400 million. Interesting to know about this master bridge is that it is consistently occurred in one of the great engineering as well as architecture work of all time therefore this bridge received International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering Outstanding Structure Award in 2006. This was built due to traffic issues from Paris to Spain; it has four routes, total length 2460 meters and also has 4 lanes on this miracle.

Amazing Bridge

3. Gateshead Millennium Bridge: Gateshead, England

Gateshead Millennium Bridge is another mysterious miracle in England which is just for pedestrians as well as for cyclist, tilt bridge spanning the River Tyne in England between the Quayside of Newcastle upon Tyne on the north bank and Gateshead’s Quays arts quarter on the south bank, award winning design and architecture of this bridge. Bridge is also called as Blinking Eye Bridge or the ‘Winking Eye Bridge due to its shape but as talk about height of this master piece is just shorter than that of nearly Tyne Bridge, open for public use in 2001. Interesting to know that this bridge is able to rotate therefore the bridge takes as little as 4.5 minutes to rotate through the full 40° from closed to open, depending upon the speed of air that why known as most amazing bridge in the world.

Amazing Bridge

2. Ponte Vecchio: Florence, Italy

Ponte Vecchio is a another amazing featured bridge, is a Medieval Stone closed Spandrel Segmental arch bridge which is made over the Arno River in Florence in Italy, as shops are also build this, initially Butcher occupied place there but now a day’s art dealers, souvenir seller and Jewelers occupied this place. It is considered as historical cultural bridge, shows the rich history of Romans, it was first built about thousand years ago but destroyed in flood therefore rebuilt in 1345, instead of passing about 700 years bridge is still maintained its position as also not destroyed during the Second World War Height of this bridge is approximately 30 meters, due to history of this bridge considered as most amazing bridge in the world.

Amazing Bridge

1. Golden Gate Bridge: San Francisco, United States

Another master bridge in United states is Golden Gate Bridge which is also world famous, is suspension bridge straddling the Golden Gate Strait, one mile wide and three mile long considered as widest suspension bridge in the world, a channel between Pacific ocean as well as san Francisco. Connects two cities San Francisco with Marin County, bridge is known as most recognized internationally Symbol of California, San Francisco and also United States therefore considered as wonder done in this modern age. It was open for public use in 1937 and until 1964 was longest suspension bridge in the world so about 110,000 people travel daily from this place, travelers also considered this bridge miracle, most beautiful therefore in most amazing bridges in the world.

Amazing Bridge