Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in the World 2017


This world is so much beautiful as everyone wants to visit all beautiful places and countries of the world but according to area this world is much big therefore it has many beautiful countries which are as prettier to visit all these countries but it is very difficult to visit these beautiful places because everybody don’t know which country is more beautiful than other.

But now internet and other scientific sources has made it easy to search which country is famous for its natural beauty so these sources make world so small to visit.

So the country which we like is very near to our heart because of its people, hospitality, beautiful places and beautiful rivers, majestic mountains and greenery but they also looked beautiful due to their beautiful past history, entertainment places and culture of these places so with the help of this article we will help viewer to know about top 10 beautiful countries, culture and all such aspects which make them pretty in sight of world.

10: USA

United States of America is not only in big and most powerful countries but also in list of beautiful countries of the world but according to survey, large amount of people give opposite and negative about this country but on the other hand billions of people count it is most beautiful countries and believe that this country have many beautiful places to watch and visit which will heartily attract peoples. This country has beauty like that of heaven due to beautiful lakes, majestic places and lakes of clear water, California which is famous for oranges in the world, Alaska has mysterious Wildlife, valleys of Yellowstone and many other beautiful parks and smoky mountains. San Francisco is also most beautiful place which represent beauty of urban life and this country has also good climate to enjoy and visit.

Beautiful Countries

9: Italy

Italy is also very beautiful country due to its some majestic cities like Vatican City, Venice, and Rome as these cities are very famous for its beauty in world because these cities have many magnificent places and luxurious hotels for visitor. This country maintain its natural spirituality and prosperity in sight of world as its city Milan which is famous for its wardrobes trends and considered as international capital for fashion. Culture of and magnificent places of this country are like to watch because of their beautiful scenery, vineyards, rolling majestic hills and Snow peaked mountains but instead of this beauty, there is another place Amalfi Coast which is also known as Lake Maggiore which is famous for its natural painting and this turns the beauty of Italy at a position in World.

Beautiful Countries

8: Australia

Australia is also very beautiful country and this country has many similarities with New Zealand due to its natural as well as man constructed beauty but it is now beyond the beauty of New Zealand. It is considered in large countries due to its natural resources and amazing beautiful charm because there are many beautiful places which are as pretty to watch in this country that will be hard to see in other places of the world as these places include Penguin Parade on Philip Island. On the other hand Australia is also very famous for agricultural point of view because it has large area free due to which it has beautiful and majestic infrastructure that is well enough to protect their natural beauty places so Australia is considered in beautiful countries.

Beautiful Countries

7: India

India is also very beautiful country because of its past and ancient places as well as buildings instead of it is 2nd largest country due to its population but this country has maintained it economic power and become central figure in sight of World. So it has many beautiful and heaven like cities and places like Goa and some of Kashmir Including Sri Nagar which attract countless visitors from all around the world every year as Shimla is famous for its cold weather instead of all these places it has many other places which are famous for their Natural beauty that is why this country is included in list of most beautiful countries of world. This country is also famous for its many languages, food, and many existence of caste and culture of different areas which attracts visitors from all around the world.

Beautiful Countries

6: China

China is most developed country and rank 1st due to its population in the world, after its independence in 1949 it has developed itself most in the world and became its place in sight of world market in field of technology. Its capital is Beijing which is famous for its beauty but largest city of this country is Shanghai as this country has very old civilization that is one of the earliest that is flourishing day by day in world. China is also most powerful country in case of economy because this country has largest economy for last two thousand years but it has also seen day of prosperity and decline but has also largest economy. In early days china has suffered from much distortion but misted of all China is most beautiful country as there are many visiting points and shopping malls that attract visitors from all over the world.

Beautiful Countries

5: Brazil

Brazil is also most beautiful country but is also famous for its football team and footballers that got much love and impression from all over the world but there are many other things which make Brazil unique in sight of world because it is considered as most beautiful country by nature also. It has some fascinating cities which include Rio de Janeiro which is famous for its beautiful culture, hospitality and beauty by nature. Sao Polo is another place which people much talk about beauty of this place which also represents the geography of Southern Hemisphere as these places are much visited by visitors most common during world cup of football as Brazil is also blessed by natural beauty but some cities of this country make down its beauty otherwise Brazil would be higher in rank by beauty.

Beautiful Countries

4: France

France is also most beautiful country because of its mysterious and majestic city Paris which is central point of tradition and culture of France Civilization as Paris is also Capital of this country but instead of beauty and attention of this City France offers more beauty by nature also to its visitors. Villages of this country are so much developed as they attract their visitors so much by charm as this country is considered in old countries of Europe as because this country is rich in cultural and old history that it has much old architecture of buildings that show the spirit of their culture and glory. As this country is also very well by climate as well which allow visitors to visit this country for many times as Paris is one of major place of fashion and designers of the world.

Beautiful Countries

3: South Africa

South Africa is also very beautiful country due to its old civilization and very unique for traveling in this world, main specification of this country is that it has no of unique animals and very beautiful wildlife as this country do not have any majestic beauty of Snow peaked mountain so much greenery that pleasant atmosphere like that of some other countries of world but it is famous for beauty of their wildlife and its protection. Therefore this country is most visited by the people due to its wildlife and to see beautiful animals because this country is most dominated by forested area and lots of oceans in it. Kruger national park is one of most beautiful park of this country which gives memorable experience of planet for visitors.

Beautiful Countries

2: Switzerland

Switzerland is most beautiful country as name of this country say all about this country about its charm and beauty because this country has majestic climate, gorgeous people, magnificent landscapes and lot of snow peaked mountain which say all about the beauty of this country and show only identity of Switzerland. As this country has also so much greenery and green fields which are lush with fruits and people cannot imagine that they in such country which is in list of most beautiful countries of the world. This country has many beautiful places as well which include Zurich, Geneva, Lucerne, Interlaken, lake Geneva Region, Basel, Bern the place of flowers and Ticino and one most beautiful village of this country that is Appenzell which is mostly covered by rolling hills.

Beautiful Countries

1: Scotland

Scotland is considered as most beautiful country in the world due to its civilization and also number of people that visit this country every year because this country has a great combination of manmade and natural beauty which is perfect to see and visit. This country is also famous for its kind hearted peoples and their hospitality to visitors as culture and traditions of this country make its higher rank in beautiful countries of the world therefore many visitors think that this is not a real place but they are watching best dream of their lives. Some countries are famous for their civilization and some are famous for their natural beauty but Scotland is famous for its civilizations, traditions, greenery with give sight of natural beauty.

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