Top 10 Most Beautiful Gardens in the World 2017


There is no doubt in this aspect that everyone feel refresh whenever people heard about the name of Garden because this is one of those place where people can find the peace of mind, soothing environment, fragrance of flowers, fresh breeze, birds chirping as these thing take the soul of person to upper level of freshness.

Therefore, there are great benefits of morning walk in Gardens because this is really the blessing of God, there is no doubt that most of these places are created and managed by human but these are now source of pleasure for these humans too, So according to reports that flowers, fragrances and gardens add more calmness in the life of people therefore while visiting Gardens, people lose themselves in the natural beauty.

10: Mirabell Gardens, Salzburg, Austria

Mirabell Garden is one of the classic gardens of Europe in vein of Tuilleries and Versailles, this palace garden has historical importance and because it is historical garden, created start of 18th century, therefore it is included in Salzburg UNESCO World Heritage Site. The garden and palace was built by Prince-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau as palace was built in 1606, garden is full of fountains, beautiful sculptures and floral displays as Mirabell is name of female therefore this garden shows the site of love, so this was opened for public first time in 1854, despite of this, garden has also received many damages but now exists in its full blossom.


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9: Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, Australia

The Royal Gardens of Melbourne are famous in the world due to its beauty, another main reason of its popularity is its botanical part, it is situated on the bank of Yarra River in Australia, this garden has total area of 94 acres therefore it is consist of 10,000 species , this botanic garden has mainly local botanical plants of Australia. Therefore this garden has feature an award winning extraordinary part called the Australian Garden, as this was part was opened for people in 2006, this garden park is much famous in the world because this garden has more than 1.3 million visitors from all over the world.


8: Ji Chang Yuan, Jiangsu, China

Ji Chang Yuan is another beautiful garden as this situated inside Xihui Park, east side of western suburban of Wuxi, east side of Huishan, Jiangsu Province, China, as this garden is very close to Huishan Garden, this garden shows the classical popularity of China in the world therefore it is called as national protected location of history because this was built in the start of 16th century, it is shocking to hear that this garden has covered just area of one acre but consist of amazing beauty of the world, this garden was rebuilt again in 19th century but there is nothing change or alter in the beauty of this garden.


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7: Bagh-e-Fin, Kashan, Iran

Bagh e Fin is historical Persian garden which is located in Kashan, Iran, it has more due to incident occurred in this garden because it has Fin bath where the chancellor of Qajarid, Amir Kabir was murdered in 1852 by assassin that was sent by King Nasereddin Shah. This is oldest garden of Iran because it was completed in 1590; this garden has covered total area of 2.3 hectors, main feature of this place is Chahar Bagh which has design of crossed water rills, so water is drawn down from mountains to land via pipes, despite of this, garden also contain lot of trees and flowers of different kind.


6: Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix, Arizona

Desert Botanical Gardens are situated in Papago park in Phoenix Arizona, this garden has total area about 140 acres, this was built and formed by local society in 1937 but open for public in 1939, it has more than 21,000 tress of 4000 different kinds, 7000 tress are of local area and 139 kinds are very rare which are very less found in other areas of the world therefore this is called as most beautiful botanical garden of the world but there is lot of heat and dryness in this garden therefore visitors have to prepare for this so this park garden was designed by Phoenix Point of Pride.


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5: Kenroku-en Garden, Ishikawa, Japan

Kenroku-en is another beautiful private garden which is located Ishikawa in Japan; this is also oldest Garden Park because it was built in 1620, there are also three more gardens along with this therefore this place is much beautiful to visit. This garden is open for public in day time and prominent due to its beauty therefore there is entry fee in this garden, Maeda family always took great care of this park from generation to generation, this is most visited by the tourists as well as local people in spring season because of Cherry Blossom so that time entry fee in this garden is free for two weeks.


4: Gardens at Versailles Palace, France

Garden at Versailles is located to the west of Palace, this garden s one of the biggest gardens of the world because it has total area about 800 hectors, as this palace is surrounded by Urban areas of the city Versailles, this garden contains more than 200,000 trees and it is shocking to hear that more than 210,000 flowers are planted annually. As fountains in this garden contribute more to make this garden very unique and beautiful, this is also included in UNESCO World Heritage List so this is so far most impressive garden of this country France, it is visited much by tourists as more than 6 million people visit this garden per year.


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3: Majorelle Garden, Marrakech, Morocco

Majorelle Garden is another most beautiful botanical garden in Morocco as this place contains Islamic Art Museum of Marrakech so this was designed by Jacques Majorelle from France in era 1920 to 1930, area covered by this garden is about 12 acres so from the beginning of this garden, this was called as the most beautiful gardens of the world. So due to its prominent beauty this is called as the tourists most visiting place in this country, cobalt blue accents make it easy to differentiate from any other botanical garden of the world, this garden was open for public in 1947.


2: Claude Monet’s Garden at Giverny, France

Claude Monet’s garden is one of the most beautiful parks of the world; this garden is private because it is property of founder of French Impressionist painting named as Oscar-Claude Monet, these gardens are very beautiful that these are looked like his painting messy but balanced. So this garden is full of different kind of beautiful flowers which are cultivated with great care, so these gardens and house of painting are opened for public six months in a year from April to October every year so garden no doubt owns a spectacular place in the list of most beautiful gardens because this is visited most by tourists.


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1: Kirstenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa

Kirstenbosch is most famous and beautiful botanical garden which is situated in Cape Town, South Africa, this is also included in nine National Botanical gardens covered by South Africa, it is first botanical garden of this country which was built in 1913, and total area covered by this garden is 1300 acres. There are 22,000 indigenous plants here as this was also first botanical garden which was built to preserve the country’s unique flora, therefore foreign tourists have always great interest to visit this beautiful garden, it has also won gold medal in President cup of most creative display and according to reports it has won 29 gold medals in 33 appearances.