Top 10 Most Beautiful Korean Male Idols in 2017


This world is so much big because therefore population of this world is also increasing day by day with great speed so according to estimate total population of the world is more than 7 Billion in which about 50 percent are men and also 50 percent are women, as according to reports that Korea is one of beautiful countries of the world with respect to the beauty of women as well as men.

It is asked that the person who has epic eyes considered to be most beautiful but in Korea more than 70 percent of the men has little eyes but they are looking so cute and handsome with these eyes so they just not look cool but most beautiful when they perform on the platform because Korean male are not far away from the beauty.

So here is the list of top 10 most beautiful Korean male idols in the world 2016.

10: Minho Shinee

Minho Shinee is most famous star of Korea which is famous for his professional name Mononym Minho which is just not only a Korean singer but also presenter, actor and promotional model, he was born on 9 December 1991 as he started his professional career in small age of just 16 years in group Shinee as rapper therefore he is known as Minho Shinee. So after getting lot of success as singer he then debuted as actor in 2010 in drama KBS2 which is titled as Pianist, so he as much successful because he also debuted as lead role in film Canola in 2016 therefore he is considered as most successful actor of Television with his leading skills of singing.


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9: Siwon Suju

Choi Siwon is another famous personality of Korea which is also best known by his professional name Siwon Suju who was born on 7th of April 1986 as he is not only best singer but also actor and songwriter, he is also active participant as well as member of the South Korean music Band which is named as Boy Band Super Junior. He is also included in four those artists of Korea which are appear on the postage stamps of China, with singing in group he also started his solo activities like acting therefore he play lead roles in many drama such as Korean drama Oh! My Lady and also appeared in Chinese language movie Helios, To the Fore, he also performed the role of action hero Jackie Chan.


8: Lee Donghae

Lee Donghae is also famous star of the Korean Industry which is also popular by his professional name Donghae Suju who was born on 15 October 1986 as he is well known Songwriter, actor and also singer, he is also active member of popular music band Boy Band Super Junior, so just Like of Choi siwon he is also included in those four artist of his country which are appeared on the Postage stamps of China. He started his career as junior artist in 2005 and day by day got great success as singer, after getting popularity as singer then he also appeared as actor in many projects as well as dramas on small screen so appeared in lead role of drama Panda and Mr Hedgehog.


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7: Kai Exo

Kai Jong-In is also most beautiful Korean Idol which is also most popular by his professional name Kai Exo, he was born on 14 January 1994 as he is not only best singer but also actor and dancer, he is also member of one and only Korean Chinese boy group EXo therefore he is known as Kai EXO and considered as most beautiful male Korean Idol in the world. As interesting to know that he started his career as dancer from age of just eight years old because he did jazz dance but he stated that his parents wanted to see him to learn Piano and Taekwondo, but after these skills he started singing just two years earlier in 2014 so he got great success as singer also.


6: Jung Yong-hwa

Jung Yong Hwa is most beautiful musician of Korea which is also famous by his professional name Yong Hwa CNblue as he was born on 22 June 1989 so he is considered as multi talented because he is just not an idol but also actor, songwriter, musician and producer. He began his professional not as a singer but as actor in Korean famous drama You’re Beautiful in 2009 at age of 20 years so after getting well appreciation by this serial he then played lead role in drama Heartstrings, he was fond of singing from his early age then after popularity fro, acting he joined famous music group CNblue so he has also good name in as music producer as well as composer.


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5: Park Chanyeol

Another beautiful personality of Korea which is none other than that of Park Chanyeol who is better known for his professional name Park Chanyeol because he is also member of Korean Chinese boys group named as EXO, he is well known Songwriter, Actor and singer, he was born on 27th November 1992. From his early age he was very fond of becoming a famous singer therefore he was involved in school music group so he start his career as singer at age of 20 years and after getting lot of success he also tried his luck as actor therefore he is considered as most beautiful Korean Idol in the world so far according to critics he will be a great star of the country.


4: Top Bigbang

Choi Seung-hyun which is better known by his professional stage name TOP as he was born on 4 November 187, he is well known Korean Songwriter, actor as well as singer as he is also member of Korean Music group of boys Big Bang therefore he is also known as TOP Big Bang. Despite of singing he also appeared in many films and dramas such as I Am Sam, Into The Fire, Commitment and many of other which made well name on the Box Office, he is also well known for his low bass rapping which gained him lot of success, he also performed with famous singer of his country like G Dragon therefore considered to be a great reality star of his country.


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3: Nichkhun

The most beautiful face in the Idols of Korea in none others of Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul which is better known for his stage name Nichkhun, he was born on 24 June 1988 as he looked like most innocent singer of his country, he is most talented because he is Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, actor and also model therefore he is considered as most beautiful Korean male idol in the world. Now he is currently member of Korean Boy Band named as 2pm that in which he debuted in 2008, instead of singing he was also host in Bangkok Music wave in 2010, 2011 as well as 2013 so after that he also hosted another music show Superstar Survival.


2: Kim Myung-soo

Kim Myung Soo is another beautiful face of Idols in Korea as he is famous from his professional stage name L, he was born on 13th of March 1992 so he is popular South Korean Actor as well as singer, due to his singing he is now better member of Korean Boy Band named as Infinite which is under the Supervision of Woollim Entertainment. After Infinite he is also vocal of Infinite F therefore he is considered as most beautiful Korean Male Idol in the world so he started his career as singer by group Infinite in 2010 with their first album First Invasion, he also appeared as actor in Japanese television in 2011 with drama Jiu but he played his first leading role in drama The Blue of My Heart in 2016.


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1: Kim Jaejoong

Last but not the least the most beautiful singing personality of males in Korea is none other than of Kim Jaejoong which is well known by his stage name Jaejoong JYJ who was born on 26 January 1986, he is multi talented because he is actor, designer, music director, songwriter and most important popular singer. He is also member of famous music group JYJ, despite of focusing only on singing he also appeared as actor in famous dramas like Sunao ni Narenakute, Triangle, Dr. Jin and most important SPY so after success in Dramas he also appeared in films such in Jackal is Coming therefore he is most beautiful personality in idols of his country because of his best performances in every field that he chosen for himself.