Top 10 Most Beautiful National Parks in the World 2017


Parks are very necessary for the relax of the people because these are places of preservation as well as natural resources therefore national parks are most of all because they are built by the Government, they are made for the enjoyment of the people for little bit rest after hard life and its daily life routine.

Therefore these parks provide best sources of relaxation in this way, so every government of every country of the world has made parks which are commonly known as National Parks of the country and there is no doubt that United States is topping in this list, main reason of national parks is to promote healthy atmosphere with wild life therefore greenery is very necessary for healthy life or body , so it is advised to everybody to visit these national parks because these are sources of leisure and pleasure.

So here we have list of top 10 most beautiful National Parks in the world 2016.

10: Tikal National Park

Tikal National Park encompasses 575 square kilometers of jungle and thousands of bankrupt structures but with architecture as according to structure of this city the main or central part of the antique city alone contains 3,000 buildings and covers about 16 square kilometers of the area therefore it has great importance because it is visited most by the people of the world. It is located in beautiful Tikal city in Guatemala, due to very old history of this park; Archeologists approximation that the Maya established in the area now known as Tikal in about 900 BC so it is an important city place with respect to culture, ceremonial and commercial centre from hundred of year because huge temples with great statues are made in this park.

Most Beautiful National Parks

9: Sagarmantha National Park

The most beautiful as well as highest National park in the world in none others of the Sagarmantha National park which is located in small Asian country Nepal as this park also has great importance due to domination of greatest peak of the world known as Mount Everest, It covered an area of 1,148 kilometer square in the Solukhumbu District and ranges in altitude from 2,845 m to 8,848 m at the peak of Mount Everest. The secluded area has been recognized as an Important Bird Area by Birdlife International and is incorporated in the Sacred Himalayan Landscape, as according to history of this national park that this was built in 1976 and it is also included in UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Most Beautiful National Parks

8: Lake District National Park

Lake district is also another most beautiful as well as visiting point for not only people of this country United Kingdom but also of the world because large number of tourists from all countries wants to visit this full of greenery place, as this place is also known as Lakeland, The Lake District National Park includes or covers almost all of the Lake District, though the town of Kendal and the Lakeland Peninsulas are at present outside the park border. So this was established in 1951 as this is biggest as well as most visited national park of this country but it is interesting to know that most of the lands in this park are in private ownership but instead of this 55 % are reserved as agriculture land.

Most Beautiful National Parks

7: Great Smoky National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a United States one of the most beautiful National Parks and also included in UNESCO World Heritage Site that straddles the ridgeline of the Great Smoky Mountains, part of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which are a part or division of the larger Appalachian Mountain chain. Great Smoky Mountains National Park has over 4,000 kinds of plants that cultivate there, a saunter from mountain base to climax compares with itinerant 1,250 miles north, a number of resident plants and animals live only in the Smokies therefore called as most beautiful national park in the world, it has very richest history because also visit by millions of people every year.

Most Beautiful National Parks

6: Fiordland national Park

Another beautiful national park in the small loveliest country of the world is called as Fiordland National park so this park has cover the southwest corner of the South Island in this country, according to the area of this beautiful park which is 12,500 square kilometers, this is also called as largest national park in this country. Most important features of this park are, during the cooler past, glaciers imprinted many bottomless fiords, the most famed of which is Milford Sound, Other distinguished fiords comprise Doubtful Sound and Dusky Sound, from one of the peaks within Fiordland National Park, a view of Mount Aspiring/Tititea to the distant north can be experiential so this was built in 1952.

Most Beautiful National Parks

5: Banff National Park

Banff National park is one of the most beautiful parks of not only Canada but the whole Universe which is also known as first national park of the country, Banff National Park now consists of 6,641 square kilometers of supreme mountain landscape nestled in the heart of the splendid Canadian Rockies. As talk about the tourism in this park then each year, millions of visitors come to Banff to awesome sight at the bright green waters of Lake Louise, walk in the middle of the flower overflowing heavens at Sunshine Meadows, and force underneath the soaring jagged peaks inside layer the Ice fields Parkway so this is historical park built in 1885 and also included in World Heritage site.

Most Beautiful National Parks

4: Yellow Stone national Park

Another beautiful national park of magnificent country United States is Yellow Stone National Park as it is situated in the state of Wyoming as according to very old history of this park, it was recognized by the Congress of United States and signed into law by President Ulysses S. Grant on March 1, 1872. So due to natural beauty of the glorious park, it is desire of every man of the world to visit this place as this is also first national park of this country called as United States because it has also great importance with respect to its wildlife, it covers the area of 3,468.4 square miles which includes comprising lakes, canyons, rivers and mountain ranges.

Most Beautiful National Parks

3: Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon is also most beautiful national park of the world which is also situated in United States so according to official history of this magnificent glory of the world is that it is 15th oldest national park, as this is also named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979, the park is situated in northwestern Arizona State. The main and most beautiful feature of this park is Grand Canyon because for this feature, park is most visited by the tourists of the world as Grand Canyon is a ravine of the Colorado River, which is frequently measured one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World so this park has total area about 1,217,262 acres so it was officially built in 1919.

Most Beautiful National Parks

2: Kakadu National Park

Magnificent Park of the beautiful continental country Australia is Kakadu National park, the Park is situated inside the Alligator Rivers area of the Northern land, It covers or encompasses an area of 19,804 kilometers square, extending virtually 200 kilometers from north to south and over 100 kilometers from east to west region of the country. So it is as vaster that it is the size of Slovenia, about one third the size of Tasmania, or nearly half the size of Switzerland country, the Ranger Uranium Mine, which is called as one of the most creative uranium mines in the world, is bounded by the park so this was established in 1979 and visited large number of people from all over the world.

Most Beautiful National Parks

1: Snowdonia National Park

Last but not the least, the most beautiful national park of the world is called so far as Snowdonia national park which is located in United Kingdom, so this park boasts vast areas of natural attractiveness and unique landscape, It is recognized as Eryri by Welsh a name that can be translated or called as ‘the place of the eagles’. So according to research, the park covers 838 square miles is one of the three natural parks found in Wales and the oldest one organism selected as one in 1951 so due to natural beauty and scenery of this beautiful park, therefore most visited by the people as they also provide large kind of facilities to tourists from all over the world.

Most Beautiful National Parks


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