Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Spain To Visit in 2017


Europe’s one of the best visiting countries Spain, its destinations considered to be perfect to fall in love with any one because the beautiful of its culture, vibrant nightlife, and superb beaches take all who come to spend their holidays here in dreamy world.

Spain all remains in talks of foreigners in terms of its lively fiestas and delicious cuisine as well as historical buildings view all make most attracting land for all. To create monument moments with your friends, family members and beloved person, people turn to Spain as it has everything you want at affordable price.

Spain comprises 17 autonomous regions with their beautiful culture and geography. Here you find Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Spain To Visit.

10. Donana National Park

Doñana National Park is plentiful with great diversity of its marshlands, especially lagoons, scrub woodland, biotopes, maquis, fixed and mobile dunes. It is placed in Spanish autonomous community Andalusia, right bank of the Guadalquivir River estuary on the Atlantic Ocean. Doñana National Park known for its five threatened bird species, whereas in winter days the site shows eye-catching view with numerous waterfowls every year, while the scenery of colorful colonies of flamingo and uncounted types of geese make the place most worthwhile for tourists.

Most Beautiful Places in Spain

9. Jerez de la Frontera

Jerez de la Frontera is Most attracting place in southern Spain’s Andalusia region and normally known as “Jerez”, while the city is famous for sherry and brandy production and situated at distance of 20 km from Sanlúcar. When it comes what is it mean of word ‘Jerez’? So it derived from Arabic and nowadays is being used as synonymous of English word ‘sherry’. The city is equally famous for its fine horses as well as Flamenco music and dance. During the visit of Jerez de la Frontera, you will find sherry production homes those unpredictably are located in the centre of the town of city. The city also renowned for its old Flamenco tradition that what makes it valuable with remarkable art, hence it is in Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Spain To Visit.

Most Beautiful Places in Spain

8. Sierra Nevada

Mountain range in Granada comprises the highest end of continental Spain, Mulhacén at 3,478 metres (11,411 ft) above sea level. The Sierra Nevada believed to be dramatic land with its rugged surfaces. Nonetheless, the outstanding view of the white villages of the Alpujarras and cultivated terraces of almond trees as well vegetables are the only reasons of beauty of Sierra Nevada. It also famous for activities like hiking, skiing, summer camps and mountain biking. The travelers turn the place to enjoy adventuring life in this vast area of land, though its fauna and flora, though its lagoons also remain one of the top attractions for visitors.

Most Beautiful Places in Spain

7. Malaga

Málaga is a port city on southern Spain, a world despite the bordering Costa del Sol, famous for its yellow-sand beaches, hotels and resorts, where its historic and culturally rich provincial capital that demonstrates complete glimpse of the iconic Andalucian cities of Granada, Córdoba and Seville. Narrow pedestrian streets of Gothic cathedral and a numerous modern bars with traditional touch, all remain one of the most attracting places for the locals as well as foreigners who come to visit the colonies of Málaga. Nonetheless, church towers and spire also make the Málaga praiseworthy, hence comes on seventh rank in Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Spain To Visit.

Most Beautiful Places in Spain

6. Cadiz

Southwest Spanish ancient port city, Cadiz has become a successful Roman port. It is situated at distance of about 14 kilometers from the African continent. When it comes to talk about its landscape, its splendid beaches remain one of the biggest attractions for travelers through the years like Los Canos de Meca, El Palmar in Vejer, Zahora in the municipality of Barbate, Bolonia and El Puerto de Levante. The well-developed Cadiz also known for its gastronomy as its clams with noodles, prawns of Sanlúcar, the ‘bienmesabe’ Urta to the Roteña, shrimp omelettes, and others remain top demands of the locals as well visitors.

Most Beautiful Places in Spain

5. Marbella

One of the best destinations of Spain, Marbella is also in Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Spain To Visit just as has plentiful entertainment for all like young, old, married couples and others like it has Puerto Banus street market, Flamenco Show at Tablao Ana Maria, Dog Walking at Triple A, and Kids Club at Marbella Paintballing which is perfect for children. The city is placed on southern Spain’s Costa del Sol, while its Sierra Blanca Mountains view to 27 km of sandy Mediterranean beaches, and make the city most temptations for visitors. It is also a home of best golf courses and best hotels those deal foreigners at reasonable prices, while the “Golden Mile” in west side of Marbella town, offering coastal estates and high-status nightclubs.

Most Beautiful Places in Spain

4. Ronda

Ronda’s totally different views make it most stunning than other cities of Spain as it is situated on top of mountain in country’s Malaga province. Those who dream about visiting dramatically place so the Ronda is perfect for them as considers archaeological site of Acinipo in the Serrania de Ronda with stunning locations. When you look Ronda at distance of meters, surrounding a deep gorge, while its Felipe V Gate, Palacio Mudejar Mondragon, Old Bridge, Forestier gardens at the Casa del Rey Moro River Guadalevin, bullring Ronda, Barrio de San Miguel, and lookout Ronda always tempts fun loving visitors to spend their holidays here.

Most Beautiful Places in Spain

3. Cordoba

Cordoba comes on third rank in Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Spain To Visit and was renowned as Islamic cultural center as an important Roman city in the Middle Ages. Cordoba is located in southern Spanish province of Andalusia, also known for its largest mosque La Mezquita with distinctive art, belonging to 600 C.E. Nonetheless, the dreamy view of its dazzling roads through various mountains as the Sierras Grandes, Camino de las Altas Cumbres and Sierras Chicas, is the only witness of nature dignity. Its hotels based on traditional art offering largest rooms with a service as well adventure, recreational demands, bundle of entertainment, and large variety of delicious food.

Most Beautiful Places in Spain

2. Granada

Granada is one of the most dramatically destinations of Spain Granada, is placed it the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Andalucía. Granada’s extensive palace and fortress complex Alhambra tempts tourists towards the Granada. Alhambra comprises reflecting pools from the Nasrid dynasty, orchards of the Generalife gardens, spectacular serene patios, royal palaces, and fountains. The city brings sensual, romantic and most exciting moments for love-birds who want to spend their quality time each other on one of the dreamy lands in the world.

Most Beautiful Places in Spain

1. Seville

The capital of southern region Andalusia in Spain, known as hotbed for love as it rich plentiful with beautiful old-fashioned street lamps, horse-drawn carriages shows magical atmosphere and elegant edifices those make the ambiance in Seville. Its most attracting destinations tagged Seville’s name in Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Spain To Visit, while Maria Luisa Park, Seville Cathedral, Torre del Oro, General Archive of the Indies, Museum of Arts and Traditions of Sevilla and Teatro de la Maestranza are enough to remove the hunger of travelers to visit world’s most dazzling locations with majesty of nature.

Most Beautiful Places in Spain