Top 10 Most Beautiful Trees in the World 2018


Last Updated: June 12, 2018

A tree is a magnificent living organism which gives protection, food, tenderness and shield to all living things in the world; it even gives shadow to those who exert an axe to cut it down, as every common tree is astonishing enough, but some trees are just stunning, whether by their absolute size, age or form or through unexplained properties they appear to possess.

So there are millions of fines and majestic trees exist in the world but in these some are particular more beautiful and stunning because they contain the extraordinary beauty of nature, natural beauty is always much appreciated and contains all the matter which are necessary for refreshing soul of humans, each tree in the world needs better environment and this is wonder to know that beautiful trees always have beautiful environment.

10: A tree in Lisbon, Portugal

This tree is extraordinary and it is not from any coppice or specie but it is a beautiful and natural tree which exist in Lisbon, Portugal, so according to reports this tree takes too much time to made this more and more beautiful because this needs proper care or protection; due its old age, this tree is much large and big therefore spread over very large area. Despite of its beauty, this tree is also much prominent due to its historical background; therefore this tree is able to give shadow to large number of people than an ordinary tree so because of its look, tree look magnificent and beautiful.

Most Beautiful

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9: Crooked Forest, Poland

This forest is commonly prominent before the world because of its beauty as forest is consist of 400 trees therefore this is called as the most beautiful forest in the world, it features almost different mysteriously shaped pine trees which increase or enhances its look, this forest also has historical importance because this was planted I 1930. According to reports that there are many techniques and methods used in the plantation of these trees, timber which is used to build stems and shops, are obtained from these trees, all these trees are naturally curved in shape which made this more elegant.

Most Beautiful

8: The Largest Wisteria in Japan

The largest Wisteria in Japan is most beautiful and oldest tree in the world because according to estimate this was grown about 144 years ago, so this is witnessed by large number of people every year which shows the evidences of beauty of this oldest tree positioned in Japan. Most interesting fact about this tree that this tree not looks real but painting as this looks like pink sky when a person will see this natural tree, this is also much big and has many branches therefore able to support large weight, it has magnificent blossom pink branches which is able to provide excellent experience to visitors.

Most Beautiful

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7: Rainbow Eucalyptus tree, Maui, Hawaii

It is very different kind of tree which has contain different colorful woof that is the reason it is given the name of rainbow tree, so this tree has feature of different colors including purple, orange, slow red, blue and many other colors, it looks like those trees which are seen in many Hollywood movie. These are also famous for their long height which is never less than 200 feet; these trees are positioned in the beautiful city Hawaii, so able to amaze and wonder due to its different and beautiful looks, millions of people attracted toward this tree every year.

Most Beautiful

6: Methuselah, Ancient Bristlecone Pine forest, California

Methuselah is the beautiful tree which belongs to a precise species of Basin bristlecone pine; this is considered in one of the oldest trees in the world because according to history of this tree this was planted about 4800 years ago, as this is also located in the beautiful white mountains of California which also increased much beauty of this tree. Due to its age and beautiful looks this tree is loved and liked by every person of the world, till 2012 it was considered as the oldest tree of the world but scientist discovered another tree which is more 5000 years old.

Most Beautiful

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5: The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

This beautiful boulevard of beech trees was planted by the Stuart family in the eighteenth century therefore this master beauty piece also has historical importance, it was planned as a convincing scenery feature to impress visitors as they approached the doorway to their Georgian mansion, Gracehill House. So these trees are planted more than two centuries ago but still maintained their beauty so this is called as the best scenery for taking photographs therefore this is favorite place of tourists in this country, the position of these trees also used in some movies including Game of Thrones.

Most Beautiful

4: Cherry Blossom, Tokyo, Japan

Cherry Blossom is essentially a Japanese Cherry trees which are positioned in Japan and has the magnificent and spectacular beauty there which has amazed the people with its beauty, according to reports Cherry Blossom is located throughout the world but Cherry Blossom in Japan has won the hearts of every people of the world because this is displayed in many exhibition or competitions of the world. Color and beauty of this tree, makes this most attractive one in the world, as many sports are introduced which are being played at the time of full blossom of these trees as they are in their full blossom in March and April.

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3: Socotra Dragon Tree, Socotra, Yemen

Socotra Dragon is the tree which is frequently called as the Dragon Blood tree, by the looks of this tree, this is much stranger and different tree but this is most loved and beautiful tree, this is position in the country Yemen; in addition this tree is also loved because they also produced small, fleshy and fresh sweet berries which are in red hot color therefore this is often named as Dragon Blood tree. From the pictures of this tree, it looks like big mushroom that increase the beauty of this master one, Socotra dragon tree is an iconic tree with a long history of profitable use.

Most Beautiful

2: Avenue of the Baobabs, Madagascar

The Avenue or Alley of the Baobabs is a well-known group of baobab trees facing the dirt road between Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribihina in the Menabe region in western Madagascar, It is very beautiful and astonishingly landscaped which is the main magnetism for the tourists from all around the universe and made it one of the most prominent attractions of the world. So this is visited by millions of people every year therefore most visited location of this country, these trees are almost 800 years old, as population of this region increased, this forest is cleared from agriculture and only these tress are standing there.

Most Beautiful

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1: General Sherman, Sequoia National Park, California

The General Sherman is the tree which has gained much magnetism from the people and is located in the Sequoia National Park in California, this is also called as the largest tree in the world because of its volume because this is tallest as well as widest tree with height of 83.8 meters. As talk about the history of this tree then this is more than 2700 years older therefore this is also most visited by the tourists of the world, according to reports, the biggest branch of this tree was broke off in 2006 but breakage of branch has no effect on the health of tree and still has natural defense system form the angry weathers.

Most Beautiful

[table caption=”Top 10 List of Best Military Commander Generals in the World 2016″ colwidth=”40|300|300″ colalign=”left|left|left”]
1, General Sherman, California
2, Avenue of the Baobabs, Madagascar
3, Socotra Dragon Tree, Yemen
4, Cherry Blossom, Japan
5, The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland
6, Methuselah Pine forest, California
7, Rainbow Eucalyptus tree, Hawaii
8, The Largest Wisteria, Japan
9, Crooked Forest, Poland
10, A tree in Lisbon ,Portugal



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