Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages in the World 2017


Most of people love to live in big cities for better facilities of health, education, food and other many, main reasons to live in big cities including that people said that cities are more beautiful than that villages, so people are discourage to live in these places but this world is full of many eye catching places which including many small villages and towns which are also famous for their beautiful weather, healthy atmosphere and pure food.

Despite of these, villages also have different cultures, living style and in villages people are mostly busy in their own business, so these places have still old cultures which have no sign in urban life, So villages are those places which have less population, less traffic, less pollution but have abundance of healthy and pure things.

So we have list of top 10 most beautiful villages in the world 2016.

10: Juzcar

Small beautiful place in Province of Malaga in southern part of Spain, this municipality is part of autonomous community of Andalusia, so this magnificent area I s113 kilometers away from Capital city Malaga but just 22 kilometers from Ronda. This is very small beautiful village of the country that has total area 33 Kilometer square, interesting thing about this place is that every has is white washed of same traditional shape, so almost 330 visitors visit this place every year, so according to figures total population is also just about 300, this village is also called as White Towns of Andalusia, weather of this place is very pleasant.

Beautiful Village

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9: Reine

Smallest magnificent village of beautiful country Norway, Reine has total area just 0.29 kilometer square, this village is administrative and fishing centre of municipality of Moskenes in Nordland, so total population of this place is just over 300, prominent thing about this village is beauty as well as Reine Church which is located here. Village is also important in point of Tourism because thousands of people visit this place every year; many magazines considered this area most beautiful village of the world, in recent days Coca Cola is launch from this site as it is asked by the company that this is still smallest launch of company site but most beautiful.

Beautiful Village

8: Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Siad is small town or village which is located in northern part of country Tunisia, as this place is just 20 kilometers away from capital city Tunis, name of this place is due to Abou Said ibn Khalef ibn Yahia Ettamini el Beji because previously this place was called as Jabal el-Menar. This village is most prominent due to its attraction of tourists because this village has very old history as this was exist in 12th century, this village has white-blue theme in whole area, population of this town is about 6 thousand, so this village has got more popularity due to its religious figure.

Beautiful Village

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7: Wengen

No doubt in the beauty of this place because this village is located in beautiful country Switzerland, this place is 1274 meter above from the sea level as this is also part of Jungfrauregion, area of this place is almost 36.4 kilometers square with total inhabitants 1300 which increased to 5000 in summer and exceed from 10 thousand in winter season. Main reason of increment of this village is, town has great importance is attraction of tourists from different countries of the world, history of this place goes beyond in 13th century when it was officially in documents so there are many tourists hotels and rest houses in this place for tourists.

Beautiful Village

6: Shirakawa go

Shirakawa is beautiful village of prominent country of the world, Japan which is located in district Gifu Prefecture therefore it is called as Shirakawa Gifu, this village has total area 356 kilometers square with population of just approaches to 1800, due to its old history this is also included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. In 1875 the official municipal administration of this village was carried out, more than 95 percent of the area of this village is composed of forests and mountains, therefore there is lot of rainfall in this region, this village has very beautiful and pleasant weather throughout the year.

Beautiful Village

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5: Burano

Burano is small village island which is located in Venetian Lagoon in northern Italy, as main reason of beauty of this island is that this is linked with four bridges so this village is popular for colored homes and lace work, this area is just 7 kilometers away from city Venice. So population of this village is near about 3 thousands and this place is also most visited by tourists of different countries, it has very old history because it was under the administration of Roman till 6th century but after that it was occupied by the people of Altino, interesting thing about this place is that, if anyone wants to paint his house then he must send request to Government in this regard.

Beautiful Village

4: Bibury

Historical beautiful village, Bibury is civil parish in Gloucestershire, England; it is situated on the both banks of River Coln, area of this village is about 6.5 kilometers square so this is main tourist’s attraction area because visited by thousands of people per year. This village has historical traditions which are notable and moreover tea houses and many ornate protected buildings exist in this area, so history of this village goes beyond 10th century so after 19th century it is considered as the most beautiful village of England but now also of the world and also located very high about 300 meters above the sea level.

Beautiful Village

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3: Hallstatt

Hallstatt is beautiful village located in city Salzkammergut in small beautiful country Austria, it has total area nearly about 60 kilometer square with population 800 inhabitants in this village, this town has popularity not only for its beauty but also for production of salt. It has very old history goes beyond 5th century, as this was under the administration of Roman till 13th century and still economically powerful village of country, it has great important in point of tourists attraction as number of visitors increasing day by day because every year administration has to built more hotels rooms and guest houses for tourists.

Beautiful Village

2: Oia

Oia is small and most beautiful village of Greece as this is former community in the South Aegean on the islands of Thira, it has total area 19.4 kilometers square with population nearly 3400 therefore called as most populated area, big part of this village was destroyed in earthquake of 1956. So this is 100 meters above from the sea level so restaurants and houses build in curved shape, so this village is located on the top of the hill but climate of this very pleasant which is not over from 28 in whole year therefore visited by large number of tourists every year so therefore there are many beautiful and notable building in this village.

Beautiful Village

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1: Eze

Most beautiful village of the world, Eze s a commune in the Alpes Maritimes department in southeastern France and not so much far from the city of Nice, this is situated near the French River but located 1200 feet above the sea level, the most populated village due to its population about 3000 inhabitants but area is just 9.47 kilometer square. Tourists can see this whole village from the top of the hill, village is also composed of large number of old buildings which is main attraction for tourists therefore visited by thousands of people every year so there are lot of art galleries, guest houses and hotels for tourists in this small town.

Beautiful Village