Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World 2017


For protection, most dangerous breeds of dogs are being used because this intelligent creature can accept death but can’t compromise on protection of their masters. Our article will unveil the names of Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World 2016 because people want to know these dangerous breeds of dogs.

Human being love animals even there are so many lovers of creatures in this world who love to bring them at their houses as pet, in which cats, parrots, hens, snakes, mouse, dogs and some others.

Nevertheless, majority people love to bring dogs at house as pet and take care well, though some of the people attained dogs because they know that dogs are so loyal animal who can give them reward in case of protection as well can better pay attention to their homes and family members.

Dog believed to be most loving, loyal, faithful and trustworthy creature in this world that can be good part of your family if you bring him at house.

10. St Bernard

St. Bernard is well-known for its enormous size which can range from 140 kg (310 lb) as well remained par of some tales of alpine rescues, breed of very large working dog belongs to Swiss Alps, North Italy and Switzerland and people originally use it for rescue. The St. Bernard believes to be so honest, caring pet while it has other identities as St. Bernhardshund, Bernhardiner and Alpine Mastiff (archaic). The most dangerous type can be deadly if some try to hurt its master as well his property, hence people trust in St. Bernard and feel proud to make him part of their family.

 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

9. Great Dane

The Great Dane has become most respectable creature in this world because of its respective physical attributes, behaviors and sensory capabilities. The Germany based Great Dane known for its enormous body and great height can easily make everyone horrify with its only sight but it can attack badly if someone’s behavior make Great Dane scared. The breed has other names as Deutsche Dogge, German Mastiff, while French recognition Dogue Allemand is on ninth place in Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World 2016. It also has nickname Gentle Giant named the world record holder for tallest dog was called Zeus with measurement of 112 cm (44 inches) from paw to shoulder but died in September 2014 at age of 5.

 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

8. Chow-Chow

The Chow Chow or Chow is a dog breed originally belongs to northern China where it is called ‘Fluffy Lion-dog’. Chow Chow has been discovered with various colors as Red, Cream, Black, Fawn and Blue while in terms of its body structure overweight can rise injuries of the hip so those who have this dog breed must take care well of its diet. Like other pet dogs, Chow Chows may show discernment of strangers and can perform unexpected fiercely protective behavior to protect their owners and property. In terms of weight, Male Chow has average of 25 to 32 kilograms (55 to 70 pounds), while female can range from 20 to 27 kilograms (45 to 60 pounds).

 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

7. Doberman

Dobermann also known as Doberman Pinscher originated in Germany nearly 1890, discovered very intelligent, loyal and fearless dogs that is why people believe it trustworthy breed. Doberman Pinscher are normally medium to large, those who looking for a creature for protection as well need companion, Dobermann comes fit in their requirements. Dobermann is on seventh position in Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World 2016, is being used by police forces in security activities guard dogs, as rescue dogs and as guide dogs for blind people. The breed is normally has length of 27 to 28 inches (68 to 72 centimeters), on other side, ‘The Kennel Club’ in the UK defined 27 inches (69 centimeters).

 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

6. Malamute

A large breed of domestic dog Alaskan malamute, usually bred for hauling heavy goods as they have because of their strongest muscles, great stamina to face heavy jobs and an Alaskan sled dog, hence named Alaskan malamute. This dog breed appears to be bit similar to other regions’ class as Canadian Eskimo Dog, the Samoyed, Siberian Husky and the Greenland dog. The Alaskan Malamute has nickname ‘Mal or Mally’ in its homeland regions, though The American Kennel Club (AKC) has officially announced a natural range of size of Malamute possibly length of 58 cm ( 23 inches), while Malamute’s females can be 34 kg (75 pounds) weighty as well as males may be 39 kg (85 pounds) and 25 inches (64 cm) long.

 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

5. Wolf-Dog Hybrid

Wolf-Dog Hybrid has prominent identity among the other dogs’ breeds and other subspecies of gray wolves as of these types were thought to be same species. A wolfdog also known as a wolf–dog hybrid or wolf hybrid, is in Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World 2016 with its angry behavior for those who tries to hit the boundary of its owner’s property as well goods. Nevertheless, Wolf-Dog usually referred to mixed with spitz types like German Shepherds, Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies and others. Although, this breed received title ‘wolf–dog hybrids’ by the United States Department of Agriculture and American Veterinary Medical Association.

 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

4. Husky

The Siberian Husky is a medium size, dense-coat working dog breed which lives in North-Nastern Siberia, where called Siberian Husky, in Japan with name Sakhalin Husky and Alaskan Husky, Akita, Klee Kai in America, Labrador Husky, Eskimo in Canada, and Laika (Russo-European, Yakutian, others). Huskies actually came from the extremely cold and harsh environment of the Siberian Arctic as its ancestors originated the Serbia, while they are so daring, efficient, energetic, honest, flexible breed and passionate to protect its owners and their property.

 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

3. German Shepherd

One of the best brave dogs belongs to Germany, German Shepherd is a medium to large-sized working dog consider perfect for security related activities with police officers in searches and rescue even can run extremely fast behind its enemy. German Shepherd is on top ranking in Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World 2016 because of its impressive behavior. People love to call them with such names as Alsatian, Deutscher Schäferhund, DSH, GSD, Shepherd and Schäferhund, while also known as Alsatian Wolf Dog in United Kingdom and Berger Allemand.

 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

2. Rottweiler

Rottweiler knows how to bringing individual animals together into a group and keep them in boundaries, has been playing massive roles until the mid-19th century as employee droving for herding livestock to market. However, since the mid-19th century Rottweilers are being used in searches and rescue as part of the security forces, even playing role as guide dogs for blind people and others. The German based breed dog can be harmful when someone abuses, stares him angrily, irresponsible ownership may also tempts its anger, neglect, or lack of socialization.

 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

1. Pitbull

One of the famous dangerous breed of dogs Pitbull from the England, Scotland, Ireland, and United States, has some classes as Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier. The Pitbull in on top place in Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World 2016, although some people named mixed breed dogs as ‘pit bulls’ those who have a square shaped head or bulky body but the breed has its own family and proper background. When it comes to some fatal attacks of Pit Bull, the breed has endurance, patience, and humbleness but when serious condition comes, can tear badly rip and injured.

 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds