Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World 2017


As we came in interact of word job, this seems to be very peaceful, calm like a person resting or drinking coffee in his well decorated and beautiful room but reality of jobs is never looked like because there are many professions which are called as the most dangerous because doing those jobs proved to be much risky for workers.

These professions also lead to the death of many innocent workers at the place of work, these are not included in any kind of crime but proved to be unsafe and hazardous as workers have to do these dangerous job to fulfill the requirements of their house members but in other world some of these are also called as the highest paid because there is involvement of lot of risk in these jobs.

So here we have list of top 10 most dangerous jobs in the world 2016.

10: Farmers, Agricultural manager

Agricultural Managers, Ranchers and Farmers are those people who are tightly engaged in agriculture therefore they have most important and necessary role in economy of any person because they prepared raw material or food for every living organism but farmers have to work day and night in fields with heavy and dangerous machinery. According to reports, deaths of farmers are increasing day by day because they have to hard work in fields in hot as well as cold temperature as to produce best crops, they may be injured due to heat stroke therefore fatality of farmers is up to 21 percent in 100,000.

Most Dangerous Job

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9: Heavy Transport Drivers

Heavy transport drivers have to work day and night for many days continuously because they have to transfer raw material, heavy machinery and goods at distant places, in other words this is another most dangerous job because according to reports accident of heavy transport increased at peak level. So everyday many dangerous accidents occurred which ended in the result of deaths of many innocent people, in many condition, drivers are unable to handle big transport due to heavy weight, it is seen that maximum killings occurred due to worst accident on roads so fatality of heavy transport drivers is up to 22.1 percent in 100,000.

Most Dangerous Job

8: Line Installers and Repairers

Line Installers and Repairers are also called as the lineman; they have to work at any time or in any condition of weather in hot summer or icy winter for continuous flow of electricity to towns and homes of their citizens, as it is shocking to know that these workers are mostly needed in much angry condition of weather when storm demolish electricity system by ripping power lines and falling poles of electricity. They have to repair electricity supply when thousands of powers passing in lines which cause deaths of many workers of this job, so fatality rate of line installer or lineman is about 23 of 100,000.

Most Dangerous Job

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7: Hand Laborers

Another most dangerous job is of Hand Laborers or material movers, this is much hard kind of job because these workers have to work or transfer heavy material by pushing with their hand, but everyone thinks how it can be insecure because every corporate firm has safety measures. Many big companies have much improved standard for labors in case of emergency but still much hazardous because death rate in this job is still 27 out of 100,000, as according to reports most of deaths occurred when big projects came in short time therefore labors came under the pressure to work with high speed and this cause serious injury or even deaths.

Most Dangerous Job

6: Steel Workers

Steel Worker or structural iron is a person who works in the steel industry, they are most skilled employees and it is reported they are also sound paid but there is lot of danger involved in their work as they have double risk one is from toxic material and other is from working on skyscrapers or high altitude. So there is lot of hard work is required in completing a single task because there are less percentage to stay alive if by chance they fall from the high altitude or heights therefore their collapse done much damage in their body so 37 deaths occurred in every 100,000 workers.

Most Dangerous Job

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5: Roofers

Roofers which are often called as roof mechanic, a roofer is specialized in construction of roof, it seems to be very simple and easy profession but in order to death or injuries this is called as the hazardous, they have to work on the top of the roof and have to use dangerous hot material in their work. This job is full of accidents like falling and heat stroke, according to reports the chance of death in this professional increased at shocking level of 40.5 in 100,000 workers therefore workers have to use safety measurements during their work to avoid accidents.

Most Dangerous Job

4: Hazardous Material Workers

These workers send themselves in danger by Wiping out Material hazardous; workers have to clean unhygienic areas or other poisonous waste even from laboratories and factories, it is shocking to hear that these workers do not know that this job brings an unsympathetic effect on their health. Hazardous material and poisonous areas can cause disease and damage their body organ. Due to these dirty materials more than 47 out of 100,000 people meet with deaths, in other hand safety dresses are also unavailable for these workers which are able to prevent them from much hazards and reactions.

Most Dangerous Job

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3: Pilots

A pilot is an aviator which control the flow of aero plane or jets, this seems to be very easy and most liked profession of the world because almost every youngster wants to become pilot but in real meaning this is also most dangerous job too, but don’t be anxious about commercial flights these are safest ever from any air voyage because of high protection. We are talking about the pilots who are doing responsibilities like rescue operations during bad weather conditions or tempest and play with fire while evacuating people from fire accidents, as there is no doubt in the specialty because they are well trained but many incidents led to 53.4 deaths in 100,000 people.

Most Dangerous Job

2: Fishers

Fishing workers or fishers have to deal with the angry water in very deep of the sea, it is called very enjoyable journey while catching fished but they have to meet with many condition while working because heavy and desperately sea storms seize the fishers during their daily routine operations. So according to result more than 117 people out of 100,000 meet with the death in threatening conditions of sea so they have to meet and deal all these circumstances through their work and they remain busy in their job without considering worst condition may harm them badly.

Most Dangerous Job

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1: Logging Workers

Logging working is most difficult and dangerous job because logging workers are those who cut down wood or tress from the Jungle, there is no doubt that this is professional job but there is lot of risk involved which is from equipments and from falling of tress, it is also shocking to know that despite of much hard work from the work, they are not enough paid. So they earned very low from their job against cruel risk and unsafe environment which workers faced during their work, so the fatality rate is approximately 128 people in 100,000 staff members divergent to all other dangerous professions of the world.

Most Dangerous Job

[table caption=”Top 10 most dangerous jobs in the world 2016″ colwidth=”40|600″ colalign=”left|left”]
1, Logging Workers
2, Fishers
3, Pilots
4, Hazardous Material Workers
5, Roofers
6, Steel Workers
7, Hand Laborers
8, Line Installers and Repairers
9, Heavy Transport Drivers
10,Farmers Agricultural manager