Top 10 Most Expensive App For Android In 2017


Don’t be confuse if you are looking for Top 10 Most Expensive App for Android in 2016 because you are going to learn not only names even price, genre, and complete introduction about these most influential programs. Since a decade, android has emerged one of the leading extensive operating system for smartphone devices designed by Google who has top tank among the most remarkable application creator.

However, android has also left behind other operation systems such as Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows with its impressive functionality even has everyone prefer android based smartphones in the world. Nonetheless what thing makes androids most demanding all over the world? Actually millions of applications are available in app store even without any cost but may be some of those have price but not more.

Uncounted believed in Google because provides one of the best android applications which all were discovered most reliable even at reasonable amounts. Google Play Store offers less expensive applications but with improvised functionality as well good results.

10: pcMapper Db $149.00

pcMapper Db is an ideal application which helps those who are looking for a software that can resolve problems regarding GIS data collection and map editing. PcMapper Db is an extension to pcMapper Lite that allows complete editing of ESRI® shapefiles on Android devices. One of the most expensive android applications has most stunning features such as search map by attributes, works offline – without a live network connection, measure height and distance with camera, set attribute validation rules contains default, key/value pair, range and others, import and export of ESRI® shapefiles and dBase tables, manage feature attribute tables in SQLite database and label map by attributes.

Most Expensive App For Android

9: Anesthesia Central $149.95

One of the finest medical apps globally is in Top 10 Most Expensive App for Android in 2016 with its helpful features such as cross Links for fast navigation between resources, interface optimized for Android devices, universal Index Search across all references, personalized favorites, superior navigation and web access and updates for one year. It was designed by the award-winning Unbound Medicine considering some complications in medical officials’ tasks even enabling web access to Anesthesia Central. The developers set price $149.95 for most helpful program playing massive role creating convenience in medical tasks.

Most Expensive App For Android

8: Nursing Central $159.95

While observing some complications in study of medical students and nurses Unbound Medicine determined to design Nursing Central which provides solution of issues. One of the most exclusive applications for android is complete mobile solution even gives detailed information on diseases, procedures and tests. If any question makes you disturb regarding medical, no need to worry about it because it features complete database of 5,000 drugs or refer to over 65,000 dictionary terms. Nursing Central was tagged at price of $159.95 enables your favorite nursing journals by having tables of contents delivered in a straight line to your mobile device.

Most Expensive App For Android

7: Medicine Central $159.95

Another most appealing creation by the award-winning Unbound Platform who aimed easy at search the information which remains one of the main confusion of students and medial officials. Medicine Central has also become part of Top 10 Most Expensive App for Android in 2016, features clean design built into every reference, an intuitive interface and superior navigation tools. The most notable app also has features such as 1,000+ differential diagnoses, details on more than 900 medical conditions, image atlas with up to 130 dermatologic conditions, 5,000 generic and trade name drugs, table of contents and abstracts from top medical journals and others.

Most Expensive App For Android

6: Emergency Center $159.95

One of the most pricy applications for Android devices Emergency Center is especially designed for Emergency Room professionals consulting with an enormous database of facts to diagnose patients immediately and quickly. It seems to be same as all the other applications related medical central as features 1,000+ differential diagnoses, personalized favorites, superior navigation, and table of contents and abstracts from top medical journals. With creation of Emergency Center, medical departments got release from so many complications during their studies as well tasks in emergency rooms.

Most Expensive App For Android

5: MBE Preparation by e-BarReview $199.00

One of the beneficial education apps in world MBE Preparation by e-BarReview emerged best resolution with its given best explanations to each question, secures its prominent place among Top 10 Most Expensive App for Android in 2016. MBE Preparation by e-BarReview has shown admirable results users all over the world who gave witness of its best functionality also officially approved from the NCBEX. MBE Preparation is designed focusing problems and tensions of students of bar exam, with the help of this software everyone passed exam first time. Those students who got disturbed with multistate portion of the bar exam, got rid of confusions as it features more than 1000 questions.

Most Expensive App For Android

4: Going Back To School 2 $200.00

Going Back To School 2 has impressive rank among the most demanding android applications in the world and there is no price for the software even you have to pay for its tremendous features which makes easier your problems. The developers set $200.00, while a divorced father of 3 boys is trying to go back to school and thought of this creative way for strangers to donate money to him with the intention that he can get how to build apps and spend more time with his kids. Developers have been facing pressure among people regarding lifestyle genre hence intended to design one of the most best but costly android app for the people which resolves issues.

Most Expensive App For Android

3: NSW Traffic $200.00

After getting praiseworthy comments from the users for NSW Traffic, the developer determined to design two more applications NSW Traffic View and VIC Traffic View (Victoria) those were launched at same prices $200.00. Live traffic in NSW Australia…We don’t know what traffic is like down under but it can’t be that bad where spending $200 on an app is worth it. Travel & Local genre software is on extraordinary place among Top 10 Most Expensive App for Android in 2016 with its unique functionality and features as well. NSW Traffic has inspired millions users who have attained good results from it without any inconvenience.

Most Expensive App For Android

2: Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus $200.00

One of the most valued android apps in the world Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus you just need download or buy the app and then enjoy the noise of loud horn after goal. Most of the football got happy after discovering the World Cup Horn but it also disturbs those who don’t loud voice of horns. You can even touch and hold the screen when you team scores to hear the presenter scream in jubilation! Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus is support your team and annoy your friends! While making huge noise reason why was ranked in the middle of world’s most valued android apps.

Most Expensive App For Android

1: Got Cash $200.00

After buying smartphone know how to make money with Android apps though everyone probably think about spending buying applications online to make rock in your free time. Got Cash emerged to resolve financial problems of businessman all over the world. With the help of Got Cash, every businessman can easily wrapped up hours tasks therefore ruling Top 10 Most Expensive App for Android in 2016 as well for long time on several charts all over the world in websites. It is one of the tremendous creations of developers hence gains massive respect globally even is available in Google Play Store at cost of $200.00.

Most Expensive App For Android