Top 10 Most Expensive Armored Vehicles In The World 2017


The World is now became more danger because increasing kidnapping, terrorism and murders, so if you have you millions of dollars and that person can buy everything then it is sure that, that man has lot of enemies also because greed of money can blind any person in the world so what are solution of resolve this problem.

That person must have so strong security of trained guards but in all reports of incidents that of millionaires always occur on roads therefore there is solution of this problem which is armored vehicles because they are save, made up of thick steel which are bullet proofs.

So all politicians, celebrities and many army officers always keep this type of van for them, Perhaps the best features of armored vehicles further than the security is their level of luxury but there is problem that these are so much expensive that only millionaires can afford this.

So here is the list of top 10 Most Expensive Armored Vehicles in the World 2016.

10: Lexus LS 460 L- $300K

Lexus LS 460 L is famous vehicle which has dozens of luxurious as well as armored features, as this vehicle is manufactured and designed by INKAS which are well known for manufacturing armored vehicles therefore they have such a great variety in market of this company. This van is so much heavy as well as so fast because the engine can mix out 389 horsepower with an eight speed mechanical transmission so instead of this it has also withstand bullets grenade blast of the passengers cabin. This vehicle is not well known because this rare so less number of people use this because price of this vehicle is also so much high nearly equal to 300K dollars but this is high standardized vehicle for security as well as luxurious purpose.

Most Expensive Armored Vehicles

9: BMW 750Li Sedan $350K

As it is been cleared from the name of this vehicle BMW which is always so much expensive because of its features, engine as well as speed as BMW 750 has very strong engine that is of 400 horsepower which able this fantastic vehicle to be more speedy and powers to carry hundreds of pounds of ballistic steel. It is been that many armored vehicles just protect only back seat or passengers seat but this vehicle 750 Li protect whole compartment which included passengers seat as well driver seat which made protection of person 100 % therefore BWM 750 Li is always so much famous for protection but price of this master piece is also according to its popularity that is about 350K dollars.

Most Expensive Armored Vehicles

8: Cadillac Escalade ESV $359K

Cadillac Escalade is also famous design as well as expensive armored vehicle that is used only by the millionaires, as Becker Automotive design spared no such expenses to make the interior the height of luxury as features included wood trim, state of the office equipment, leather upholstery as well as large screens which are also so flat. So this was designed to make security full proof as well as to give more luxury to users so manufacturers add ballistic protection around the external with steel and 40mm glass that can endure bullet fire so instead of this there are many other features which are added in this vehicle for greater protection, so price of this fantastic designed armored vehicle is 359 thousand dollars therefore considered as most expensive armored vehicle.

Most Expensive Armored Vehicles

7: Mercedes Benz S-Guard $400K

As it is cleared from the name of this vehicle Mercedes Benz S Guard as this is always considered as one of the most expensive vehicles in the world, so addition, this car is also armored which is used for more protection therefore this car is most famous in market. This always looks immaculate therefore it is not always easy to destroy this car so owner of this car always happy because it can protect heavy attacks such as continuous firing by M60 Machine gun so in case of attacks by gas it is also able to protect because it sealed from exterior environment and also has its own oxygen system to protect passengers so double pane glasses also protect from this type of attacks, therefore price of this vehicle is about 400K dollars including in this list of expensive armored cars.

Most Expensive Armored Vehicles

6: Knight XV $629K

Knight XV is most powerful as well as heavy but also so much fast vehicle, which is also considered as most expensive vehicle that are used as for greater protection as this vehicle came from conquest vehicles that company is most leading company in the world for designing as well manufacturing armored vehicles so according to company this vehicle has only one kind. It is also rare design therefore its manufacturing is also so less only 100 vehicles in the world as features of this van included V10 Engine, High strength as well standard armored built from scratch and also military grade design so this van has capability to protect in any dangerous condition such as firing, bombing as well as also known as luxury hotel room on the wheels so price of this vehicle is 629K dollars. It has also heated seats, satellite TV, bar as well as many others features.

Most Expensive Armored Vehicles

5: Huron APC $630K

Huron APC is fully covered military style, beautiful vehicle which is so much famous in the world for its protection, instead of its military features it is also most luxurious considered as luxurious hotel running on the roads, this vehicle is enormous and can stand heavy bullets fire, including M80 Ball ammunition as well as 7.62 x 51 SC ammunition so this gigantic vehicle has capacity to bear attacks of machine guns as well as grenade, bombing attacks, instead of this its roof is much strong that it tolerate machine on it so this vehicle is basically for military use not really for private use therefore it is in less number therefore price of this gigantic master piece fit on it which is of 630K dollars considered as most expensive armored vehicle.

Most Expensive Armored Vehicles

4: Audi A8 Security $700K

Audi A8 security as from name of this car that this is fully protected as well as armored vehicle but interesting to know that this is commonly not looked like that of armored because of its beautiful design therefore it is hard for people to notice this car as armored. But this vehicle is fully authentic as well as certified by Germen Ballistics Testing Center that this vehicle is specially made of aluminum alloys therefore this is fully bullets proof and ballistic standards so according to Audi that this been made in secure areas under highly experienced workers therefore 400 hours are required to made this car, windows of this car made of splinter-inhibiting polycarbonate layers to keep it from explosives so instead of this it has many features like smoke detector, siren therefore price of this master piece is 700K dollars.

Most Expensive Armored Vehicles

3: Mercedes Benz G63 AMG $1M

This is another design by Mercedes which is always famous for being most expensive but this vehicle has ability of protection that looks from distance a beautiful luxurious vehicle as design as well as manufactured by INKAS leading in manufacturing armored vehicles in the world. So this vehicle after many upgrades in both exteriors and interior designs that will take security to new standard level therefore it is true to said that this has made security so much luxurious, features of this car include bulletproof glass, customize lights, surveillance cameras instead of these also many more features. Therefore this first car that has price about million dollars so main features rear partition, bullet catchers, fuel tank protection, and a variety of additional features so passenger is completely protected.

Most Expensive Armored Vehicles

2: Cadillac One “The Beast” $1.5M

This vehicle Cadillac One is most mentioned armored car with respect to protection as well as most expensive vehicle in the world because this is most iconic van therefore this vehicle is commonly known as The Beast therefore this is mostly used by only President of United States of America because cost of this vehicle is 1.5 million dollars. So this comes from armor plated fuel tank encased in fire retardation foam further included segregated oxygen supply, fire Suppression system as well as trunk for extra weapons so this was made by steel, aluminum, titanium, and ceramics that doors of this vehicle are so much heavy that a common man cannot easily open this so used by president therefore vehicle has more protection that provided to passenger.


1: Kombat T98 $1.5M

Kombat is leading brand of expensive cars as well as vehicles which is designed and made by manufactured in Russia so by cost of this vehicle that is 1.5 million dollars, considered as most expensive armored vehicle but most of the people not know about the features as well as specifications. As this is armored, also considered as luxurious vehicle therefore it is not wrong to say a running luxurious on the wheels this car so this vehicle is most famous and used by European princes as well as politicians of Russia so this car is also featured as diamond-encrusted white gold gauges and gold-plated window trimming so this is bullet proof and restrictive towards bombing attacks so provides complete safety of passengers.

Most Expensive Armored Vehicles

[table caption=”Top 10 Most Expensive Armored Vehicles In 2016″ colwidth=”40|300|300″ colalign=”left|left|left”]
Rank,Vehicle Name,Price

1, Kombat T98, $1.5M
2, Cadillac One “The Beast” , $1.5M
3, Mercedes Benz G63 AMG, $1M
4, Audi A8 Security, $700K
5, Huron APC, $630K
6, Knight XV , $629K
7, Mercedes Benz S-Guard, $400K
8, Cadillac Escalade ESV, $359K
9, BMW 750 Li Sedan, $350K
10, Lexus LS 460 L , $300K