Top 10 Most Expensive Bras In The World 2017


All people know that bra is one of the most powerful white weapons of women so many females of the world are still wearing unbranded bras and if anyone asked them what is the difference between common and branded or expensive bras.

Then they asked there is no much difference between these two but same but this is not true because a well named brand of the world doesn’t pop out in a single night but there is lot of hard work required to made it number one in international market.

So these are made by famous and expert designers who have deep knowledge of material, trends, styles, therefore they are serving customers for many years so in this context a well known and prominent label or brand means product of that company is durable, good and comfortable.

So here we have list of 10 most expensive bras in the world 2016.

10: Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra –$5 million

Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle bra is result of hard of designer as this was made by company in 2008 and still considered to be most expensive one, this was worn by Adriana Lima a famous model from Brazil in 2008 but this bra is so much expensive?? So answer is material used in this bra which is 3.575 diamonds, 24 rubies, 250 carat black diamond which is hanging from the centre and 117 certified one carat diamonds of white color, so this was designed by celebrity jeweler Martin Katz whose creations was also nominated in Emmy Award 2013 so due to its material used price of this bra is $5 million.


9: Hearts on Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra –$6.5 million

Hearts on fire Diamond Fantasy bra is another best creation by designer therefore this is called by costliest bra due to its material, design and style, so it is shocking to hear that this bra consist of two diamonds which required more than 20 hours to polish and cut and this bra also took 300 hours of man to fabricate so these gems on this bra sparkles more than from ordinary diamonds. Despite of other diamonds on this bra, another 10 carat diamond brooch with a Victorian floral motif also used therefore price of this bra is never less than $6.5 million as this was made first in 2006 by Karolina Kurvoka.


8: Heavenly 70 Fantasy Bra –$10 million

This was the first bra of the world which was called as Million dollar bra by Victoria Secret but later on this is called as Fantasy Bra, but best thing about this bra is that this is always dripping in expensive diamonds which is main reason of big price of this bra. First of all bras of this company named Fantasy Bras were made for 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and these were made according to custom measurement of one lucky super model so model which was chosen for this competition also got lot of appearances after then, on bra 70 carat pear cut diamond also hanged at the centre and 2.90 diamonds of white gold also used.


7: Star of Victoria Fantasy Bra –$10 million

This design by the Fantasy is known best for one of the most magnificent designs in the history of the brand so first bra of company was made in 1996 but this was used by models for their catwalk in 2002 for first time so in this respect Heidi Klum was the first model who was able to wear this bra. This was also prepared by Karolina Kurkova as main thing of popularity of this bra is that this included more than 3000 emeralds and rubies therefore called as the most valuable bra of the world because price of this bra is $10 million so this was only design which was also wore by design Karolina Kurkova itself.


6: Royal Fantasy Bra – $10 million

Royal Fantasy is one of the earliest creations by Fantasy because it was prepared by company in 2013 for Victoria Secret fashion show, this was wore by Candice Swanepoel and main feature of this bra is 52 carat pear shaped ruby in the centre of bra. This was first bra which also comes with the matching belt therefore 18 carat gold is used in both handsets with 4.200 expensive gems and also diamonds, rubies of yellow and blue color, this was created by Mouawad under the sheds of Fantasy, so this is another million dollar master piece because price is $10 million.


5: Very Sexy Fantasy Bra –$11 million

As name of the bra very Sexy Fantasy, actually bra is also very sexy so this bra was modeled first time by Heidi Klum in 2013 but despite of very high price of this bra which is $11 million this was also not the costliest bra wore by the German model on this Victoria Fantasy fashion show. Features of this bra including 18 carat white gold, 22 rubies and 2.90 pave set diamonds but matter of talking in this bra is 101 carat flawless pear-shaped stone, this was the third fantasy by model Heidi Klum, this bra also took more than 370 man hours to create a single one.


4: Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra –$12.5 million

Sexy Splendor Fantasy bra is another sexy giant in price which is $12.5 million as this bra was modeled by Gisele Bundchen in 2005 and it was her second for this industry, as this Brazilian Model has also modeled second most expensive bra of the world. Sexy Splendor also consist of 22 rubies, 2.900 pave set diamonds and also 101 carat pear drop diamonds hanging in the centre of the bra, this bra also took 300 working hours of man to prepare single one, 18 carat white gold is also used on this bra so why this bra has got the name Sexy, users can easily compared this after seeing.


3: Heavenly Star Bra –$12.5 million

This book has also got its name in the Guinness Book of the world records as the expensive bra of the world so this was most expensive bra of the world at the time of creation so this was prepared by Victoria Secret in 2001 and also modeled by German Super model Heidi Klum. This costliest bra consist of 1.200 Sri Lankan link sapphires but most important it also include most expensive diamond of worth $10.6 million which is 90 carat emerald cut diamond, hanging at the centre of bra so price of this bra is $12.5 million, it also came with expensive skirt of this kind.


2: Red Hot Fantasy Bra –$15 million

This was another Victoria Secret’s bra which was wore by Brazilian beauty model Gisele Bundchen, as interesting to know that this bra was considered as the expensive of the world till 2006 so at that time it was awarded by the Guinness book of the world record for costliest bra of the world. Victoria secret has prepared most expensive bras but not more than Red Hot Fantasy, so this included 1.300 most precious gems which also consist of 300 rubies from Thailand, it is shocking to hear that it was not even on the TV to see this bra, so price of this bra is also great which is $15 million.


1: Molly Sims Bra –$20 million

Molly Sims is most valuable bra of the world which was prepared in 2006 and till now considered as most expensive bra of the world, this bra was designed by Susan Rosen who has also worked with Steinmetz Diamonds to create this magnificent piece of the world. So material used on this bra including 51 carat D Flawless pear shaped, 150 carat of D flawless diamonds, a pair of 15 carat D flawless, 30 carat D flawless Emerald cut and also pair of 8 carat D flawless pear shaped diamonds therefore price of this bra is $20 million, in addition opted platinum is used in this bra instead of using cloth so American Actress Molly Sims has honored to wear this expensive bra of the world.


[table caption=”Top 10 Most Expensive Bras In The World 2016″ colwidth=”40|300|300″ colalign=”left|left|left”]
Rank,Bra Name,Price
1, Molly Sims Bra ,$20 million
2, Red Hot Fantasy Bra ,$15 million
3, Heavenly Star Bra ,$12.5 million
4, Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra ,$12.5 million
5, Very Sexy Fantasy Bra ,$11 million
6, Royal Fantasy Bra , $10 million
7, Star of Victoria Fantasy Bra ,$10 million
8, Heavenly 70 Fantasy Bra ,$10 million
9, Hearts On Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra , $6.5 million
10, Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra , $5 million