Top 10 Most Expensive Cigarette Brands In The World 2017


The topic of discussion is about top expensive cigarette brand of the world, this is not to promote the smoking but it is just to tell about the expensive cigarette brands that are mostly used in this world.

As smoking is prohibited as well as it is been written on the cigarette that this is injurious to health so despite of this factor men are fond of expensive cigarette brands, as it cause many diseases but now cigarette is became a fashion because young generation of many countries of the world just use cigarette for fashion.

The world cigarette is a French word which just means of small cigars that became most famous during last century as before this people used mostly Hubble Bubble in place of this but there is another community there which does not appreciate this therefore because it smoke is not good for children. But we have just discussed about expensive cigarette brands of the world.

So here is the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Cigarette Brands in the World 2016.

10: Marlboro

Marlboro is one of the famous as well as expensive brands that is almost used in all countries of the world so according to reports it is most common used by sports men so it is prepared by company Philip Morris, this is the largest selling cigarettes brand in the world by sale as well as quality. Interesting to know about the history of this brand that it is first made for women in 1924 which included a red band to hide from view the lipstick stains from the filter but it is most used by men especially by the young generation that is studied in universities. This brand has provided many kinds as well as quality with special packing and flavors so due to its brand therefore it is most expensive one in this world.

Expensive Cigarette Brands

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9: Davidoff

Davidoff is also most popular as well as expensive cigarette due to its style as well as flavor therefore it is considered as better than other brands therefore it is more and more elite than other brands, it is Recently owned by Imperial Tobacco, the brand markets a variety of cigars, cigarettes and pipe tobaccos so due to its best quality this brand also consist of large number of series embrace varieties like the Magnum, Supreme, Magnum Lights, Classic, Mild, Lights, Slims, and many more from this healthy brand. This brand also prepared lot of cigars which is commonly known as Zino that is their own name therefore this brands has made Dominican premium cigars which is most famous because most selling cigar.

Expensive Cigarette Brands

8: Parliament

As it is been cleared from name of this brand parliament which is most important in any country of the world therefore it is also most expensive as well as most famous brand as this is filtered cigarette which was not so much famous before 1950 It is prepared by the company Philip Morris, this brand were the first of cigarettes to have recessed paper filters that allows only the nicotine to get in the mouth of the user of this cigarette as this brand was first made in 1931 so according to reports that it gives a best taste as well as quality by this brand therefore this brand also claimed that it will not hurt the lips of the user due to best quality recessed paper therefore this holds a great market in many countries of the world.

Expensive Cigarette Brands

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7: Dunhill

Dunhill is also most luxury as well as most expensive cigarette brand that is used in this world, as it is also popular due to its beautiful colorful packing, it I prepared by British American Tobacco company. So price of this cigarette is above than of all in many regions of the world therefore known as expensive brand so it is mostly exported in many region including South Asia, Africa, South Korea, Pakistan and also throughout the Europe as this brand offers a lot of flavors as well as quality. So this is mostly used because smell of this brand is very good therefore it has bubble of mint in its filter which gives a lot of experience of mint with great taste for the user of this cigarette.

Expensive Cigarette Brands

6: Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike is a special brand which is known as best brand as well as most expensive brand, it is American cigarette brand that prepared by British Tobacco Company so according to history of this brand is best selling brand of cigarette since 1930 in United States of America. It has an oldest history because it was introduced in 1871, best thing about this brand that roasted tobacco that is dried in sunlight is used in this brand therefore this brand became favorable as well as some thought that advantageous. So many varieties of this brand is used and made but the taste as well as quality of original has so much powerful taste with highest quality as this is also most used by women due to great flavor.

Expensive Cigarette Brands

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5: Camel

As all of us know about camel which is most giant animal in the world, similar to that this cigarette brand is giant one in all brands of the world so this is most expensive as well as famous brand of cigarette as this brand was prepared as well as made by American Tobacco Company named as R.J. Reynolds Tobacco way back in 1913 but now this brand contains a blend of two countries tobacco which is of Virginia as well as Turkish Tobacco which was changed in 2008 so this brand is most famous due to its effective packing and drawing made on packing of this cigarette so this cigarette of brand burn so much smoothly and it is also rich brand which gives great taste as well as flavor that has most price than that of other brands that used in many regions of world.

Expensive Cigarette Brands

4: Pall Mall

Pall Mall is most famous cigarette brand in the world as instead of it is most expensive brand of cigarette which is made and prepared by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina but on international scale it is been introduced by British Tobacco Company so according to reports that Pall Mall by R. J. Reynolds’ was the highest selling brand in the world. This cigarette was initially introduced in 1899 but joined American Tobacco Company in 1907 so the maker of this brand used unusual technology to stuff tobacco in with charcoal as this brand has lot of varieties that are used by people due to great taste as this is also available in menthol so this brand reached to its highest popularity in 1960 when it was also used on large scale.

Expensive Cigarette Brands

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3: Benson & Hedges

Benson & Hedges is also famous brand of cigarette therefore placed on third position for most expensive brands of cigarette in world as this is British Brand of Cigarette that is prepared by Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco or Japan Tobacco Company. This brand of cigarette holds a very older history because it was made in 1873 but its some branches was first opened in United States as well as in Canada in 1900, so this is available in different styles as well as packing in many colors of Gold, Silver, Green, Red, Blue and many more. It is first cigarette brand that was available in dual flavor but this cigarette gives a bad affect on the throat of used by instead of this most selling brand with great flavor.

Expensive Cigarette Brands

2: Gold Flake

Gold Flake is also a Brand of cigarette that is mostly used in India as well as Pakistan which is also considered as most expensive cigarette brand, this is made in India but in market over a century but officially introduced in 1970 therefore considered as truly Khandani Cigarette which is so much smooth as well as plain to use. It is sold as well as available in various varieties including Gold Flake King Light, Gold Flake King, Gold Flake Light and Gold Flake, so this cigarette is manufactured and made by ITC Limited which is leading cigarette maker in India. Therefore if someone living a life of king and he want to smoke cigarette then he must smoke this expensive cigarette brand so name of this cigarette brand also due to that it is most expensive brand of cigarette.

Expensive Cigarette Brands

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1: Insignia

Insignia is another brand of Cigarette that is placed on 1st rank in this list of most expensive cigarette brands as this is most expensive brand that is also made By ITC in India which is leading cigarette making in India, more on that is best as well as attractive packing that is in black color. This is was first launch in 2003 in Mumbai and after its launch till now became most selling brand in India with great taste as cost of this cigarette is 1.60$ of the pack of 10 cigarettes. This cigarette is most recognized due to its smoothness as taste of this cigarette is also according to its price so someone have a great money and he wants to smoke then he has to use this brand.

Expensive Cigarette Brands