Top 10 Most Expensive Furniture Brands in the World 2017


In this topic we have to discuss about the furniture, as furniture is most important article of any house because without furniture a house is never complete therefore in this context there are many rooms in a house in which there are different places for every kind of furniture as sofa set is always associated with sitting places.

So furniture is made all over the world with different kinds and every place has different styles and prices because some furniture are available on cheap rates but some are very expensive, new era has caught more attention of people for furniture therefore lot of brands are introduced before the world which are just to provide more fashionable and luxurious furniture to people so new brands are very expensive that every person is not able to afford this.

So here we enlisted the top 10 most expensive furniture brands in the world 2016.

10: French Heritage

Clear from the name of this brand that these are interesting in making heritage furniture for every person of the world to provide them more luxurious furniture in custom style therefore this is most demanded from all people of the world, this brand is in working of this field for many years and they also started the latest fitting in the house for in traditional manners. Therefore every single article which is including table, chairs are made with great perfection which provide more enhancement to decoration of house as single chair of this beautiful furniture is available on $4173 because these are comfortable and smooth.


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9: Christopher Guy

Christopher Guy is another international prominent furniture brand which started their production in this field in 1999 as it is interesting to know that they started their work and business with decorating fancy mirrors and designing them perfectly but now they are providing almost all kind of items of furniture. As gold color sofa is most beautiful, expensive item for this brand because they provide people with life time guarantee therefore this brand is called as luxurious because providing large range for house fittings, other range of furniture including beautiful dining table with best class of office furniture..


8: Henkel Harris

One of the best ad fine furniture of not only America but also of the world because this brand is involved in making best as well as luxurious furniture, brand is working from almost 80 years because they started their business in 1946 as started with very small plant. But after getting positive response from customer, the decided to create something big and different therefore they have made most luxurious and expensive furniture of the world as this is seen in most of the houses of America because this is also famous for their best quality, main features of this furniture includes reliability, clarity, durability and provide overall best quality furniture.


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7: Fendi Casa

The finest brand that offers iconic furniture is none others of Fendi Casa, they provide most elegant furniture for perfect feel in contemporary period of time, this brand got more appreciation and popularity after exposing their beautiful designs before the whole world with Blub House Italia. Therefore price of these designs are worth purchasing and preparation with best finishing is always beyond the expectations because they made which people never seen before, they are manufacturing some kind of most prestigious designs since 1987 so this brand contain a very quantity of beautiful furniture.


6: Kartell

Created with lot of glamour and hard work, Kartell is creating something innovative in field of furniture, they are in service since 1949 to provide prestigious items of furniture therefore also considered as most expensive furniture of the world, they use best and precious raw material in preparation of these house items. So beauty of furniture is nothing more than that of worth charge by the brand because beauty has no price at all therefore this brand is only suitable for rich people because this furniture is as much perfect as their status and personality, this brand has also collaborated with many other best designing company to provide best furniture.


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5: Boca do Labo

This is only and specific furniture which is involved in making glorious with high class design furniture therefore this is also called as leading in house item brand of the world so it is classiest furniture of the world, they have best collection of items including bathroom items, bedroom furniture, living room and furniture of dining hall but they provide limited edition of furniture because brand is involved in making limited number of masterpieces. As all designers of this brand have huge passion of designing most beautiful furniture of the world because high standard designs of luxurious and expensive furniture able to give people healthy experience.


4: Poliform

Most of the people of the world want modern furniture of best designs then this brand Poliform provide beautiful designs with traditional beauty so their items are called as much luxurious, so most of their designs are come with the touch of modern designs which are redefined as classy one therefore known as sassiest brand of furniture in the world. So they are involved in producing unique designs from best and precious raw materials which is just to maintain their bets quality and standard, Italian brand is creating masterpieces since 40 years to mesmerize the people by their best quality furniture.


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3: Edra

Edra is involved in making very trendy designs of furniture with are reason of popularity of this brand therefore they use latest and fresh product items to give more styles to furniture with modern touch so this furniture have always different and interesting designs. They started their business in 1987 and after that known for expensive and beautiful furniture items because this is most loved brand by the people, they designed every item according to traditions because this is considered as best fanciest furniture of the world which is available in market, reference point of new and modern designs because flawless range of modern furniture.


2: Restoration Hardware

This brand, Restoration Hardware is much latest in this field but able to maintain its quality, design and beauty of furniture therefore it is appreciated more because of its popularity in a very less time, it is claimed by the authority of brand that they always provide comfortable and beautiful designs of items. Furniture items offered by this brand including high end doors, textiles, all home furniture and lighting as these are more crafted products prepared by Restoration Hardware, it is considered as most expensive furniture brand of the world because this is positioned as the lifestyle dominating brand of the world.


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1: Henredon

Henredon is most famous brand for providing reliable and high quality products of furniture; brand is involved in this field and still in this inheritance by offering perfect quality designs and their designs is considered as timeless therefore this is most expensive brand of furniture. It is reported that sky is the limit of those people who are really wants to buy best quality products of Henredon, their items are most used in America which are including chairs, dining tables, beds and other important accessories, the handcrafted furniture and upholstery designs of brand truly tell the truth about the work because this is not only used in United States but also all over the world.