Top 10 Most Expensive Helicopters in the World 2017


Helicopter was introduced before the world exactly 80 years ago and this is called as one of the biggest inventions of science because by this man can fly like bird in sky and first helicopter was named as Focke Wulf FW61, after first introduction production of helicopter got speed and has made 131 new helicopters after five years by Igor Sikorsky in 1941, before the introduction of helicopter there was machine which was able to lift up things so this is used for many useful purposes including medical emergency, firefighting, transport, tourism, rescue, construction, cargo and lot of other benefits of this amazing machine. So in this context there are many brands in the world which are famous for making these machines so these are also much expensive.

So we have list of top 10 most beautiful villages in the world 2016.

10: Eurocopter EC135 ($4.2 million)

Eurocopter EC135 is most beautiful twin engine helicopter which looks like imaginary airbus, as this is made by Airbus helicopters but interior design is done by famous company Hermes which includes invisible stitching and impeccable lining that gives much standard and class to this helicopter. So this has turbo engine and also range more 635 kilometers, this was made in 1994 but introduced before the world in 1996, EC135 is mostly used as ambulance services and by Police as often it is used for combat purposes, it is able to flight under instrument flight rules so estimated price of this helicopter is $4.2 million.


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9: Eurocopter EC145 ($5.5 Million)

Multi role helicopter Eurocopter EC145 which is made as of its middle size therefore considered as best size of any helicopter so this is enhanced with rotor which is reason of its less noise, this helicopter has large capacity to hold people because it is able to carry 11 people. It also has best range of 680 kilometers as this was also manufactured by Airbus helicopter; this was made in 1999 but introduced before the world in 2002 so it is powerful dual engine machine which is used mostly for medical emergency, transport and sometimes by police, this was rebranded in 2014 by Airbus so price of this helicopter is about $5.5 million.


8: AgustaWestland AW109 ($6.3 million)

Most powerful turbo engine helicopter AgustaWestland is light in weight machine as this was manufactured by the mutual cooperation of British and Italian companies; it has much old history because it was introduced in 1971 so this used as combat by military forces, police and forces of different countries including Italy, Sweden and New Zealand. But it is mainly used for transport, rescue and medical emergencies; Aw109 is in production for 40 years so used by many countries of the world so price of this helicopter is estimated $6.3 million, so this has small twin engine most prominent for high speed elegant control as this is also called as best selling helicopter of the world.


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7: Eurocopter EC175 ($7.8 million)

Eurocopter EC175 is also known as Airbus helicopter H175 is newly made helicopter because this was manufactured in 2008 but certified three years later in 2011 so this was made for the use of civilian and has estimated of this giant one is $7.8 million, it has 5 blades rotor with digital engine control system so this is much new invention in the industry of helicopters. This is collaboratively made by Harbin and Airbus helicopters as this is called as the super medium helicopter of this generation; this is entered in service mainly in 2014 and according to reports that this is still in production.


6: Eurocopter EC155 ($10 million)

Eurocopter EC155 is also called as 10 million dollar helicopter as this is passenger transport machine with long range; this helicopter has dual engine and great capacity of seating because 13 people can easily fit so this is equipped with new digital control system and cockpit is made of glass which increase price as well as beauty of this helicopter. This is mostly used for VIP corporate transport, passenger transport and offshore support, last year was also named as H155, and this was prepared in 1999 by Airbus and Eurocopter helicopters, this is operated mostly by private companies but also by Government to transport oil and gas and also used by many countries of the world.


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5: Sikorsky S-76C ($12.95 million)

Sikorsky is another helicopter which is mostly used for commercial basis therefore it is used by Royal family of England and some other business personalities of the world like Donald Trump, despite of this, it is also used for government purposes, corporations, medical emergencies and different airlines. Its rotor has 3 blades and more interesting landing gear of this helicopter is retractable so this is made by Sikorsky aircrafts in 1997 but according to reports development of this helicopter was started in the mid of 1970s, therefore price of this helicopter is never less than $12.95 million, this machine has two turbo shaft engines.


4: AgustaWestland AW139 ($14.5 million)

AgustaWestland AW139 was made with two turbo engines therefore price of this helicopter is about $14.5 million as this helicopter is considered as one of the most influential inventions by the company because this is not only use for civilian use but also for military combat purposes. It has 5 blades with rotor and has wide capacity to carry passengers because it has space of 15 people therefore it is called as most spacious helicopter made ever in the history, this is made by AgustaWestland helicopters and Russian Helicopters, so this was made in 2001 but introduced before the world in 2003.


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3: Bell 525 ($15 million)

This helicopter is new invention by the company named as Bell helicopters so it is made with best composition of metal, so this medium sized helicopter is prepared with twin turbo engines and has maximum range about 741 kilometers, it has also capacity to carry 16 passengers. So this is still considered as most stylish design by the company therefore price of this helicopter is $15 million, it is interesting to know that it is still under development and made its first flight last year, this helicopter is paired with two turbo shaft engines so there are expectations that this helicopter will certified in early 2017.


2: Sikorsky S92 ($17 million)

Another most amazing medium sized helicopter in the market is Sikorsky S92 as this twin turbo engines helicopter used just for military combat purposes because it has full aluminum frame that has also composed of some other components so rotor has 4 blades which are able to reduce noise and even vibration. Therefore all parts are made of pure titanium so price of this helicopter is also much high which is $17 million, this is able to carry 22 troops therefore it is used for some specific purposes such as searching, it was introduced in 2004 and more than 200 helicopters are still sold by company.


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1: AgustaWestland AW101 ($21 million)

This special helicopter is made collaboratively by Italian and Britain Chopper Company; this is mostly used by rich personalities of countries like Saudi Arabia and India but also used as transport and submarine warfare therefore it is in use of many forces of the world including Royal Navy, Italian Navy, Royal Danish Air Force and Royal Air Force. So this is introduced before the world in 1999 after 12 years of its manufacturing because this was made in 1987 so price of this helicopter is $21 million which made this most expensive helicopter of the world as this was also used during war in Afghanistan and Iraq.