Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops in the World in 2017


We are living in the age of technology so technology of today is becoming fast and succeeded in every walk of life weather it is field of automobile or computer so world is now on the way to sky in field and everyone wants new and better than previous.

Therefore there was time when people use bigger PCs which are in great size and that time world was far away from new and better technology but now people preferred Laptop over personal computer because they are smaller in size than that of PCs as they also consume less electricity, fast in speed, greater in capacity.

Most of all person hold it and go everywhere in the world as it is very light in weight so sale of laptops is increasing day by day in market and they are also be less in price which a person afford easily. So laptops are now become the part of business and accessories of laptops are also. There are different kinds of laptops which are available in market whose price is also different.

So here is the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops in the World in 2016.

10: Lenovo ThinkPad W540 ($2300)

Lenovo ThinkPad W540 is one of the expensive laptop in the market because this version and model come in the market with great features and specification which has very good display of ThinkPad. The length of display of this version is more than 15 inches with the thickness of 1.1 inch which is great and beautiful to watch so as we talk about weight of this version which is about 5.45 pounds so it is so much easy to hold is well. Keyboard of this model is spill free and also won the Award for its full size and pointing devise track. So this is trademark devise with high quality display and great performance with one port device and this design of Lenovo has also finger print reader and also won award for best design in the world. So price of this beautiful is also affordable which is not more than $2300.

Most Expensive Laptop

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9: Acer Ferrari 1100 ($3000)

Acer Ferrari 1100 is also most beautiful design with the combination of more than one color which have great and beautiful pattern of black and grey with yellow color stamp of this model in the middle. So casing of this laptop is also made of ultra light carbon fiber chassis, bright black power button looks so stunning in this model like car ignition. This design is fall in light in weight and ultra slim because it has display of about 12 inches so it has only weight of 4.4 pounds so easy to hold and took anywhere as it has also built in optical drive so it has also good sound speaker with extra base. Beautiful design by Acer is also available in small price in market with just 3000 dollars.

Most Expensive Laptop

8: Alienware 18 ($3600)

Alienware is also most beautiful laptop ever in the market but is specially designed for professional games because of its dual graphics display which also look stunning in with the window 8.1 and it is of 4th generation of Intel i7 processor so it is also known as power house machine for professional gaming and also said that it is the most powerful laptop machine in the world of technology and laptops. Speakers of this model are also loved and praised by users of this laptop which are specially certified by Sound Engineers of Klipsch so it is awesome machine with good sound for gamers in market. Price is this beautiful device is also much as this device is beautiful which about 3600 dollars.

Most Expensive Laptop

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7: Dell Mobile Precision M6800 ($3800)

Dell Mobile precision M6800 is also most beautiful design laptop which is ever introduced by dell in the market as Dell it has ability and capability to create high graphics which also include 3D rendering. Dell also used touch display which is also of ten fingers that give a person multi task in one of drag or swap and touch to work with one finger touch. This model offers its user with high profile security options along with all Dell Control vault system and it has also four 3.0 USB ports and the waves Maxx Pro Suite for audio tools so this version is also easily available as this is a Covet edition. Therefore it is high profile with great specification with the healthy price of 3800 dollars.

Most Expensive Laptop

6: Stealth Macbook Pro ($6000)

Stealth MacBook pro is also most beautiful and allegiant design of MacBook but colorware is only company in the world that enables a person to create your own bespoke electronic device as this is available in limited edition because it is available in all black color which look very nice too watch. It has also very nice graphical display of 15 inches with custom matte screen therefore it has this name as comparison to other versions of this company. As it is available in very limited edition so it is not that Macbook which everyone almost carried as only pieces of this MacBook is available in the market so price of this laptop is also rare as this device which is about 6000 dollars.

Most Expensive Laptop

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5: VoodooEnvy 171 ($6500)

Voodoo Envy is special of the company that is introduced in market because it is so beautiful and elegant device of this computer as this is a comfort computer which is owned by Hewlett Packard. This device is considered as work station than that of ordinary laptop therefore most recommended by engineers and designers. There is lot of space provided by the company in this device but Alas couple of years ago the production of this device is no more by the company but it has set a new standard in the market as display of this machine is also so much large as compare to other laptops which is 17 inches with 4 GB Ram and capacity to hold about 600 hard but price of this device is also so much high which is 6500 dollars.

Most Expensive Laptop

4: Ego for Bentley ($20000)

Ego for Bentley is also beautiful as well most expensive laptop ever in the world due to some of its main specification which made it rare in this market as this laptop computer is handmade and casing is by its partner of automobile Bentley automobile which is of authentic Bentley diamond stitched leather which can meet its standard and true needs. Full frame of this device is made up of pure gold and handle is also made by Bentley which is named as knurling as we talk about manufacturing of this device so in this field it also rare as only 250 pieces of this device is been produced by the company so price of this laptop is also according to quality, standard and specification of this device which is almost 20,000 dollars which is only affordable for big business men so it is also most expensive laptop in the market.

Most Expensive Laptop

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3: MacBook Pro 24 Karat Gold ($30000)

MacBook pro 24 karat gold is also most expensive and beautiful laptop machine in the world as this laptop is made by that company that has made only high profile gadgets, Iphones, laptops, smart phones and also gaming devices which is none other than Apple products and devices which are most loved, praised and demanded by the users of this machine in this world so this company such a stunning products of any electronic machine. So due to their high standard this time Apple has taken a MackBook pro and by changed it into 24 Karat Gold machines which is so beautiful to see is well, logo of Apple is also so beautiful as it is also decorated by Diamonds. So it is no doubt to say that they are in limited number in the market but the price of this machine is also according to its rarity which is 30,000 dollars in the world.

Most Expensive Laptop

2: Tulip E-Go Diamond ($350,000)

Tulip E-Go Diamond as name of this laptops has described its standard as this high profile laptop with large of specifications but most important is its construction that made it so much expensive in market. This device is made of plates of pure white Gold which is beautifully coated with large no of Diamond that gives a magnificent look at the end. Logo of this laptop is also made by beautiful cut ruby which makes it rare in all devices in the world but according to reports by company it was generally made for high profile women which wants to hold it according to their personality so due to its small size it look like a purse for them so covers of this device are changeable but the price of this laptop is also large to hear as this laptop is rare which is 350,000 dollars and rank second in the world for most expensive laptops in the world.

Most Expensive Laptop

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1: Luvaglio ($1,000,000)

Luvaglia is most expensive laptop ever in the market and rank 1st in this list as it is the result of hard work of the experts of the company and they made an absolutely stunning machine which is also most expensive in the world because company and designers of this device give a great option to buyers that they have to chose Diamonds, white Gold and leather of their own requirement and they also give better choice for power button of this most expensive laptop of the world which is made of diamond and rare stones. It has also wide and lengthy display which is about 17 inches but price of this laptop computer is also according to its standard which is 1 million dollars therefore this laptop is also called as one million dollar Luvaglio machine.

Most Expensive Laptop

[table caption=”Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops in the World in 2016″ colwidth=”40|300|300″ colalign=”left|left|left”]
Rank,Laptop Name,Price
1, Luvaglio ,$1000000
2, Tulip E-Go Diamond ,$350000
3, MacBook Pro 24 Karat Gold ,$30000
4, Ego for Bentley ,$20000
5, VoodooEnvy 171 ,$6500
6, Stealth Macbook Pro ,$6000
7, Dell Mobile Precision M6800 ,$3800
8, Alienware 18 ,$3600
9, Acer Ferrari 1100 ,$3000
10, Lenovo Thinkpad W540 ,$2300