Top 10 Most Expensive Safe Lockers In The World 2017


As this is era of terrorism, theft which is also increased by the increase of technology and according to reports that as the weapons in the world increase murder, terrorism, target killing is also increased so avoid this people need security in every walk of life because people have such precious and expensive things to save.

Therefore they need such safes with safest security system therefore to fulfill this need of the people many companies of the world made different kind of safes with tight security system in which people save their expensive and precious things with no worry.

But in different kinds of safes some are cheap but some safes are so much expensive that are not easy to but for middle class people because these safes have been made upper class security system and for those who afford this.

So here is the list of top 15 Most Expensive Safes in the World 2016.

10: Brown Safes Limited Edition Damascus Chronos Safe ($98,500)

Limited Edition Silver & Blue Chronos watch safe Sleek silver and bright blue give this unique limited edition comfort safe a fun and modern feel. The metallic surfaces add a subtle tribute of textures and visual interest between the titanium, aluminum, stainless, and silver finishes used throughout this comfortable watch safe. Top quality leather in royal blue adds an outstanding contrast upon opening the door of this modern sensation. So this safe is right choice because it provide high security system and considered as most expensive Safe because price of this master piece id about 98000 dollars and ranked on 10th position in this list and it has great feature which are military-grade electromechanical lock to keep your time pieces safe.


9: Döttling Fortress ($128,800)

Döttling Fortress is also expensive safe as if a person has everything and he wants to keep it as save as nobody walks off with it then it is best because it will suit their personality and this master piece is created and manufactured in Germany. One design includes eight watch winders for those with a taste for expensive timepieces. These operate on specially designed software and each winder can be on your own controlled to rotate left or right or vacillate. Above the main safe is two individual Colosimo safes with six more precision watch radiators so this is as much expensive and safest which is only affordable for richest people because it’s price is about 128,000 dollars because it is available in certified security system.


8: Bentley Watch Safe by Stockinger ($131,000)

Bentley Watch Safe by Stockinger is also expensive safe due its great and safe security system this safe is best choice for rich and upper class people to save their expensive and precious things therefore this safe is available in 2 versions in which one is designed for watches and other is for saving jewelry therefore every safe has its own customized specifications for its buyers and customers. So this is stylist and technical version which is manufactured by most experienced workers therefore it is most used by the people which can afford this safe because price of this safe is about 131,000 dollars and included in the list of most expensive safes.


7: Buben & Zorweg Magnum ($144,000)

Buben & Zorweg Magnum Luxury Watch Safe is also classic and most expensive as this was a permanent problem for the company and manufacturers to make such safe which would be safest because demand of the people was for safest safe of the world so After several months of development work, a prototype of the new safe was presented at the Basel World, earlier this year which is proved as a master piece. The amazing safe doors do not open outwards but rather disappear inside the safe when opened to decoratively present its content and another import detail is its extendible interior so price this safe is about 144,000 dollars in the market which is according to its feature.


6: Döttling Pauline ($156,700)

Döttling Pauline is also most beautiful as well as expensive safe which is come in beautiful jewelry box as which can be optionally improved with a GPS transmitter. The Döttling Pauline safe is built to keep your valuables safe from robbery, and is indeed an epitome of technical elegance as this safe is created and manufactured in Germany which made itself a leader in all safes in the market with its special features and security system. Among other features, Pauline safe has a gentle release mechanism, a hidden input unit, an opening instrument that is camouflaged with a belt clasp, and a removable jewelry case, such technical insight only master craftsmen like Döttling can accomplish. So price of this giant and master piece is about 156,000 dollars.


5: Hublot Watch Winder Safe by Döttling ($206,000)

Hublot Watch Winder Safe by Döttling is another amazing master piece which is available in the markets as Luxury safe manufacturer Döttling teamed up with the prominent watch maker Hublot to create the incredible Hublot Morphosis Watch Winder Safe, one of the most unbelievable watch winders in the world right now and weight of this amazing piece safe is about 180 kg which is available in round long shape which has inner tube that turns with outer shell of the safe. It supports two sets of winders, which can hold up 21 watches per panel, a total of 42 timepieces and tube turns up to 90 degree angle and one side shows 21 watches and other after moving also show remaining so price is about 206,000 dollars for this safe.


4: Brabus SV12 Safe by Stockinger ($169,700)

Brabus SV12 Safe by Stockinger is also most beautiful as well expensive safe as we go I the history of this safe the ravishing looks and design aren’t a surprise. They had created the fantasy III safe, which is a collectible all by itself for its interesting looks, as we talk about the space in this safe then it is been claimed that it has three portions in which upper is for 12 time pieces and other two space sections may be used by the person for saving their precious and expensive things or rare bottle of alcohol so this is technical safe which give standard security system so price of this of this master and amazing piece is also according to its standard which is about 169,700 dollars or may be more than this.


3: Döttling’s GrandCircle ($265,600)

Döttling’s GrandCircle is also considered as most expensive and beautiful safe because it is not an ordinary piece but it is a mater piece which is designed and manufacture according to the requirements and demands of the wealthy people because it provide high profile security system which is able to save their expensive and rare things because It is made from rhodium-plated metal components, high-gloss lacquered wood varieties and fine stingray tail skin. Shape of this safe is round from upper side looks like a circle but rectangular from bas which looks so beautiful to watch so price of this safe is also so much high which can be afforded only by richest that is 265,600 dollars.


2: Buben & Zorweg The Treasury ($283,000)

Buben & Zorweg The Treasury is also most expensive as well as beautiful master piece because this can provide LED light technology with this amazing safe and it has more and more sections in which timepiece will be in the center of this safe and others can be used for saving expensive and rare things. It features a flying tourbillon with 11 jewel bearings and in addition the fact that it’s a safety keeper, it can also serve as a host for small collections of cigars and wine. So a person can also enjoy music in this because a wireless media player is also installed in this so it is most recommended by most security standards and price of this master piece is also 283,000 dollars.


1: Döttling Narcissus ($336,000)

Döttling Narcissus is another best piece by Döttling which is most expensive and safest mater piece which has designed technically for best security system as this is just about six feet tall and only a feet deep but it provide full security due to its material with which it is made that is special and high gloss chrome plated aluminum, interesting to know that only thirty pieces of this has been made and owner of this has kept one for himself that shows the importance of its material used and a puristic room installation at first look, the safe only reveals its capabilities when it identifies its owner and has been activated by him or her so price of this master piece is 336,000 dollars and rank 1st in this list of most expensive safes.