Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses In the World 2017


As all of us knows that we are living in the age of fashion so everyone adopt fashion to look pretty as well as smart but when there is situation of wedding then it is right of any bride to adopt fashion as well as expensive dresses which are most famous because wedding is most best happiest moment of life of any person in the world.

Therefore everyone tries its best to make their wedding ceremony best as well as memorable so bride tries to wear expensive and most beautiful dresses as people spend lot of money on their wedding to make it history and revolutionary day of their live.

So to fulfill this aspect many designers are famous for making wedding dresses which are memorable but these are also so much expensive as a middle class person cannot even thing about that but of dresses of these designers are made in couple of years ago but they are still so much expensive.

10: 9,999 Carat Gems Wedding Dress ($160,000)

9,999 Carat Gems Wedding Dress is so much beautiful as well as most expensive wedding dress as this is known as Chinese wedding dresses which is made up of precious stones so that according to estimate almost 10,000 carats glittering gem stones are used in this dress. And these gem stones are from famous jeweler of Hong Kong, this dress was made in 2007 but it is still most beautiful and in the list of most expensive dresses in this year too. So this high profile wedding dress is made of expensive as well as precious material therefore price of this master piece wedding dress is 160,0000 dollars therefore considered as expensive wedding dress.

Expensive Wedding Dress

9: Platinum Wedding Dress ($250,000)

Platinum Wedding Dress is another master piece designed wedding dress by the designer from the China as this is also specially created as well as amend for China Based weddings as according to designer it is as much beautiful as every person of the world on tries to deep look on this special wedding dress because this is most rare and precious which is made only on the special order of the customers which are able to afford this dress as this dress is creation of silver as well as platinum therefore price of this dress is also according to its material which is about 250,000 dollars. This is available in red as well as silver color which manufactured with premium fabric knitted of silk and platinum thread as red is made of specially Asian Style weddings.

Expensive Wedding Dress


8: Mauro Adami Wedding Dress ($375,000)

Mauro Adami Wedding Dress is also best as well as most expensive dress which is made for weddings of richest persons because these are only which are able to afford this therefore this wedding dress is continuously added in the list of most expensive wedding dress for many years and all dresses made by this designers are as much expensive because it is designed by Mauro Adami Which is also from that country that is known as house of fashion clothes so this is prepared with platinum and silver thread which made this dress ultimate as well as precious therefore silver color Gown looks stunning on the bride as in this dress every bride feels like a royal queen so price of this dress is also as much which is about 375,000 dollars.

Expensive Wedding Dress

7: Amal Alamuddin’s Oscar De La Renta Gown ($380,000)

The Lebanese-born lawyer’s Oscar de la Renta wedding dress is now become more useable and expensive wedding dress in the world because every bride of the world wants this dress in her wedding but problem is that this is much expensive that is only afford by high profile people. This dress was designed by Amal Alamuddin which is one of the famous designer that is also famous for making designed dresses for wedding as according to designer that made this dress to make bride look stunning, stunning as well as special in all people in the wedding so this made of special and precious material therefore this is most precious creation by the designer therefore price of this dress is about 380,000 dollars.



6: Kim Kardashian’s Givenchy Dress ($400,000)

Kim Kardashian’s Givenchy Dress is also another master creation by the designer as Kim Kardashian
is American personality, reality Star, model as well as Actress which is loved and liked because she is famous all over the world which chooses this beautiful dress made by Givenchy on her wedding which is her third wedding ceremony therefore this dress has a price tag of 400,000 dollars so that considered as most expensive wedding dress. So this dress was manufactured and designed by Riccardo Tisci the dress was first revealed at her reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians which is similar priced as to Kate Middleton wedding wardrobe therefore she selected to wear this precious dress on her wedding.


5: Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress ($400,000)

Royal family is one of the most richest as well as famous family of United Kingdom therefore wedding dress of Prince William and her wife kate Middleton was also so much expensive that is also here in the list of most expensive dress for wedding after five years therefore every bride of the world wants to wear this dress on her wedding but it is only afford by royal family as well as some other richest families of the world because price of this wedding dress is about 400,000 dollars so that considered as most expensive wedding dress. So this dress is made as well as manufactured of fabrics having French Chantilly, English Cluny lace and white satin gazer wedding dress that has been designed by designer Sarah Burton so this dress was also most expensive till now because it is complete outfit.


4: Danasha Luxury Gown ($1.5 Million)

Danasha Luxury Gown is also one of the most expensive as well as popular wedding dress as this is manufactured as well as designed by Danasha Luxury and Jad Ghandour the elegant gown but here is question is that why this dress is so much expensive because this is made of 75 carats of hand-picked Antwerp along with Belgium diamonds and 250 grams of 18k gold instead of this some kind of valuable work is also one on this suit therefore it is most expensive wedding suit so that price of this precious master piece is also beyond the imagination because this is more than one million dollars therefore price of this dress is about 1.5 Million dollars as it is luxurious as well as preferable choice for the designers as well as brides.

Expensive Wedding Dress

3: Peacock Wedding Dress ($1.5 Million)

Peacock Wedding Dress is also another master piece wedding dress which is amazing also an interesting to know about this wedding dress is that this is completely made of feathers of peacock but this was made for that bride which want as non traditional dress therefore it was made in 2009 but still this is in the list of most expensive wedding dresses of the world because price tag of this dress is about 1.5 million dollars which is only afford by richest and high profile people and this dress is made only on the special orders because it is more rare dress therefore designers have need for advertise their design because this is most loved by everybody.

Expensive Wedding Dress

2: Yumi Katsura White Gold Dress ($ 8.5 Million)

Yumi Katsura White Gold Dress is also most expensive wedding dress that is placed on 2nd rank for most expensive wedding dresses as it is cleared from it is name Gold dress therefore it is always so much expensive because it is amazing creation by the designer from Japan Yumi Katsura which work on this dress with White Gold therefore price of this dress is also so much high which is 8.5 million dollars therefore this is so much rare dress in the world. The dress was crafted with white gold, best silk and satin lined with a collection of expensive gemstones and remarkable work of hand-stitched zari embroidery therefore considered as most expensive wedding dress because 8.8 green diamond and pearls are also add so kind of precious work.

Expensive Wedding Dress

1: The Diamond Wedding Gown ($12 Million)

The Diamond Wedding Gown is truly most famous, beautiful, elegant, stunning as well as expensive wedding dress which is on the top of the list of most expensive dresses for wedding because this is totally made of precious diamonds as it is most luxurious wedding dress that has also so high price which is about 12 million dollars as this dress was made some years earlier but it is also included in the top list of most expensive wedding dress this year too. The stunning as well as gorgeous dress has the finest fabrics which features 150 carats of diamonds to make it prettiest and stylish ever in the fashion history and this is designed by that artist which is considered as master of this type of wedding dresses therefore this is been a master piece too.

Expensive Wedding Dress