Top 10 Most Expensive Whiskeys In The World 2017


Whiskey is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage completed from fermented granule mash, a variety of grains are used for different varieties, including corn (maize), rye, barley, and wheat, whiskey is typically and naturally aged in wooden casks, normally made of charred white oak, as whiskey is restricted in many of the countries of the world specially in Muslim countries but these are used openly in many European countries.

This article nothing means to promote alcoholic material but it is just for knowledge, so this is used for relax after full day work so according to reports, most of the oldest whiskey are still reserved due to their high taste, this liquor is not known for lot of peoples because of its affordability but lovers can manage to take at least a single daily.

So here we have list of top 10 most expensive whiskeys in the world 2016.

10: Macallan 1939 ($10,125)

A very old period Macallan distilled in 1939 as WWII was breaking out in Europe but this was bottled at the end of the 1970s at 40 years of age of the company, one of the initial vintages in the distillery’s reputation excellent & extraordinary series so it comes in one of the fresh and classic whiskeys of the brand. Company is also prominent for manufacturing very higher quality of whiskey, interesting to know that this is easily available from any part of the world but it is much expensive from other whiskey brands so soft aroma and best taste not only made this enjoyable but also expensive too because bottle is available from price $10,125.


9: Glenfarclas 1955 ($10,878)

Another famous brand of the whiskeys is Glenfarclas which is bottled in 2005 that is precisely fifty years to the day after it was distilled first, this spectacular Glenfarclas was handpicked by George S. Grant to celebrate the bicentennial of the birth of his Great-Grandfather John Grant, who was a farmer and breeder of champion Aberdeen Angus livestock, who bought the Glenfarclas distillery in 1865. Beautiful taste and aroma made this more popular because barrel filled 110 at first time and all were sold before drink available in the market despite of its large price which is $10,878 of a single bottle.


8: Dalmore 50 years old ($11,000)

One of the best and oldest whiskeys in the world as Dalmore was distilled 50 years earlier, according to reports this is used all over the world due to its enjoyable taste and excellent aroma, this was first bottled in 1978 but distilled first in 1920, this is much more similar in temperament to the Dalmore 50yrs in the crystal decanter. The stock of this whiskey is also very low because only 60 bottles of this brand have been produced yet which shows the importance and taste, this is packed in small black colored bottle. Prepared first in Scotland as price of a single bottle of Dalmore is $11,000.


7: Macallan 55 years old ($12,500)

Another excellent whiskey of the brand Macallan, this was distilled in a sherry oak container and aged for 55 years, the solitary malt whiskey was then packed in a Lalique Crystal Decanter, made by Rene Lalique who shaped a similar perfume bottle in 1910, according to reports, the drink was said to have a dark rosewood color that exuded a nice aroma and smell that comparable to peat smoke and sugary dried fruits. While the squashy and smooth taste had a suggestion of citrus flavor, it was also noted to be a small piece spicy which made this more prominent so price of a single bottle is about $12,500.


6: Glenfiddich 1937 Rare Collection ($20,000)

In 1937, barrel 843 was filled with strength from the stills at The Glenfiddich distillery in Dufftown and laid down in a dark, moist dunnage warehouse to mature and develop the most enjoyable collection of whiskey in the world; it is made very slowly because it has taken too much in maturing. Therefore it was matured after 64 years when it was announced that it is ready to bottled but there are only 64 bottles were manufactured from the barrel so this whiskey has rich walnut color with excellent aroma and finest taste which made this more expensive because price of a single bottle is about $20,000.


5: Dalmore 62 Highland Malt Scotch Matheson ($58,000)

Dalmore 62 Highland Malt Scotch Matheson is considered as one of the rarest whiskeys in the world, this is a combination of four single malt whiskies that were distilled in different years therefore only 12 bottles were made in 1942 of this brand and it is interesting to know that each of which was given names unique but all were relevant to the Dalmore Estate, it was named after the name of its owner Alexander Matheson, according to reports this was purchased by a anonymous buyer in 2005 and also finished this very quickly with his five friends, so price of this rare one is also shocking which is $58,000.


4: Macallan 1926 ($75,000)

Another master piece by the most famous brand of the world is Macallan 26, as one of just a dozen bottles of Macallan 1926 60 years released with a particularly designed label by famous British artiste Sir Peter Blake; like the Valerio Adamo edition this splendid whisky is beautifully presented in a box styled as a strength safe. This is also considered as one of the oldest and rarest collection by the company because this was bottled in 1986 as because distilled in 1926 therefore only 40 bottles were produced then, so the color of this whiskey shows the oldest history and no single drop of water has been added in this therefore price of single bottle is about $75,000.


3: Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 1955 ($94,000)

This exceptional and exclusive bottle of 55 Year Old is Glenfiddich’s way of commemorating and celebrating Janet’s unique involvement to Glenfiddich and her 110th birthday, the owner was 54 years old when the barrel was filled in 1955 so this rare piece spent more than 55 years to matured this whiskey as this was chilled in 29 warehouses. After full maturation in 2011 it was finally bottled but there were only 15 bottles manufactured from barrel, so from these 15 bottles, four bottles were used by family and other were sold so price of this rarest whiskey is not affordable for every person because never less than $94,000.


2: Macallan 1946 ($460,000)

Couple of years ago, it was considered as the most expensive whiskey of the world, as this brand Macallan 1946 is extraordinary because it was made with peated malt due to the towering post war prices of coal, according to the lover so whiskey it is asked that it is one of the greatest ever released by the Macallan. Due to its high price, this took little bit more time to sell this as its one bottle was sold in 2010 while price was given to charity, so price of single bottle is more than $460,000 that became the source of its prominence, this was bottled to celebrate the 150th birthday of René Lalique.


1: Macallan M ($628,205)

The most enjoyable whiskey in the history of the world is Macallan because single bottle of this whiskey was sold in Hong Kong in 2014 with high price of $628,205 by making this the most expensive bottle, according to reports 50 hours worked by 17 craftsmen each to manufacture a single bottle of Macallan M. The glass is hand blown, and 40 of the bottles were shattered because of imperfections before excellence and perfection was attained as only seven barrels were chosen from 200,000 barrels to make this whiskey so these all barrels were aged from 25 to 75 years.


[table caption=”Top 10 Most Expensive Whiskeys In The World 2016″ colwidth=”40|300|300″ colalign=”left|left|left”]
1, Macallan M , $628205
2, Macallan 1946 , $460000
3, Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 1955 , $94000
4, Macallan 1926 , $75000
5, Dalmore 62 Highland Malt Scotch Matheson , $58000
6, Glenfiddich 1937 Rare Collection , $20000
7, Macallan 55 years old , $12500
8, Dalmore 50 years old , $11000
9, Glenfarclas 1955 , $10878
10, Macallan 1939, $10125