Top 10 Most Famous Cartoon Characters In The World 2017


Cartoon word comes from “cartone” which is an Italian word which means “Big Paper”. Cartoons are very famous among children as well as in adults, they love cartoon characters and like to watch the cartoon the most famous are Super Man, Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo, Mickey Mouse, Barbie, Bugs Bunny and Doraemon.

Cartoon make people laugh and teach how to enjoy the every moment of life, how to communicate effectively with others , these are in pictorial forms which is more easier to understand than in written form, these are very important in the development of the children.

People like to watch cartoons for their entertainment and to show their strong love feelings, and to make their lives full of joy and fun. Cartoon Characters are so much significant to make the cartoons a big hit for children and are then general among the kids and in markets as well.

Here is the list of top 10 most Famous cartoons in the world 2016.

10: Superman

Super man is a quite famous cartoon character in children and among adults, which people watch on Television screens, he is a super hero in the comic books of America that was published by DC comics and created by Jerry Siegel in 1933, the artist selected for this purpose is Joe Shuster, the amazing qualities of this super hero is that he can Fly and extract laser from his eyes which is most dangerous and most powerful functionality. He is also known as Man of Steel for his wonder performance, he is not limited in the world of cartoons but he is also known in movies , the first movie filmed on super man is named as “Super- man ” and the latest movie also comes named “Super man Returns”.

 Cartoon Character

9: The Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls are the well characters of cartoon and these characters are preferred as well as loved by the girls and small children. As these Girls are made by the big and so much power therefore these are called Buttercup, Blossom and Bubbles as these are three. This series of cartoon revolve around the USA to protect from the Evils and bad People and these girls worked very hard to protect it from the evil day and night with a lot of pressure. This premier of the cartoons Powerpuff Girls first completed in 1998 and these are well known by the people and children due to their performance and thought. Therefore this series is included in the top ten cartoon of the world.

 Cartoon Character

8: Tom & Jerry

Tom and Jerry are the funniest cartoon character of the cartoon history and watched by children on their TV and also on their internet with bigger interest, it is also created in America by William Hanna in 1940.Here Tom is a cat in character and Jerry is a funniest , clever and naughty Mouse which are liked by the people. Tom is tall in his height and Jerry is short in his height, they make many interesting and joy full adventures, Tom is a grey and white and lives a pampered life no doubt the characters lives in many lifestyles, jerry is a small and brown mouse and mostly lives in clothes. These are watched by the people mostly on the channel called Cartoon Network and these make a single person to laugh as well.

 Cartoon Character

7: Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh is also well known series of the cartoon and this is the most famous cartoons characters in the children as Winnie the Pooh is a bear used to wear mostly red shirt. It is also well known characters among all the characters of cartoon on all the Cartoon channels especially of the Disney. It was Major released in 1960 and the scale of fame of this series is still continue as the character Winnie The Pooh is seen in many of the movies and cartoons films as well. Their most Famous cartoons characters in the world 2016 include in Blustery Day in 1970, Honey Tree 1970, Tigger 1975, and. The entire movie on The Winnie the Pooh very famous not only in the children but in the elders also.

 Cartoon Character

6: Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo is a Dog in cartoon character and well known in his action, it is a very funny Dog which makes the people laugh, it is an animated American cartoon character, “Scooby “Created by Hanna-Barbera production and the writer are Joe Ruby Kens spears in 1969.Scooby Doo is a brown colored Dog which is not brave and try to skip the work or things, their team is interesting in solving the mystery of many type. The character names are: Velma which is a girl always wearing yellow t-shirt , Shaggy is also not so brave and the partner of Scooby which is a boy, Daphne is a beautiful girl character and Fred is the leader of their team and also a very brave boy.

 Cartoon Character

5: Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer is also one of the most famous cartoon series among the girls as well as in the children as this is the most thought provoking character in the Cartoons and well celebrated among the children. This is well act of the girl which is the friend of all the girls and this series shows the well adventure of the very good looking, pretty and so young Dora and her most lovely pet that is monkey always with her. She finished her every work on the time and try to the problems of everyone. This series of cartoons is very interesting as she is continuously on the mission and try to resolve it.

 Cartoon Character

4: Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is a most likely watched cartoon character in the past; this cartoon character is very old cartoon character. Walt Disney created this amazing animal cartoon character in 1928.Mickey Mouse became most popular cartoon character in the world. Minnie mouse is a girl friend of Mickey, Mickey is a very cute and his action is mind blowing. The fame and the admiration of this series is due to its movies that are watched earlier in the past as this series is created in 1928. Mickey Mouse is also called as the icon as this series is so much famous in the children and this series is so much interesting and attractive. The characters are so much stimulate and the character of Mickey Mouse is so cute as well.

 Cartoon Character

3: Doraemon

Doraemon is a Japanese cartoon character introduced by Fujiko Fujio; this cartoon character is very famous among the children and adults in all over the world crossing the Boundaries of Japan. It is the best-selling-manga sold over 100 million copies. This cartoon character is now very popular in the world.Doraemon is a robot and the helper of the Nobita who is very lazy and not want to do his work, he always wants to play and enjoy with the gadgets of the Doraemon , Doraemon have every type of gadget which is not physically in the real world. Soneo, Goda Takeshi which is known as Gyaan and Shizuka are the friends of Nobita, he want to make Shizuka his girlfriend.

 Cartoon Character

2: Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny is two cartoon characters in which Bugs is Duck animated character and Bunny is the cute Rabbit which is interested in eating carrots, this cartoon character created by Leon Schlesinger Production and also known by Loony Tunes character. Bugs is a Black color duck and feel very jealous from Bunny as Bugs Bunny is still a very famous cartoon character in the world of cartoon. Bugs Bunny was first announced in 1938 to the world as a cute rabbit in Porky’s Hare hunt. It is still continue on the channels of cartoons and still watch by the children on Saturday morning and also very well known by the in the kids. The entrance of these cartoons was in the famous movie “Looney Tunes”.

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1: Barbie

Barbie, a well-known beautiful cartoon girl character in the whole world, Barbie is very gorgeous girl which is very conscious about to complete the task. American Toy Company manufactured this fashion Toy launched in March 1959.Barbie forms very good actions and vivid tasks, Barbie is very famous in girls and every one want to be the big fan of the Barbie. As Barbie is so much cute and beautiful so this is most famous cartoon series in the world and still is the best in the world, as she is most cute so it is precious for the entire girl in the world and Barbie is so much attractive and completes every task. Barbie is good looking due to its clothes, shoes, bags, doll houses etc.

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