Top 10 Most Famous Rappers In The World 2017


Music is always so much popular in all over the world but taste of the people for music changed according to area as well as also different people of different area like different music. As we go past than in that days people like slow and melodious music which is common known as Classic Music in Asia most in India as well as Pakistan but as time passed, taste of people all changes and music also become fast slowly therefore classic music which is slow is not so much liked by new generation but now in these days music is become so much extra fast because of Rappers which is now most common therefore most loved as well as liked by new generation so this is known as new type or kind of music so rapper has to match his rat according to tune and voice of singer that became most interesting as well as nice to hear two combination in one song.
So here is the list of top 10 most famous rappers in the world 2016.

10: Rakim

Rakim is one of the famous and richest rappers of the world as Rakim is its stage name but its birth name is William Michael Griffin, Jr which was born on 28 January 1968 is also still famous in now as he belongs to United States of America. One half of golden age hip hopduo Eric B. & Rakim, he is generally regarded as one of the most dominant and most skilled MCs of all time as their album Paid in Full is considered as one of the most famous album all time which was presented on MTV in 2006 so after that he was not only greatest MCs on MTV but also all over the world so he is still so much famous in all countries of the world as The Source ranked him no 1 in 50 most famous MCs in world.

Famous Rapper

9: Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is also one of the famous rappers of the America as Lil Wayne is its Stage name but his birth name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr which was born on 27 September 1982 which is also best hip hop singer as well as rapper of America as he debut in this field only in the age of nine years in 1991 when he joined Cash Money Records. Tehn in 1996 he joined group of Southern hip hop group which name as Hot Boys with all his member of Cash Money Records after that he made her success in his field as his most common and famous albums are Guerrilla Warfare (1999) and the 1999 single “Bling Bling” therefore he still most famous rapper but also richest in the world too.

Famous Rapper

8: Snoop dogg

Snnop Dogg is also most famous rapper which is also best known for his hair style as Snoop Dogg hi stage name that he changed after his came in this field but his birth name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr as he has born on 20 October 1971. He is rapper as well as actor from California, United States of America as he started his career in 1992 when he was discovered by Dr. Dre of N.W.A , as a result, was prominently featured throughout Dr. Dre’s solo debut album, The Chronic (1992) and this was his turning point so after that he has since sold more than twenty million albums in United States and also more than thirty five albums in the world.

Famous Rapper

7: 50 Cent

Curtis James Jackson III is also famous rapper of the world which is commonly known by her stage name which is 50 Cent as he was born on 6 July 1975 as he is not only known by his this field but also actor, entrepreneur, investor, record, film as well as television producer of United States of America. He was born in south Jamaica as he was started selling drugs in his early age of twelve years but his career as a musician, he left selling drugs and came in this field as he was also struck by nine bullets in early 2000 but he was discovered by Eminem and signed by Shady Records, Aftermath Entertainment and Inters cope Records in 2002 therefore he is still most famous all over the world.

Famous Rapper

6: Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre is not only famous but also one of the richest rapper of the world as he is most famous as his stage name which is Dr. Dre but his birth name is Andre Romelle Young as he is not only rapper but also entrepreneur as well as record producer, he was born on 18 February 1965. He is founder as well as current CEO of Beats Electronics and Aftermath Entertainment as he is most senior record producer as well as rapper therefore he has produced and overseen careers of many rappers in which Snoop Dogg, Enimen and also many others so due to these couple of years ago he was ranked as 2nd richest rapper in America but he topped in next year in 2015 therefore he is most famous rapper.

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5: Jay-Z

Shawn Corey Carter which is well known by his stage name which is Jay-Z, is also most famous rapper, investor as well as entrepreneur as he is most successful financially rapper which was born on 4 December 1969. He is also considered as one of the richest rapper as well as hip hop singer too as he is most successful because he has sold more than 100 million records therefore he is consistent number one rapper by MTV as he made his success in this field by his three albums which are, Reasonable Doubt(1996), The Blueprint (2001), and The Black Album (2003), as after that his success has no breaks and he is now worldwide famous rapper.

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4: Nas

Nas is also one of the famous rapper which was born on 14 September 1973 as Nas is his stage name but his birth name is Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones which Is not only rapper but also songwriter, entrepreneur, record producer, actor and this man has released consecutive eight albums which are platinum, multi platinum and after his start professional in 1991 he has recorded more than 25 million records in the world. Instead of this he is also associate publisher of Mass Appeal Publisher as well as owner of Fila Sneaker store in his country and now also working with Mass Appeal records.


3: Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is also one of the most famous rapper of the world which was born on 17 June 1987 as he start his career of rapper early in his age as a teenage rapper which belongs to American State California but this man Lamar gained popularity after the release of his album Overly Dedicated in 2010 and in this same year he also released his another album which was his first solo album therefore after this he made his success in his field and also worked with many other great as well as famous rappers of the world The Game, Snoop Dogg, and Busta Rhymes.

Famous Rapper

2: Drake

Drake is also one of the most famous and richest rappers as Drake is its stage while his birth name is Aubrey Drake Graham as he is only rapper from Canada which is included in this list, he was born on 24 October 1986 as he is not only professional in this field rapper but also singer, songwriter, record producer and actor therefore he was first famous as his role in Television series as jimmy but later on He later rose to prominence as a rapper, releasing several mix tapes before signing to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment in June 2009 so that after this year he was one of the most famous rapper due to his work in various field but most by rap.

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1: Eminem

Eminem is also most famous rapper as he is ranked on top of the list of most famous rappers because he is not only famous but also richest rapper, Eminem is its professional as well as stage name but his birth name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III and he was born on 17th October 1972 therefore he is not only famous in his field s rapper but also is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, actor from Detroit, Michigan. Therefore he is also ranked in most famous as well as best artists all over the world because he is called as king of Rap, hip hop and he has sold more than 172 million albums worldwide which is most in world.

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